15 Best Animes Similar To One Punch Man

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Animes Similar To One Punch Man – Since the debut of One Punch Man, the anime that hit the world, we can’t help but admire its unique mix of deadpan humor, explosive action, and a variety of interesting characters. Undoubtedly, the quality of the animation is an excellent feature of the event, brought to life by some of the best artists in the industry.

Animes Similar To One Punch Man

However, what makes it truly special is its comedy centered on Saitama’s incredibly powerful daily life, his interactions with a wide array of villains and fellow heroes, as well as his experiences with the superhero league, which is unusual in its bureaucracy.

However, is One Punch Man really as unique as many of his fans claim? While we eagerly await news about the second season, let’s explore other anime series that offer a similar mix of comedy and superhero action to fill in the gaps.

In this article, we will introduce some fun anime recommendations that present experiences similar to One Punch Man, perfect for your leisure time.

List Of Animes Similar To One Punch Man

1. Mob Psycho 100 (2016)

Animes Similar To One Punch Man

In the world of Shigeo Mob Kageyama, an eighth grader, psychic powers are not just a distant dream but an inherent part of him. However, this ability is more of a burden than a boon when he realizes his potential danger.

Mob uses his powers to impress his idol, Tsubomi, but even Tsubomi ends up getting bored with the same tricks.

To control his powers, Mob enlists the help of Arataka Reigen, a con man claiming to be a psychic who utilizes Mob’s talents for personal gain. Getting rid of evil spirits is an everyday part of Mob life now.

However, the psychic energy he possessed was only the tip of the iceberg. If his great potential and uncontrollable emotions go awry, it can provoke catastrophic events, making them unrecognizable. Advances that lead to mob explosions are increasingly difficult to stop.

Like One Punch Man, Mob Psycho 100 is the work of the same author, ONE, and is adapted from his iconic webcomic. Therefore, the art style, character design, and humor of the two are very similar. Both series also feature amazing original background music and awesome animations.

2. My Hero Academia (2016)

Animes Similar To One Punch Man

The emergence of quirks, new superpowers discovered in recent times, has been increasingly common over the years, with 80 percent of humans possessing a wide array of abilities, from elemental manipulation to shape-shifting. However, the remaining 20 percent are those that do not have quirks. Izuku Midoriya belongs to this minority.

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Since childhood, Izuku has aspired to become a hero. Although without quirks, he admires the heroes and carefully studies their actions.

Fate intervened when he met All Might, his number one hero and role model. All Might has an inheritable quirk, and he chooses Izuku as his successor!

Similar to One Punch Man, both stories revolve around multiple heroes fighting an evil threat in the city, with the protagonist aspiring to become a famous hero.

3. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. (2016)

Animes Similar To One Punch Man

For most people, having psychic abilities would be considered a blessing, but Kusuo Saiki feels otherwise. Possessing a variety of supernatural powers, from telepathy to X-ray vision, he wants nothing more than a simple, eventless life.

Unfortunately, being a psychic is not a quiet thing. Although Kusuo tries to hide his powers from his classmates, he accidentally attracts the attention of strange individuals, including the confused Riki Nendou and the dreamy Shun Kaidou.

Faced with the eccentricities of those around him, Kusuo realizes that the ordinary life he dreams of is much more difficult to achieve than expected.

Just like One Punch Man, the series is a hilarious parody with a very strong main character. In both series, in the end, they received’disciples’who were overwhelmed with their strength.

If you enjoyed the humor in One Punch Man, give Saiki Kusuo a chance, as the series offers a similar comedic experience.

4. Overlord (2015)

Animes Similar To One Punch Man

Inside the virtual reality world of Yggdrasil, the time of the last hour has come. Momonga, a powerful wizard and Ruler of the Dark Guild, Ainz Ooal Gown, decided to spend his last moments in the game when the servers began to shut down.

To his surprise, even though the clock had struck midnight, Momonga remained fully conscious as a character in the game, and even non-player characters seemed to have developed their own personalities!

Faced with this strange situation, Momonga orders his loyal servant to help investigate and take control of this new world. He hopes to reveal the causes of this unexpected development and determine if there are other people in a similar situation.

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Overlord, like One Punch Man, has a main character with god-level powers. While the protagonist, Overlord, leans more towards magical powers, One Punch Man emphasizes physical strength.

If you enjoyed One Punch Man, I can confidently say that you will also enjoy Overlord, as the story reveals a variety of unexpected twists. I highly recommend watching it.

5. Gintama (2006)

Animes Similar To One Punch Man

Edo used to be a city filled with the spirit and ambition of samurai throughout Japan. However, after feudal Japan surrendered to powerful aliens known as Amanto, those ambitions did not seem to be achieved.

With the once influential shogunate now a puppet government, a law was passed banning all swords in public places.

Enter Gintoki Sakata, an eccentric silver-haired man, always carrying a wooden sword and maintaining his status as a samurai despite sword bans.

As the founder of Yorozuya, a small odd-job business, Gintoki is often involved in missions to help others, albeit in strange and unexpected ways.

Gintama and One Punch Man have a few things in common. Both series offer epic comedy and intense combat. When I say epic, I mean epic! Both have funny and tough characters.

While the main character of One Punch Man is very strong, Gintama also has funny moments, especially the facial expressions of his protagonist. Both anime series are unique, and their humor and strength make them worth watching. Both are very good at parodying other shows, especially Gintama.

6. The Devil is a Part-Timer! (2013)

Animes Similar To One Punch Man

Spreading fear into the hearts of men, the Demon King Satan began the conquest of the Land of Ente Isla with his huge army of demons. However, his plan is thwarted by the hero Emilia, who forces Satan to escape through a dimensional portal and land in the human world.

Along with his loyal general Alsiel, the Demon Lord feels stranded in modern-day Tokyo and is determined to find a way to return and complete his conquest of Ente Isla, provided they can find their way back.

Without power in a world without magic, Satan takes on the identity of a human named Sadao Maou and begins working at Mgronald’s, a local fast food restaurant, to earn a living. Quickly, he realizes that conquering Ente Isla is not enough, and he sets out to reach the top of the company and become the Ruler of the Earth, one satisfied customer at a time!

Like One Punch Man, in both of these shows, the protagonists are very strong but do not take their responsibilities seriously. They often engage in casual conversation during intense battles, resulting in comedic situations.

If you enjoy the atmosphere of one of these events, you will most likely appreciate the others as well.

7. Mashable: Magic and Muscles (2023)

Animes Similar To One Punch Man

Within this magical world, individuals are easily recognized through unique facial markings that signify their magical skills. Those without magical abilities face rapid annihilation in order to preserve the magical integrity of society.

However, deep in a forest full of wonders, Mash Burnedead defies this norm. You can find him carving his muscles with one hand and enjoying eclairs with the other.

This seemingly simple boy has superhuman strength yet does not possess any magical powers, leading a secluded life with his father, far from society.

Mash’s peace is disturbed suddenly when the authorities uncover the absence of his magical abilities. They gave him an ultimatum: compete to become a Divine Visionary, an achievement that would force social acceptance, or face persecution indefinitely.

To protect his family, he enrolls in the prestigious Easton Academy of Magic, an institution reserved only for the most extraordinary and talented students. Now, Mash must overcome his limitations as an individual without magical powers, relying solely on his physical strength.

If you enjoy anime with strong protagonists, you will definitely love Mashle and One Punch Man. As with One Punch Man, the series presents a world where the main character is initially considered weak but has incredible strength.

In addition, the superhuman abilities in both shows are similar in tone, interspersed with elements of comedy. Get ready for an adventure full of action and humor with these two anime!

8. Tiger & Bunny (2011)

Animes Similar To One Punch Man

In the bustling city of Stern Bild City, individuals with extraordinary abilities are referred to as NEXT. They harness their power for good or bad purposes.

A unique organization of Next individuals regularly appears on Hero TV, chasing villains to get the attention of their sponsors and collecting Hero Points, all in an effort to become the coveted Hero King.

Kotetsu T. Kaburagi, known as the Wild Tiger, is an experienced hero whose performance progressively declines, in part due to his difficulty teaming up with other heroes. After a disappointing season in which the heroes of his peers far exceeded Tiger, he was paired with a new hero, Barnaby Brooks Jr., who chose to use his real name.

Tiger and Bunny are more inclined towards humor compared to One Punch Man, but both have similarities in the concept of the hero system. Similar to One Punch Man, the show is also aimed at an adult audience. The fights in T & B are alluring, and this is the first series that comes to mind when watching the final fight in One Punch Man.

9. Hunter x Hunter (2011)

Animes Similar To One Punch Man

Hunters dedicate themselves to completing dangerous tasks, from exploring unspoiled territory to tracking down rare items and ferocious creatures.

To become a hunter, one must pass the hunter exam, a high-risk selection process in which many participants end up injured or even killed.

Each ambitious participant who challenges this famous exam has his own motivation. For 12-year-old Gon Freecss, his motivation is to find his father, Ging, who is also a hunter.

Gon believes that by becoming a hunter, he will finally meet his long-lost father and follow in his footsteps.

Just like One Punch Man, Hunter x Hunter has similar themes, such as the association of skilled individuals (heroes or treasure divers) with hierarchical ranks and a group of extremely powerful individuals. The main characters in both series embark on a journey to climb the ranks, become stronger, and gain recognition.

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10. Haven’t you heard? I’m Sakamoto (2016).

Animes Similar To One Punch Man

As with One Punch Man, the series has a comedic approach centered on the protagonist’s ideal. In both series, the main characters, one of whom has incredible powers and the other is really cool, are often the target of comical experiments from others trying to challenge their position, which ultimately always end in comical failures.

Both feature very strong main characters, with Sakamoto on par with Saitama in the Slice of Life Show.

Sakamoto, who is very classy, handsome, and truly perfect, makes a dramatic appearance on his first day of high school. Her stunning appearance, intelligence, and charm manage to fascinate girls and provoke the jealousy of her male friends.

Various attempts to defeat him cleverly invariably failed, and he remained incomparable. His steady demeanor and extraordinary intelligence made everyone feel far behind.

Can any of his classmates or even the teachers hope to match his level of excellence?

11. Kill la Kill (2014)

Animes Similar To One Punch Man

Ryuko Matoi’s life undergoes drastic changes after the murder of her father. He embarks on a journey to find his killer, following the trail of the missing half of the Scissor Blade, his father’s creation.

This search leads him to Honnouji Academy, an extraordinary high school where Satsuki Kiryuuin, the student council president, and her powerful subordinates, the Elite Four, rule with an iron fist. The school’s hierarchy deals with Goku uniforms, special suits that grant superhuman abilities to the wearer.

After suffering a humiliating defeat, Ryuko finds Senketsu, a rare and personable Kamui, in a ruined house. Upon contact with his blood, Senketsu awakens, bonds with him, and gives him great strength.

Similar to One Punch Manx, this anime is a beautiful mix of epic stories and entertainment. Kill la Kill has a unique graphic style that may surprise you at first but soon becomes overwhelming.

Both Kill la Kill and One Punch Man have unexpectedly epic levels and feature incredible background music. If you enjoy One Punch Man, don’t miss the chance to experience the greatness of Kill la Kill.

12. Tentai Senshi Sunred (2009)

Animes Similar To One Punch Man

Tentai Senshi Sunred chronicles the eternal struggle between good and evil in the city of Kawasaki. Sunred, the hero of justice, is committed to thwarting the ambitions of Florsheim’s evil organization as they seek world dominance.

General Vamp and his subordinates continue to devise new schemes to defeat Sunred. However, what distinguishes this story are the characters.

Our hero, Sunred, is far from the usual protagonist; he is rude, rude, and lazy, spending his time playing pachinko all day and relying on his girlfriend, Kayoko Uchida.

Instead, General Vamp is polite, responsible, and becomes an ideal host by cooking, caring for his subordinates, and discussing household matters with Kayoko, who often quarrels with Sunred. Even the monsters from Florsheim tend to be funny and harmless.

Like One Punch Man, this anime series is a parody of the superhero genre with strong main characters and comical villains. Although the humor in One Punch Man tends to be somewhat monotonous, Sunred offers a wide variety of comedies.

If you enjoy one of the two, you will most likely appreciate the other, and you will probably find that Sunred is funnier, so it is highly recommended if you enjoy One Punch Man.

13. To Be a Hero (2016)

Animes Similar To One Punch Man

I made an acquaintance with Uncle, a perverted but handsome toilet designer. His days are usually spent neglecting his obligations as a single parent to try to approach women and boast of his strength: the ability to know the size of a woman’s hips with just a glance.

However, when he is suddenly sucked into the toilet, his life changes dramatically. The Heroes Committee of the Alliance of the Peaceful Republic gave him real superpowers and turned him into a hero of the Earth. There was only one problem—he turned into an unattractive fat man who could not reveal his true identity.

Uncle’s beloved daughter, Min-chan, refuses to believe that this less than dignified man could be her father and throws him out. Homeless and full of disappointments, he joins forces with his eccentric neighbor, Yamada-san, a man fond of streaking, in an attempt to convince Min-chan of his true identity.

When comparing To Be Heroes with other anime, One Punch Man immediately comes to mind. Both are parodies of the superhero genre, featuring a very strong main character, a group of eccentric characters, and exciting fight scenes.

14. The Seven Deadly Sins (2015)

Animes Similar To One Punch Man

Set in a world reminiscent of medieval Europe, the Holy Knights of Britannia are feared and revered for their incredible magical powers, protecting the Kingdom of Britannia and its territories.

However, rumors about the group of knights known as the Seven Great Sins, who supposedly once betrayed their homeland, still persist. Ten years later, the Holy Knights overthrew the government and became the authoritarian rulers of the Kingdom of Liones.

The story follows Elizabeth, the Third Princess of the Kingdom of Liones, in her quest to find the Seven Deadly Sins, with the goal of reclaiming her kingdom and restoring justice in an unjust world.

If One Punch Man is a parody of another Shounen anime, The Seven Deadly Sins seems to be the kind of show they’re parodying. However, even at its lowest point, One Punch Man excels in this style on all levels.

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15. Inferno Cop (2013)

Animes Similar To One Punch Man

Welcome to Jack Knife Edge Town, a place as edgy as its name suggests. Inferno Cop is the guardian of this city, a lawman and a criminal in one body, delivering a unique and predictable type of justice like a candy machine.

Criminals, gangsters, and even hellish creatures inhabit its hunting territory, and Inferno Cop will not stand still. Before the story begins, his family is subjected to a brutal murder by the Southern Cross, an evil organization that he must regret having committed. Now, the confines of Inferno Cop have been released, and his compassion is drier than the intestines of his victims.

In the city of Inferno Cop, something threatens, and soon he will face the most challenging tests of his life, including adventures that take him in and out of Hell. A burning head will not be enough to face the rapidly approaching true evil. Inferno Cop must summon all his allies and use his eccentric stunts to overcome the tests that await him.

In some stories, we expect the hero to face various challenges, not only in combat but also in how the world treats him.

Neither Inferno Cop nor Saitama ever worry about losing a fight, but it’s the absurd way their world treats them that’s the attraction and the magic of this event.

Both feature diverse characters and villains introduced without changing the main story, all while poking fun at superhero genres and tropes. Webcomic version of

One Punch Man has a similar feel to Inferno Cop, and both feature the best animation in the industry, although Inferno Cop is slightly ahead in this regard.

For those of you who love the anime One Punch Man and are looking for anime similar to One Punch Man, then the list above is a recommendation for some selected anime similar to One Punch Man, which you might be able to watch. Thank you very much for reading this article, and see you in the next article. Enjoy watching, and have a nice day.

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