15 Best Animes Similar To Made In Abyss

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Animes Similar To Made In Abyss – Explore the captivating world of Made in Abyss, a gripping dark-fantasy anime that made its debut in the spring of 2017. Crafted by the renowned animation studio Kinema Citrus, the narrative unfolds in a fantastical realm with a mysterious abyss situated on an island teeming with enigmatic creatures and much more.

Animes Similar To Made In Abyss

Tittle : Made in Abyss: The Golden City of the Scorching Sun
Type : TV
Genres : Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Suspense
Themes : Gore, Survival
Studios : Kinema Citrus
Licensors : Sentai Filmworks
Episodes : 12
Aired : Jul 6, 2022 – Sep 28, 2022
Premiered : Summer 2022

Humans, driven by an insatiable curiosity, embark on perilous adventures into the Abyss, with each layer revealing new mysteries. However, the Abyss is far from ordinary, consisting of multiple layers where returning causes severe psychological stress, and deeper layers may even strip one of their humanity.

Meet Riko, a twelve-year-old aspiring Abyss diver exploring its upper layers in pursuit of discovery. Her sole objective is to follow in the footsteps of her mother, the veteran diver Lyza (The Annihilator), who delves into the Abyss’s depths. Despite her determination, Riko faces restrictions due to her young age. Fate takes a turn when she encounters a mysterious boy of her age emerging from the Abyss. Upon examination, she declares him non-human and names him Reg.

As Reg grapples with his unknown origins, the two embark on a clandestine journey into the Abyss’s depths. Yet, the wonders they seek quickly give way to the horrors within, forcing them to confront the harsh reality that their curiosity may cost them more than they ever imagined in the unfathomable depths of the Abyss.

If you are looking for an anime with Made in Abyss nuances, don’t worry; we will help you find it. And at this moment, you are in the right place. In this article, we have prepared for you 15 anime series that have adventures, storylines, experiences, and aspects similar to Made in Abyss. For more, let’s look at the following list, and have a nice day.


List Of Animes Similar To Made In Abyss

1. The Promised Neverland (2019)

Animes Similar To Made In Abyss

Adrift in the woods, Grace Field House accommodates orphans in seemingly perfect harmony, watched over by a loving mama, Isabella. Despite taking regular tests, the children enjoy freedom until adoption breaks their relationship forever. The eldest brothers unravel the sinister truth, deciphering the dark fate arranged by the beloved Mama.

Explore the mysterious world of the Promised Neverland, similar to Made in Abyss, where seemingly innocent beginnings give way to a deep narrative. Explore alongside the characters, uncovering mysteries with each episode, making it a must-watch for world-building fans.


2. Girls’ Last Tour (2017)

Animes Similar To Made In Abyss

In a deserted town, Chito and Yuuri drive through the cold silence as the last survivors. Their days involve collecting military remains, speculating about the past, and sharing the burden of solitude. Despite the gloomy atmosphere, their friendship brightened the frozen battlefield.

Like Made in Abyss, Girls’ Last Tour has a unique aesthetic and incredible world-building. If you appreciate atmospheric storylines, both series offer an enthralling journey into a different yet enthralling world.


3. From The New World (2012)

Animes Similar To Made In Abyss

In Kamisu 66, Saki Watanabe discovers her psychic powers at Sage Academy, reuniting with friends in a world riddled with disturbing mysteries. A creepy atmosphere opens up, at odds with the narrative of the character’s adulthood, reminiscent of Shinsekai Yori and Made in Abyss.

As with Made in Abyss, both series have dark tones and reveal complex stories. As stories of adulthood, both challenge early perceptions, illustrating that the brightness of the world is often a mere illusion.


4. Hunter x Hunter (2011)

Animes Similar To Made In Abyss

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The Hunters embark on dangerous quests, from navigating uncharted territory to encountering rare creatures. Gon Freecss, inspired by the pursuit of his hunter father, Ging, faces a terrifying hunter test. The adventure unfolds as Gon and his friends explore the unknown, mirroring the spirited quest in Made in Abyss.

Experience the thrill of adventure and unknown quests in the very similar Hunter x Hunter Made in Abyss. Riko’s journey into the abyss parallels Gon’s exploration of the Hunter’s vast world, making both appealing to adventure enthusiasts.


5. A Place Further Than The Universe (2018)

Animes Similar To Made In Abyss

Blessed with an insatiable curiosity about the world, Mari Tamaki has always imagined mysteries beyond the limits of the universe. Despite cultivating great aspirations in him, his fear of the unknown and his anxiety about the limitations of his potential have hindered the struggle towards those dreams. Now, in her second year of high school, Mari is determined not to let her youth slip by. However, fear continues to paralyze him until a chance meeting with a girl who carries big dreams changes everything.

Fueled by the disappearance of her mother, Shirase Kobuchizawa works tirelessly to finance her trip to Antarctica. Despite being faced with skepticism and ridicule, Shirase remains steadfast in her determination to embark on an expedition to a place farther than the universe itself.

Although these anime are different in theme, they are very similar. Made in Abyss, the two share fundamental similarities. Both reflect the essence of a true adventure anime. Centered on embarking on an important journey for the characters, both stand out as excellent and appreciated series.


6. Heavenly Delusion (2023)

Animes Similar To Made In Abyss

Fifteen years post-disaster, humanity struggles with man-eating monsters in a desolate land, threatening its existence. Inside isolated facilities, children grow up protected from chaos. As some of them discover the world outside, curiosity blooms.

In the outside world, the survivors, Maru and Kiruko, are looking for a place called heaven. Burdened by the burden of the past, they aim to uncover the atrocities that envelop their lives.

Like Made in Abyss, it falls into the darkest post-apocalyptic anime category, offering intricate plots, merciless world-building, and deep character development.


7. Attack on Titan (2013)

Animes Similar To Made In Abyss

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Several centuries ago, the Titans almost exterminated humanity, forcing the survivors to save themselves behind a giant wall. Tranquility is shattered when the Titan breaks through an impenetrable wall.

The shared elements involve the protagonist aspiring to be an explorer, maintaining optimism in the midst of adversity, and navigating a dangerous landscape where many explorers perished. Similar to Made in Abyss, both explore complex themes and expose the cruelty of the world, tucking psychological aspects into the narrative.


8. Land Of The Lustrous (2017)

Animes Similar To Made In Abyss

In a mysterious future, the gems fight the Lunarians, who destroy their bodies to serve as decorations. Phos, a fragile jewel, dreams of helping his friends in war but is given the task of compiling an encyclopedia. The encounter with Cinnabar, who was exiled for corrosive poison, changed Phos’ outlook.

Like Made in Abyss, the series captivates with its mysterious world that unfolds through narration. Land of the Lustrous excels in character development and explores deep themes, delving into the essence of life, sacrifice for significance, and deeper existential reflection.


9. Now and Then, Here and There (1999)

Animes Like Made In Abyss

Shuuzou Shuu Matsutani lives her daily life peacefully. He has a friend, an idol, and a passion for practicing kendo. Feeling desperate after losing to his kendo rival, Shuu climbs up a chimney to watch the sunset, where he finds Lala-Ru, a calm blue-haired girl wearing a strange necklace. Shuu tries to befriend him, despite his disinterested and flat response. However, his hopes are shattered when a woman, accompanied by two snake machines, emerges from the air with one goal: to capture Lala-Ru.

Like Made in Abyss, the series is very similar in terms of throwing very innocent children into a dangerous world, and they have to figure out how to survive on their own with a little help. Both shows are dark and brutal, and in the end, they provide an invaluable experience of drama and an understanding that not everything is always fun.


10. Tower Of God (2020)

Animes Like Made In Abyss

There is a tower that summons chosen people called Regulars with a promise to grant their deepest wishes. Be it wealth, fame, power, or something beyond, all await those who reach the top.

Twenty-Fifth Bam is a boy who has known only dark caves, dirty rags, and unattainable light all his life. So when a girl named Rachel comes to him through the light, his whole world changes.

Similar to Made in Abyss, mysterious huge worlds with great world-building for their individual settings Both have brave warriors who conquer each other’s challenges (tower or jungle). In TOG, they go up the tower, facing new challenges on each floor. In Made in Abyss, they instead descend deeper into the abyss but again face new challenges on every new floor.


11. Princess Mononoke (1997)

Animes Like Made In Abyss

When the village of Emishi is attacked by a ferocious boar, the young prince Ashitaka sacrifices his life to defend his tribe. With his last breath, the Beast cursed the Prince’s arm, giving him demonic powers while slowly sucking out his life. Ordered by the village elders to go west to heal, Ashitaka arrives in Tatara, the city of iron, where he is involved in a fierce conflict: Lady Eboshi of Tatara, who promotes constant deforestation, stands against Princess San and the sacred spirits of the Forest, who are angry at the destruction brought by humans.

Vivid and detailed natural environments and organic settings create a plot that mixes more surreal elements with the supernatural. Similar to Made in Abyss, both anime play around with aspects of nature that are more apathetic, dangerous, and less gentle. Of course, one is a movie, the other is a series, and MiA’s character designs are chibi-style instead of realistically proportioned Ghibli.


12. The Ancient Magus’ Bride (2017)

Animes Like Made In Abyss

Chise Hatori, a 15-year-old Japanese girl, was sold for five million pounds at auction to a tall-faced man. Abandoned from a young age and made fun of by his peers for his unconventional behavior, he is ready to give himself to any buyer if it means having a place to go home. With a chain in his hand and on the way to an unknown fate, he hears whispers from men in hats along his path, who gossip and complain that such a buyer gets a rare Beggy Sleigh.

Although Made in Abyss has a fairly different, but Made in Abyss-like plot type, it’s a fantastic world-building anime that I would recommend to anyone with an innate curiosity. While Magnus Bride presents a new world in the form of magic and magical creatures, Made in Abyss presents a new world in the form of a giant hole or temple in the ground that presents each environment and creature on its own.


13. Somalia and The Forest Spirit (2020)

Animes Like Made In Abyss

In a realm filled with demons, cyclops, and fantastic creatures, humans find themselves outcasts. The human race, known for their furious nature, engages in a devastating war that nearly annihilates them. Human survivors were considered delicacies, hunted for consumption for no other purpose.

One day, Golem, a wandering guardian of nature, discovers a human boy named Somali on his patrol. Fascinated by his passion, he became her patron, taking the girl under his wing. Together, the unlikely pair embark on a quest to find their Somali parents and reunite them with their home.

Made in Abyss, you will feel the stunning animation of this fascinating world filled with various creatures. Follow the journey of a wandering child and his protector, immersed in adventures accompanied by excellent voice acting and a mesmerizing soundtrack. What may initially look casual evolves into an engaging narrative with thrilling action and a powerful story.


14. Hakumei and Mikochi (2018)

Animes Like Made In Abyss

In a world inhabited by tiny creatures, Hakumei and Mikochi, two young women, live together in a house built in a tree. Hakumei, an energetic carpenter and tomboy, shares his abode with Mikochi, a calm and feminine seamstress.

Despite their differences, they coexist harmoniously, spending their days enjoying the joys of life in the forest. Engage with their world as they work, go on tourist adventures, and explore the seaside Tsumiki Marketplace during their shopping trips. Along the way, they befriend forest creatures such as Iwashi the Weasel and meet small individuals, including singer Konju and inventor Sen.

As the third entry in the Grand Potato Trifecta of 2017-18 (following Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou and Made in Abyss), Hakumei to Mikochi affirms the great tradition of potato anime. Featuring a group of characters who are irresistible for their cuteness, an intricate setting with abundant exploration and natural beauty

Both also have a mix of slice-of-life and adventure elements, great music, and an OST that exudes comfort. Hakumei to Mikochi might be the most comfortable anime—perfect for a blanket wrap-up session.


15. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (2009)

Animes Like Made In Abyss

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After a terrible alchemical experiment goes awry in Elric’s house, brothers Edward and Alphonse find themselves in a grim new reality. Violating an alchemical principle that forbids human transmutation, the two brothers attempt to resurrect their recently deceased mother. Instead, they experience severe personal loss: Alphonse’s body disappears, and Edward sacrifices a leg and then an arm to bind Alphonse’s soul into a giant suit of armor.

Similar to Made in Abyss, this is an excellent fantasy and adventure anime, boasting a solid plot and a deep world that delves into the fantastic and mysterious. Witness incredible storytelling and world-building, accompanied by common threads of having children protagonists burdened with incredible knowledge appropriate to their age.


So, those are some selected anime recommendations similar to Made in Abyss that you might be able to watch. Thank you very much for reading this article, and see you in the next article. Enjoy watching, and have a nice day.

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