15 Best Animes Similar To Nana

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Animes Similar To NanaNana is a popular Shoujo anime that tells the story of a young and naive protagonist named Nana, who embarks on a journey to Tokyo to meet her lover, Shouji Endo. However, his journey takes an unexpected turn when he meets a mysterious punk rock vocalist named Nana Osaki.

Animes Similar To Nana

Despite having the same name, these two girls have conflicting personalities, yet they forge a strong friendship. As they become roommates in Tokyo, they face the challenges and joys of independent living while providing much-needed emotional support to each other. If you’re a fan of Nana, here’s a carefully curated list of similar shows you’ll probably enjoy.

List of Animes Similar To Nana

1. Paradise Kiss (2005)

Animes Similar To Nana

While on her way home from school, Yukari Hayasaka is approached by someone with a unique appearance and begins to examine her carefully. She has spiked blonde hair, a spiked neck necklace, and several piercings in her ears and face. He wanted to get away from this stranger and run away, only to collide with a very tall and attractive woman with purple hair decorated with floral patterns around her eyes.

Overwhelmed, Yukari faints and awakens in an unfamiliar place known as the Atelier. To their surprise, these strangers are fashion designers from the famous Yazawa Art Academy, and they propose that Yukari model for their brand in an upcoming show at Yazawa Academy.

Paradise Kiss is a Nana-like anime; both have similarities in that they are produced by the same creator, resulting in a common dramatic appeal. These two series made viewers constantly speculate about the fate of the characters, even up to the last minute of the last episode. Although targeting a female audience, both offer entertainment for drama and romance fans from a variety of backgrounds.

2. Beck (2004)

Animes Similar To Nana

Yukio Koyuki Tanaka, a sad 14-year-old boy with no purpose in life, undergoes a transformation after rescuing a strange dog named Beck from a rogue local gang. Beck’s owner, 16-year-old Ryuusuke Ray Minami, is a talented guitarist and former member of a famous rock band.

When Koyuki meets Ray again at a restaurant, the older boy takes him to his old band’s meeting place and dazzles Koyuki with his amazing guitar skills.

Beck is a Nana-like anime, both produced by Mad House and brilliantly combining elements of drama and music. They have similar character dynamics and depict the struggles of a fledgling band trying to show their talents to the world.

3. Carole & Tuesday (2019)

Animes Similar To Nana

It has been 50 years since humanity began their migration to Mars, which has been transformed into a comfortable abode thanks to the advances of artificial intelligence. Carole lives in Alba City, works part-time during the day, and pursues her passion for playing keyboards at night. Tuesday escapes from a wealthy family in Hershell City to pursue his musical dreams with his acoustic guitar.

Carole & Tuesday is a similar anime, Nana, because it has a similar setting, which makes it interesting for fans of each other. Both feature two girls with different personalities and styles who meet by chance and decide to live together, with music as a central point in the storyline, most notably in Carole and Tuesday.

Although the story and tone are different, with Nana being more immersive and realistic, the common theme of female relationships dominates both, offering an enthralling viewing experience.

4. Peach Girl (2005)

Animes Similar To Nana

Momo Adachi, a former member of the high school swim team who has a beautiful tan and long blonde hair, creates the impression that she can get whoever she wants. However, she falls in love with Kazuya Toji Toujigamori, a baseball player who, according to rumors, prefers fair-skinned girls. Despite trying to change her appearance, her friends spread rumors about her promiscuity and easy personality out of envy.

Momo’s friend, Sae Kashiwagi, pretends to cheer her up while secretly fueling rumors as part of her plan to seize Toji. The situation becomes more complicated when Kairi Okayasu, a popular male student, openly confesses her love for Momo and is determined to date her.

This series is similar to Nana because it contains elements of romance and comedy. Although Nana is aimed at a more mature audience, the two explore the challenges of relationships that arise from misunderstanding and jealousy. Realistic situations present in the daily lives of the characters focus on the complexity of relationships and ways to overcome problems during difficult times.

5. Skip the Beat! (2008)

Animes Similar To Nana

Every day, Kyouko Mogami diligently goes through several jobs to support her childhood friend, Shoutarou Shou Fuwa, on his journey to become a famous idol. She sincerely dedicates herself to Shou, loves him very much, and is willing to do everything for him. However, his world is shattered when he overhears Shou condescending to him as merely a servant who means nothing to him.

Burning with rage at feeling taken advantage of, Kyouko is determined to get revenge on her former lover by entering the harsh world of entertainment to surpass Shou. Venturing into the unforgiving entertainment industry becomes a major challenge when she meets individuals who keep pushing her out of her comfort zone. But for the sake of revenge, Kyouko’s unwavering determination pushes her to reach the top.

It’s like,  Skip the Beat! offers another Shoujo anime in a similar style but goes deeper into music and explores the relationship between two girls grappling with love and life, one as a band member and the other as a regular girl.

6. Given (2019)

Animes Similar To Nana

Tightly clutching her Gibson guitar, Mafuyu Satou steps out of her dimly lit apartment to start another school day. While taking a nap in a deserted place on the steps of the gymnasium, he has a fateful encounter with his classmate, Ritsuka Uenoyama, who scolds him for letting the guitar strings break.

Seeing Uenoyama’s knowledge of the instrument, Satou begs him to fix it and teach him how to play the guitar. Eventually, Uenoyama agreed and invited him to join in a jam session with two of his bandmates: bassist Haruki Nakayama and drummer Akihiko Kaji.

Similar to Nana, Given places great emphasis on elements of romance, character development, drama, and music. They offer a fantastic viewing experience and provide a fresh change from today’s popular shows. If you enjoy one of them, be sure to try the other.

7. Nodame Cantabile (2007)

Animes Similar To Nana

Shinichi Chiaki is a first-class musician with a dream to perform among the musical elite in Europe. Despite coming from a respectable family, he is known as a perfectionist who is very critical, not only of himself but also of others. Only his fear of aviation kept him in Japan.

In his fourth year at a leading music university in Japan, Shinichi coincidentally meets Megumi Noda, who refers to herself as Nodame. At first glance, she seems like a disheveled girl without a clear direction in life. However, when Shinichi listens to Nodame play the piano for the first time, he is fascinated by the music she creates.

Similar to Nana, Nodame Cantabile has a strong focus on music. While Nodame Cantabile offers more comedy, Nana tends towards drama, which is both enthralling in terms of character development and engaging drama.

8. Kids on the Slope (2012)

Animes Similar To Nana

Kaoru Nishimi, an introverted classical pianist and top student, arrives in Kyushu for her first year of high school. With a history of frequent relocations since her childhood, she permeates herself for another year full of isolation and emptiness. However, until he meets the famous thug, Sentarou Kawabuchi,

Sentarou’s deep love for jazz awakens Kaoru’s interest in the genre, slowly taking her out of her frame and giving her her first real friend. Kaoru begins playing the piano at an after-school jazz session in the basement of Ritsuko Mukae’s family-owned record store. As he finds great joy in using his musical talents to bring happiness to himself and others, Kaoru’s summer may turn out to be one of those memories he will always keep.

Similar to Nana, the series centers on music and characters struggling with complicated love stories as well as family issues, all while facing societal rejection. Both highlight the close friendship between two main characters who are very different but find a closeness like no other, supporting each other in difficult situations.

9. Scum’s Wish (2017)

Animes Like Nana

In the eyes of the world, Hanabi Yasuraoka and Mugi Awaya seem to be the perfect couple. But beneath the surface, they both carry the same secret: they love the person they can’t have.

Hanabi has been harboring feelings of love for her childhood friend and neighbor, Narumi Kanai, for as long as she can remember. Her world glows as she discovers that Narumi is her new class teacher. However, Narumi’s attention is soon drawn to music teacher Akane Minagawa, and their relationship begins to blossom, leaving Hanabi heartbroken.

Similar to Nana, Scum’s Wish confronts romance in a unique way, portraying an imperfect relationship where perfection and destined love are mere illusions. Instead, they explore the complexity of human desires and their indifference to the desires of others. The series provides insight into the harsh realities of relationships, making it an enthralling spectacle for those looking for a more realistic portrayal of love.

10. Kaikan Phrase (1999)

Animes Like Nana

After the dissolution of the previous band, guitarist Yuki and drummer Santa decided to form a new one. They recruited bass player Towa, young guitarist Atsuro, and, after much persuasion, vocalist Sakuya. Together, they form Lucifer, embark on a challenging journey in the music industry, and keep their band going.

On the way, they encounter personal obstacles, including parental opposition and the success of their former band. Sakuya, for that matter, struggles with a complicated past and her relationship with teenage lyricist Aine.

Similar to Nana, Kaikan Phrase has elements of music and romance, but both cater to different aspects of the theme. Kaikan Phrase delves into the world of Japanese pop-rock music (J-rock) and depicts the struggles of a band called Lucifer as they strive for success and face the challenges that follow.

The series also offers a mix of romance, deceit, betrayal, lust, and love, all in a compelling narrative. Although the animation may be older, it is still very worth watching for fans of dramas set in music and romance.

11. Bokura ga Ita (2006)

Animes Like Nana

As she enters her first year of high school, Nanami Takahashi is full of hope for a new friendship. He hears about a popular boy in his class, Yano Motoharu, but his friend, Yuri Yamamoto, still harbors a grudge against Yano because of his relationship with his older sister, Nana. Initially, Nanami shares Yuri’s feelings towards Yano’s attitude. However, over time, she begins to feel close to Yano and even falls in love with him.

The two decide to start dating, but their love is faced with various obstacles. Yano has trouble opening up to Nanami, haunted by memories of his first girlfriend, Nana, who died tragically in a car accident with one of her ex-boyfriends.

Similar to Nana, the series offers a mix of drama and romance with a very deep narrative. They are evocative and deal with emotional and sometimes heartbreaking situations. Although Nana is longer and more intense, both series feature a mix of drama, humor, and romance, making them appealing to those who enjoy a story filled with emotion.

12. Searching for the Full Moon (2002)

Animes Like Nana

Two years ago, Mitsuki Kouyama’s friend, Eichi Sakurai, moved to America before he could express his feelings to her. Despite the distance separating them, they make a promise to pursue their respective dreams: Mitsuki’s dream is to become a professional singer, while Eichi dreams of becoming an astronomer. Mitsuki hopes that her voice will reach Eichi around the world, shining like a full moon.

However, there is a problem: Mitsuki has throat cancer, which makes her voice slow and singing tiring. Her grandmother, who hates music very much, urges Mitsuki to have the cancer surgically removed. However, Mitsuki refuses, afraid of losing her voice.

Similar to Nana, the series revolves around a young female protagonist who pursues her dreams and seeks to make her name in the music industry. Nana takes a more mature approach, while Searching for the Full Moon brings an element of humor. However, both explore themes of drama and romance with various elements such as misunderstanding, ordeal, and depth of emotion.

13. Anonymous Noise (2017)

Animes Like Nana

In Anonymous Noise, a young girl wearing a mask sings a nostalgic melody on the beach every day. Nino Arisugawa, who is haunted by two painful childhood breakups, has been serenading the ocean as she keeps an appointment with her two childhood friends, her first love, Momo Sakaki, and music composer Kanade Yuzu Yuzuriha. The two boys independently promise that Nino’s voice will guide them back to her if they are ever separated.

Nana surpassed Fukumenkei Noise as a superior series. Although Nana leans more toward the j-rock genre than alternative genres like Fukumenkei Noise, both still feature female protagonists, love triangles, and suspense. However, the characters in Nana are more multidimensional, and the story feels more cohesive.

14. Bakuman (2010)

Animes Like Nana

As a child, Moritaka Mashiro dreamed of becoming a mangaka, following in the footsteps of his childhood hero and uncle, Tarou Kawaguchi, the creator of the popular comedy manga. However, tragedy made him give up on his dream, and he spent his high school years studying, aiming to become an office clerk.

One day, his classmate, Akito Takagi, the school’s top student and aspiring writer, discovers Moritaka’s detailed drawings in his notebook. Seeing the incredible potential of art, Akito proposes that they become mangaka together.

Bakuman is similar to Nana, though it delves into different themes, both centered on the struggle to realize a dream and turn it into reality. Both series offer compelling stories with two striking main characters, encompassing elements of drama, comedy, romance, and everyday aspects of their lives.

Nana addresses more mature themes, while Bakuman takes a lighter approach. However, both present a realistic picture of the pursuit of passion and mastering their skills.

15. Clannad: After Story (2008)

Animes Like Nana

Clannad: After Story, the sequel to the acclaimed slice-of-life series, Clannad, begins after Tomoya Okazaki and Nagisa Furukawa graduate from high school. Together, they go through an emotional journey in the process of growing up.

Tomoya, who has doubts about his future path, learns the value of hard work and experiences Nagisa’s unwavering support. Dedication and shared goals encourage them to face personal challenges, strengthen existing relationships, and form new bonds.

Similar to Nana, the series tells the story of two girls who struggle to overcome many problems in their lives and survive hardships, similar to Nagisa’s journey. Both anime series offer a mixture of laughter and tears. Although the early episodes of Nana and Clannad may have felt less exciting, they both developed into beloved anime series in the end.

For those of you who love anime Nana and are looking for anime similar to Nana, then the list above is a recommendation for some selected anime similar to Nana, which you might be able to watch. Thank you very much for reading this article, and see you in the next article. Enjoy watching, and have a nice day

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