15 Best Animes Similar To Gintama

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Animes Similar To Gintama – Gintama, often referred to as South Park in the anime world, is a show known for its great use of parody and witty jokes about the real world. But behind its comedic exterior, the anime offers a good storyline with an abundance of interesting stories. With impressive action scenes, fun characters, and an engaging storyline, Gintama is sure to leave a lasting impression on anime fans.

Animes Similar To Gintama

Tittle : Gintama
Type : TV
Genre : Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi
Theme : Gag Humor, Historical, Parody, Samurai
Studios : Sunrise
Licensors : Sentai Filmworks, Crunchyroll
Episodes : 201
Aired : Apr 4, 2006 – Mar 25, 2010
Premiered : Spring 2006

Gintama is set in Edo, a city once filled with ambitious and energetic samurai. However, after feudal Japan succumbs to a powerful alien race known as the Amanto, the samurai’s dream seems unattainable. The shogunate, previously a powerful governing body, is now a puppet government. To further limit the power of the samurai, a law was enacted prohibiting the carrying of swords in public places.

Enter Gintoki Sakata, a silver-haired weirdo who defies the sword ban by always carrying one wooden sword. He proudly maintained his status as a samurai, despite the changing times. Gintoki is the founder of Yorozuya, a small business that does odd jobs to help others. However, Gintoki’s methods are often unconventional and difficult to guess.

Gintoki is joined by Shinpachi Shimura, a bespectacled young man who is supposed to be learning the samurai way. Kagura, a spirited tomboy girl with superhuman strength and an insatiable appetite, also becomes part of the Yorozuya. Together with their large pet dog, Sadaharu, who loves to bite their heads off, the Yorozuya face various challenges in the ever-changing world of Edo. From encounters with alien kingdoms to clashes with local gangs, their adventures never get boring.

Gintama offers a unique blend of comedy and action, with storylines that transcend its humorous facade. His parodic nature and witty commentary on the real world made him a favorite among fans. With an exciting storyline and unforgettable characters, Gintama is sure to captivate anime lovers everywhere.

If you are looking for anime similar to Gintama, don’t worry; we will help you find it, and you are in the right place. In this article, we have prepared for you 15 anime series that have adventures, storylines, experiences, and aspects similar to Gintama. For more, let’s take a look at the following list, and have a nice day.

List Of Animes Similar To Gintama

1. SKET Dance (2011)

Animes Similar To Gintama

SKET Dance is a popular anime series set in Kaimei High School, featuring the SKET Brigade, a special club dedicated to helping students with odd jobs. Discover the quirky characters and hilarious adventures of the sketch brigade in this entertaining anime.

At Kaimei High School, the SKET Brigade stands out as a special club dedicated to helping others. Led by Yuusuke Bossun Fujisaki, the club consists of Kazuyoshi Switch Usui and Hime Himeko Onizuka.

Switch is an otaku skilled in technology and uses speech synthesis software to communicate, while Himeko uses a hockey stick and used to be known as Onihime. Together, they tackle odd jobs and provide support, kindness, and problem-solving to every student who needs their help.

Although the SKET Brigade spends most of its time relaxing in the clubroom, they always give everything when there is a task to be done. Their sincere yet unintentionally funny ways make them a beloved club among the students of Kaimei High School. With their unique abilities and teamwork, the SKET Brigade explores a variety of challenges, making a difference in the lives of those who seek their help.

SKET Dance, created by Shirohara, Gintama’s former assistant maker, features a comedic style similar to Gintama’s. The influence of Gintama’s creator, Sorachi-sensei, can be seen in the dance sketches.

Despite the different setting, with SKET Dance set in high school rather than the city, both shows have the theme of groups of characters coming together to help others in funny and entertaining ways.


2. The Daily Lives of High School Boys (2012)

Animes Similar To Gintama

The Daily Lives of High School Boys, or Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou, offers a unique and refreshing portrayal of high school life through the comedic experiences of three close friends. Explore the strange but relatable situations faced by Hidenori, Yoshitake, and Tadakuni in this entertaining anime series.

Follow the hilarious adventures of three boys at Sanada North High School: Hidenori, Yoshitake, and Tadakuni. Hidenori is an eccentric leader with a rich imagination; Yoshitake is feisty and energetic; and Tadakuni is rational and calm. Despite their mediocre lives, their imaginations take them on a journey filled with giant robots, intense drama, and even unexpected relationships.

Daily Lives of High School Boys features a unique take on high school girls, moving away from the traditional depictions seen in most anime. The series stands out with its great comedy and relatable situations that make the audience laugh all the time. Whether it’s a reenactment of an elaborate role-playing game or an unexpected encounter by the river at sunset, the trio’s everyday life becomes far from boring.

The voice actor’s connection with Gintama’s Gintoki adds an additional layer of familiarity to the daily lives of high school boys. The series captures the essence of Gintama’s humor and presents it in a fresh and different atmosphere. If you are looking for a series that will make you laugh without any boring moments, do not hesitate to try The Daily Lives of High School Boys.


3. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. (2016)

Animes Similar To Gintama

Join Kusuo Saiki on his life’s journey to lead a normal life despite his extraordinary psychic abilities. Explore the comedic and unexpected situations that arise as Kusuo navigates the challenges of high school and the strange characters that surround him in this entertaining anime series.

Explore the life of Kusuo Saiki, a high school student burdened with various supernatural abilities. From telepathy to X-ray vision, Kusuo’s powers may seem like a blessing, but he considers them a curse. Desiring a peaceful and ordinary life, Kusuo tries to hide his power. However, his attempts at disguise instead attract the attention of eccentric characters such as Riki Nendou and Shun Kaidou.

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The life of today has similarities to Gintama, especially in terms of humor and character development. Both shows feature lazy yet powerful protagonists with a unique sense of humor. The characters in both series are well written and fun, resulting in memorable and funny moments.

Although Kusuo wants a mediocre life, he is instead surrounded by the madness of those around him. The series masterfully combines comedy with emotional moments, creating a satisfying and enjoyable experience for the audience.

If you enjoyed the humor in Gintama, The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. is a must-see spectacle that will make you laugh and get emotionally involved in Kusuo’s journey.


4. One Piece (1999)

Animes Similar To Gintama

Monkey D. Luffy as he sets sail to become the Pirate King in the beloved anime series, One Piece. Discover the world of pirates, treasures, and exciting battles that await Luffy and his crew in this unforgettable anime.

In One Piece, Monkey D. Luffy, a cheerful and naïf-looking teenager, finds himself aboard a ship attacked by pirates after surviving the sinking of a dangerous whirlpool. Luffy, a determinative pirate, seeks the treasure of One Piece and the title of Pirate King. Inspired by the Pirate King, Gol D. Roger, Luffy is embarking on a dangerous journey.

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One Piece has dynamic character development and the same spirit of adventure as Gintama. Both series are capable of evoking an emotional response from the audience and have great themes. With a compelling plot and skillfully written characters, One Piece offers a satisfying and engaging experience.

The series combines comedy with emotional moments, keeping the audience entertained and engaged in Luffy’s quest. The characters in One Piece are brilliantly written, and the series is known for its stunning plot twists and epic battles. If you’re looking for a show that combines great comedy, emotional depth, and exciting adventure, One Piece is a must-see.


5. Beelzebub (2011)

Animes Similar To Gintama

It takes place at Ishiyama High, a school full of thugs and constant violence. Tatsumi Oga, a first-year student known as the fiercest fighter, meets a mysterious man floating in a river.

Rescuing the man led Oga to a shocking discovery: the man was split in two, revealing a baby named Kaiser de Emperana Beelzebub IV, also known as Baby Beel. Unbeknownst to Oga, baby Beel is the son of the Demon King.

Similar to Gintama, if you enjoyed the madness and fight scenes in Gintama, you will find Beelzebub to be a more compact and fast version. While Gintama relies on parodies of Japanese life that may be difficult for non-native viewers to understand, Beelzebub features comic situation settings that anyone can easily understand.


6. One Punch Man (2015)

Animes Similar To Gintama

One Punch Man follows the story of Saitama, an initially ordinary hero with the power to defeat any enemy with just one punch. However, the incomparable power it possesses causes a new problem: boredom. Saitama’s life changes when a 19-year-old cyborg named Genos witnesses his powers and wants to become his student.

They joined the Hero Association to gain recognition for their heroic contributions. Throughout the series, Saitama encounters new friends and foes, embarking on a journey to re-capture the fighting excitement he once enjoyed.

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Gintoki and Saitama have a common trait: they fight for their own reasons rather than to please others. Both of these characters exhibit laziness, be it Gintoki’s innate weakness or Saitama’s lack of a serious opponent that causes boredom.

While they provide comedic relief, their serious side brings destruction to their enemies. Gintoki, known as Shiroyasha, is a lazy samurai who abides by his own rules. Saitama, on the other hand, is just an ordinary guy who becomes a hero as a hobby.


7. Great Teacher Onizuka (1999)

Animes Similar To Gintama

Great Teacher Onizuka centers on 22-year-old Eikichi Onizuka, a former biker gang leader who dreams of becoming the best high school teacher in Japan, solely in search of a loving teenage wife. Despite her depraved, greedy, and lazy demeanor, Onizuka has skills beyond sight.

Getting a job as a homeroom teacher for grades 3–4 at the prestigious Holy Forest Academy, Onizuka faces a unique challenge. Students in such classes use psychological tactics to beat their teachers, forcing them out. But Onizuka is no ordinary teacher, ready to face any obstacle in her path.

Similar to Gintama, if you are a fan of Onizuka Eikichi from GTO, you will definitely love Sakata Gintoki from Gintama. From riding a two-wheeled means of transportation to such a funny habit as poking their noses, they could easily become brothers from different universes.

If you enjoy a mix of comedy, action, life lessons, occasional ecchi, and GTO troubleshooting, trying to watch Gintama is a must. Gintama offers all that, with an extra touch of parody for a good variety.


8. Rurouni Kenshin (1996)

Animes Like Gintama

Rurouni Kenshin takes place during the last years of the Bakumatsu era and focuses on a legendary assassin named Hitokiri Battousai. Feared throughout Japan as a ruthless assassin, Battousai suddenly disappeared during the height of the Japanese Revolution.

Ten years of peace passed, but the mere mention of Battousai already frightened war veterans. Unbeknownst to them, Battousai has abandoned his violent ways, assuming the identity of Kenshin Himura, a sword-wielding wanderer with a cheerful disposition and a strong sense of justice.

Vowing never to take another life, Kenshin dedicates himself to protecting the weak. One day, he meets Kaoru Kamiya, whose kendo dojo is being threatened by an impostor who claims to be Battousai. After Kenshin rescues her, Kaoru lets her stay at the dojo while he temporarily stops the journey.

Like Gintama, Rurouni Kenshin has similarities in their main characters. Gintoki and Kenshin are both former war heroes who seek solace in their daily lives as ordinary civilians. However, their past pursues them, disturbing their peace with new challenges.

Gintama features many of the characters from Rurouni Kenshin, whether in personality, appearance, or historical roles, albeit with exaggerated jokes and adventures devoid of meaning. As a result, Gintama can be seen as a direct parody of Rurouni Kenshin.


9. Hayate The Combat Butler (2007)

Animes Like Gintama

Hayate the Combat Butler is an anime series that follows the unfortunate life of Hayate Ayasaki. After being abandoned by his parents and accumulating a large debt, Hayate tries to kidnap Nagi Sanzenin, a rich young girl, to pay off her family’s financial debts.

However, due to a series of misunderstandings, Nagi misinterprets Hayate’s actions as an expression of love. In the end, Hayate becomes Nagi’s personal servant and must face her difficult work while overcoming her own misfortune.

Hayate the Combat Butler is known for his comedic elements and occasional action scenes. This is a good parody series that appeals to a wide range of audiences.

If you enjoyed this anime, you will probably also enjoy Gintama, another comedy series with similar themes and humor. Similar to Gintama, Hayate the Combat Butler tells of characters who can overcome every challenge they face, adding to the fun of the whole story.


10. Cowboy Bebop (1998)

Animes Like Gintama

Set in the year 2071, Cowboy Bebop takes place in a future where humanity has expanded across the galaxy. Crime remains a constant problem, and bounty hunters like Spike Spiegel and Jet Black make their living chasing criminals.

Cowboy Bebop delves into the past and struggles of these characters as they go through life and the challenges that come their way. Joining them on their adventure are Faye Valentine, a con artist; Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV, a strange child; and Ein, a genetically modified Welsh Corgi.

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Cowboy Bebop is a timeless anime with a mix of action, drama, and comedy. It has similarities to Gintama in that incompatible groups of characters try to survive in their respective worlds.

Although Cowboy Bebop focuses more on serious themes, both shows have interesting storylines and good characters. If you enjoy one of them, chances are you will also enjoy the other.


11. Grand Blue Dreaming (2018)

Animes Like Gintama

Grand Blue Dreaming follows the story of Iori Kitahara as he begins his first year of college in the coastal city of Izu. Living above her uncle’s dive shop, Iori hopes to have the ideal college experience.

However, he feels attracted to the wild and alcohol-filled activities of Diving Club members. When Iori reluctantly participates in their mischief, he also discovers the art of diving.

Known for its comedic elements, Grand Blue Dreaming is a popular manga adaptation. It exposes Iori’s adventures with his eccentric friends as he attempts to achieve his college dreams.

Mieip Gintama, if you like comedy shows, Grand Blue Dreaming is a top choice. Although Grand Blue Dreaming is more raunchy and alcohol-dependent, Gintama offers a mix of comedy and Shounen elements. Overall, both shows offer great characters and entertaining storylines.


12. Good Luck Girl! (2012)

Animes Like Gintama

Good luck, girl! It revolves around Ichiko Sakura, a girl blessed with good luck. Everything seemed to be going well for him, including his appearance, intelligence, and wealth.

However, his luck comes from sucking the luck of those around him without realizing it. When Momiji Binboda, a goddess of poverty, tells Ichiko of her actions, she is determined to steal Ichiko’s fortune. With the help of a traveling monk named Bobby Statice, Ichiko fights the goddess of poverty and the reinforcements she possesses.

Like Gintama, Good Luck Girl! is a comedy series with elements of drama and character development. Both feature parodies, interesting characters, and exaggerated humor.

The main difference lies in the cast of characters in Good Luck Girl! It focuses on a rich and selfish high school girl and the goddess of poverty, while Gintama centers on a trio of odd-job performers. Despite these differences, these two shows offer similar atmospheres and comedic experiences.


13. KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World! (2016)

Animes Like Gintama

KonoSuba: God’s blessings on this wonderful world! follows the story of Kazuma Satou, a high school student who dies in a comical way after buying a game. He is given the choice to go to heaven or be reborn in a fantasy world. Choosing the latter, Kazuma is given the task of defeating the Demon King with the help of a useless goddess named Aqua.

However, they soon discover that living in this world is not as exciting as they thought, as they struggle to pay their living expenses and face various bad fates.

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Similar to Gintama, Konosuba is a humorous anime series that parodies the isekai and shounen genres. Although they lack hero traits, the main characters in both shows care about each other and often save the day. However, they constantly face bad luck, and their reputation suffers because of their incompetence.


14. Mr. Osomatsu (2015)

Animes Like Gintama

Mr. Osomatsu revolves around the Matsuno household, which consists of six identical twin sisters. Despite their adulthood, they are lazy and lack the motivation to find a job.

Their unique personalities often cause them to be rejected in job interviews. The series follows their daily activities and their crazy adventures as they try to improve their social position as sextuplets.

If you enjoy Gintama, chances are you’ll enjoy Osomatsu-san as well. It is a light and funny anime that bears similarities to Gintama in terms of its comedic style. The characters in Osomatsu-san are unemployed or on the verge of becoming unemployed and often engage in activities such as drinking sake and playing pachinko. His humor often involves crude jokes and parodies of Japanese society and popular manga series.


15. Cromartie High School (2003)

Animes Like Gintama

Cromartie High School centers around Takashi Kamiyama, a well-mannered high school student who enrolls in Cromartie High School, which is famous for its naughty students. He is surrounded by hoodlums, robots, and even gorillas. His goal is to repair the school’s reputation while his classmates create chaos.

similar to Gintama, as Cromartie High School may have been the inspiration for Gintama. These two shows have the same humor and absurdity. However, unlike Gintama, Cromartie lacks a strong storyline and well-developed characters. It’s purely focused on comedy.


Well, those are some recommendations for anime choices similar to Gintama that you might be able to watch. Thank you very much for reading this article, and see you in the next article. Enjoy watching, and have a nice day.

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