11 Best Football Anime Similar To Aoashi

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Football Anime has always been an interesting combination of two different cultures. One anime about football that attracts attention is Aoashi. With a unique storyline and strong characters, this anime managed to steal the hearts of football and anime fans around the world.

Football Anime Similar To Aoashi

Tittle : Aoashi
Type : TV
Genres : Sports
Themes : Team Sports, Football
Licensors : Crunchyroll
Studios : Production I.G
Episodes : 24
Aired : Apr 9, 2022 – Sep 24, 2022

Aoashi follows the story of Ashito Aoi, a high school student who prefers playing video games to playing soccer. However, when his school’s football club runs into trouble, Ashito is forced to join the club. This is where Ashito’s new adventure begins.

What’s interesting about Aoashi is the way the story combines typical football elements with suspenseful fantasy. In this story, Ashito meets a mysterious great football player who helps his club. However, this player turned out to be a legendary ghost who played football in the past. Together, they strive to meet the challenges and change the state of their club.

Not only entertaining, Aoashi is also an inspiration for football and anime fans to dare to face challenges and pursue their dreams. If you love football and Aoashi anime, here are 11 of the best anime series that you can watch to continue the exciting viewing experience.


Here’s a List of Best Football Anime Similar To Aoashi

1. Blue Lock (2022)

Football Anime Similar To Aoashi

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Blue Lock, an anime similar to Aoashi, delves into the world of football with a focus on ambitious young striker Yoichi Isagi. Just like in Aoashi, the main character faces many obstacles and undergoes intensive training alongside fellow attackers from all over the country. The story revolves around Isagi’s determination to become the perfect striker, showing her unwavering passion and desire for success.

The concept of Blue Lock, against the backdrop of the controversial project of the Japan Football Union, adds an extra layer of intrigue to the plot. Aoashi fans will be blown away by Isagi’s thrilling journey as she navigates through the challenges on her chosen path.


2. Giant Killing (2010)

Football Anime Similar To Aoashi

Giant Killing, a soccer-themed anime similar to Aoashi, highlights East Tokyo United (ETU), a struggling team in Japan’s top soccer league. Both series revolve around the sport itself, taking viewers into the thrilling world of professional football.

In Giant Killing, just like in Aoashi, the focus is not only on the players but also on the coaches. Takumi and Fukuda, both coaches at their respective shows, exhibit similar traits and play important roles in the development of the teams they support. The setting revolving around professional clubs and the J-League resonates with fans of Aoashi and Giant Killing, making it a must-see for football fans.


3. The Knight in the Area (2012)

Football Anime Similar To Aoashi

Featuring Brothers Kakeru and Suguru, The Knight in the Area delivers a story of passion and determination that will resonate in the hearts of Aoashi fans. Although Kakeru initially struggles on the pitch and takes on a managerial role, a change in destiny forces him to reevaluate his choices.

This football anime, like Aoashi, focuses on developing characters and skills in the sport as the MC experiences growth and transforms into a formidable player. The fiery passion shown by Kakeru and Suguru in The Knight in the Area reflects the determination shown by the characters in Aoashi, making it an exciting spectacle for those looking for a captivating football narrative.


4. Days (2016)

Football Anime Similar To Aoashi

For those who enjoy football-centric storytelling from Aoashi, Days offers a unique approach to the genre. While both series revolve around sports, Days takes a different approach to his main character tropes. Tsukushi, the protagonist of Days, is an untalented player who must work hard to find a way to contribute to her team.

This contrasts with Ashito from Aoashi, who is a talented and egocentric player who takes on the challenges of a new team and formidable opponents. However, despite their differences, the two anime manage to capture the excitement and thrill of football, providing an enjoyable viewing experience for fans of the sport.


5. Inazuma Eleven (2008)

Football Anime Similar To Aoashi

Inazuma Eleven is a riveting sports anime that revolves around the struggles of the football club at Raimon High School. Similar to Aoashi, the series follows the journey of the indomitable protagonist, Mamoru Endou, who must gather his team and revive their desperate spirits.

With the same passion and dedication on display at Aoashi, both shows capture the essence of the sport, showcasing the ups and downs of the players as they strive for greatness. Just like in Aoashi, audiences will find themselves engrossed in exhilarating football matches and thrilling moments where the protagonists overcome their obstacles.


6. Hungry Heart: Wild Striker (2002)

Football Anime Similar To Aoashi

Hungry Heart: Wild Striker shares the same love of football as Aoashi does. In this heartwarming series, we follow the journey of Kyousuke Kanou, the younger brother of a famous Japanese soccer player. As Kyousuke faces pressure to live up to his brother’s legacy, the audience will be reminded of the relentless pursuit of passion seen in Aoashi.

Both shows portray the strong determination and unwavering dedication of their main characters, who train hard to achieve their goals. In addition, Hungry Heart: Wild Striker, like Aoashi, features supportive female characters who play an important role in the protagonist’s journey.


7. Farewell, My Dear Cramer (2021)

Football Anime Similar To Aoashi

For fans of Aoashi‘s captivating drama, Farewell, My Dear Cramer offers the same compelling story centered around women’s soccer in Japan. Both shows feature a young and talented but initially arrogant protagonist, Ashito Onda, in Aoashi and the charming Sumire Suo in Farewell, My Dear Cramer. The shared emphasis on teamwork and the relentless pursuit of excellence on the field were evident in both series.

In addition, like Aoashi, Farewell, My Dear Cramer does not hesitate to show the intricate details of the game, from foot skills to strategic gameplay and conditioning. In addition, both shows integrate real-life football references, enriching the viewing experience.


8. Captain Tsubasa (2018)

Football Anime Similar To Aoashi

If you crave an anime that captures the essence of an aspiring soccer player like Aoashi, Captain Tsubasa is a perfect match. Following the story of Tsubasa Ozora, a boy with big dreams of becoming a famous soccer player, the series embodies the same determination and courage as shown in Aoashi.

Both shows have an unwavering focus on the protagonist’s journey, highlighting their growth and development as they face many challenges. In Captain Tsubasa, Tsubasa must learn new skills and face his fears to conquer the World Cup, just as our protagonist in Aoashi must overcome his own obstacles to achieve success.


9. Clean Freak! Aoyama-kun (2017)

Football Anime Similar To Aoashi

Clean Freak! Aoyama-kun brings a charming twist to the world of football, drawing parallels with the meticulous nature of Aoashi. Aoyama’s character, with his charm and athleticism, shines as an outstanding football player despite his mysophobia. The anime brilliantly explores the clash between Aoyama’s hygiene obsession and the gritty reality of a soccer field.

Amid admiration from afar, Aoyama’s journey to lead Fujimi High School’s football club to the Nationals uncovers thrilling layers of character development and football tactics. The dynamic duo of Aoyama and Kaoru Zaizen displays the essence of teamwork and determination, echoing the spirit of friendship seen in Aoashi.


10. Victory Kickoff!! (2012)

Football Anime Similar To Aoashi

Victory Kickoff!! embark on a heartfelt journey similar to the spirit of Aoashi. Following the protagonist’s quest to revive a disbanded football team, the anime resonates with themes of toughness and passion. A meeting with a female professional soccer player serves as a catalyst, igniting a fire inside the protagonist to rebuild the team against all odds.

Through an engaging narrative and character-driven storyline, Victory Kickoff!! captures the essence of friendship and determination, reminiscent of the friendship celebrated in Aoashi.


11. Futsal Boys!!!!! (2022)

Football Anime Similar To Aoashi

Futsal Boys!!!!! introducing the audience to the thrilling world of futsal, reflecting the excitement found in Aoashi. The anime navigates the exhilarating challenges of futsal, painting a vivid portrait of teamwork and dedication similar to the spirit espoused in Aoashi.

Haru Yamato’s transformation from disinterest to enthusiastic participation reflects the anime’s exploration of newfound passions and dreams. Inspired by Japanese futsal player Tokinari Tennoji, Haru’s journey at Koyo Gakuen High School embodies the essence of perseverance and sportsmanship.


Like Aoashi, these football anime present stories that inspire and arouse the imagination. May every step on the field, both in anime and real life, inspire us to follow in the footsteps of incredible courage and perseverance.

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