18 Best Animes Similar To Cowboy Bebop

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Animes Similar To Cowboy Bebop – Cowboy Bebop, a timeless classic, follows the thrilling adventures of bounty hunters Spike Spiegel and Jet Black as they travel through various planets, carrying out missions, and collecting bounties.

Along the way, they encounter enemies and form new alliances. This anime is a must-watch for all anime fans!

After finishing Cowboy Bebop, the impact was huge. Luckily, we’ve put together a selection of great recommendations, all ranked based on your preferences. Cast your vote for an anime similar to Cowboy Bebop that you recommend to fellow fans.

List Of The Best Animes Similar To Cowboy Bebop


1. Samurai Champloo

Animes Similar To Cowboy Bebop

In Samurai Champloo, Fuu Kasumi, a young and bumbling Warrior, faces her tough days in a teahouse while dealing with an unknown samurai.

Seeking help, he takes on Mugen, a samurai with wild fighting techniques similar to break dancing. It is closely related to the more precise and traditional swordsman, Jin. The following relationship creates unavoidable tension, increasing Fuu in precarious situations.

Miyazaki’s work features a separate crew composition of one woman and two men. Each episode features a unique story with an engaging narrative that elevates laughter and heartfelt emotion.

2. Trigun

Animes Similar To Cowboy Bebop

Vash the Stampede, with a prize of $ $ 60,000,000,000 awarded, for his glory, built cities and increased their destruction behind him, earning him the nickname ” humanoid mask.

However, behind this reputation lie some benevolent individuals who accept criticism and receive undeserved praise.

Trigun looks a lot like Cowboy Bebop exuding a Western atmosphere, although one once worked in space sales and the other in a desert location.

3. Black Lagoon

Animes Similar To Cowboy Bebop

Roko Okajima, a hard-working employee aspiring for corporate responsibility, lives a changed life during business negotiations in Thailand. He becomes a hostage of the Laguna company, a notorious pirate mercenary group.

When the teacher asks them to pay the tuition, Rokurou makes a choice stating: that instead of choosing the answer, he hangs out with his captors.

As a crew member, Rokurou must adjust to Roanapur, a city built by corruption and evil. The series tells the story of an action-packed friendship and well-developed characters that are so much like Cowboy Bebop.

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4. Baccano!


Set in early 1930s Chicago, the transcontinental train, the Flying Pussyfoot, embarks on a legendary journey, leaving a trail of bloodshed in its wake. Simultaneously, in New York, the determined scientist, Szilard, and his reluctant assistant, Ennis, search for the bottle of the elusive immortality potion.

Meanwhile, the mafia war escalates. Aboard the Advena Avis in 1711, alchemists grapple with the consequences of seeking immortality.

The animation is very similar to Cowboy Bebop, offering a jazzy atmosphere that complements the series seamlessly. Its diverse and charming characters bear similarities to Bebop, and the soundtrack evokes a similar atmosphere.

5. Gintama


In Edo, once a city filled with samurai ambitions, surrender to powerful aliens known as “Amanto” has upended their aspirations.

Under the puppet shogunate, laws prohibited citizens from carrying swords. Gintoki Sakata, an eccentric, silver-haired man, clings to his samurai identity, running Yorozuya, a small business. Gintoki’s efforts to help others often take strange and unexpected turns.

Gintama is very similar to Cowboy Bebop in that its laid-back, cool, 20-something protagonist, Gintoki, is reminiscent of the character Spike.

6. Great Pretender

Animes Similar To Cowboy Bebop

A series of unfortunate events experienced by Makoto “Edamame” Edamura led him into a life of crime—pickpocketing and fraud.

However, a fateful encounter with a seemingly clueless tourist turns the tables, and Makoto finds himself chased by the police. The tourist, who is actually a fellow con artist named Laurent Thierry, proposes a competition to determine the ultimate con artist. Their target: the West Coast’s most prominent mob boss.

Great Pretender has an episodic narrative structure and a strong emphasis on character development, which makes its approach very similar to Cowboy Bebop.

7. Megalo Box


In the world of Megalo Box, conformity and obedience are seen as the path of a shy person. Junk Dog, an underground fighter, epitomizes this sentiment.

Megalo Box is a sport that incorporates mechanical equipment to strengthen the speed and strength of the boxer. Despite Junk Dog’s natural talent, he is forced into fights under the orders of his boss, Gansaku Nanbu, due to his illegal nature.

However, everything changes when Megalo’s box champion, Yuuri, enters Junk Dog’s ring in disguise and defeats him quickly. Left with a challenge, Junk Dog must rise through the ranks to face Yuuri once again.

Megalo Box shares a futuristic yet gritty setting, it is very similar to Cowboy Bebop, portraying a world where people value friendship, camaraderie, and the struggles that come with it.

8. Ergo Proxy

Animes Similar To Cowboy Bebop

Inside the reclusive city of Romdo, one of humanity’s last strongholds lies a haunting mystery. In a world devastated by ecological disasters, life outside the domed city is almost impossible.

To help humans, humanoid robots called ” AutoReivs “have been created but are plagued by a mysterious” Cogito Virus ” that gives them self-awareness.

Re-l Mayer, the grandson of ruler Romdo, begins an investigation with his AutoReiv colleague Iggy, who uncovers a dark conspiracy rooted in humanity’s past sins.

Ergo Proxy, like Cowboy Bebop, offers a diverse mix of genres, including action, humor, drama, and mystery. His tough character and intricate plot make him an attractive choice for Cowboy Bebop fans.

9. Wolf’s Rain

Anime Like Cowboy Bebop

In a desolate world on the verge of extinction, a legend arose: Heaven will open its gates when the world reaches its end. This sanctuary is the last hope for life in this barren land, but legend dictates that only Wolves can find their way to this utopia. Believed to be extinct, Wolves still exist, hiding their true nature through illusions while living among humans.

Kiba, a wolf, is attracted by an irresistible scent to Freeze City, a poor town ruled by the ruthless Lord Orkham. Here, he meets fellow Wolves Hige, Tsume, and Toboe, each captivated by the same scent.

Like Cowboy Bebop appreciating its post-apocalyptic atmosphere, character dynamics, legacy art style, tempo, and beloved character Ein, Wolf’s Rain offers an enthralling and immersive experience.

10. Big O

Anime Like Cowboy Bebop

In the enigmatic Paradigm City, a place marked by collective amnesia and the remnants of a disaster four decades ago, Roger Smith emerges as a beacon of light.

As a suave negotiator and skilled agent, he navigates the foggy mystery that shrouds the city. Draped in funeral black, Roger’s heart finds solace only in his professional calling.

However, as he delves deeper into his clients’ affairs, negotiations often turn into heroic efforts to save Paradigm from evil and impending danger.

Big O is a lot like Cowboy Bebop, in that the two share a futuristic noir backdrop and harmonize with charming blues and jazz. Both narratives are shrouded in enigmatic pasts, adding to the allure of their respective protagonists.

11. Cyberpunk: Edge Runner

Anime Like Cowboy Bebop

Dreams face grim reality in Night City, a futuristic metropolis in California. David Martinez, a teenager living in the city’s slums, tries to fulfill his mother’s ambition so that he can work at Arasaka, the world’s leading security company.

He attends Arasaka Academy, with the aim of climbing the corporate ladder, while his mother works tirelessly to support their family.

A life-changing encounter with violent street gangs propels David towards the Sandevistan cyberwar, giving him incredible speed. Fueled by rage, he uses this technology for revenge, leading to his expulsion from the academy and shattering his dreams.

Cyberpunk: Edgerunners stands as a gritty and violent sci-fi anime very much like Cowboy Bebop, exploring the dark side of an ever-evolving technological world.

12. Gun x Sword

Anime Like Cowboy Bebop

Van, a skinny and nonchalant swordsman, sets out on a mission to avenge the killer of his fiancé, known as The Claw Man because of his distinctive clawed arms.

Traveling through Evergreen, a town under siege by bandits, Van meets Wendy Garret, a shy girl looking for her kidnapped brother.

Despite the city’s request for help, Van initially refuses, leaving them to face the danger alone.

Gun x Sword revolves around a diverse group that comes together for different motives. The male lead symbolizes strength, fortitude, and a never-ending quest for revenge for lost love, which makes Gun x Sword similar to Cowboy Bebop.

13. Great Teacher Onizuka

Anime Like Cowboy Bebop

Meet Eikichi Onizuka, a former biker gang leader who dreams of becoming Japan’s best high school teacher, driven by his desire to have a loving teenage wife in the future.

Despite his unorthodox motives, Onizuka’s character is more than just his perverted and lazy exterior. Landing a job as the homeroom teacher for Class 3-4 at Sacred Forest Academy, which is famous for its famous students, puts her abilities to the test.

While the anime’s storyline may be different, fans of the charming main character with a mix of humor and fighting spirit will find Great Teacher Onizuka similar to Cowboy Bebop and very enjoyable.

The protagonist has a charismatic appeal and is loved by fans looking for interesting and humorous narratives.

14. Gunsmith Cat

Anime Like Cowboy Bebop

In the midst of Chicago’s dangerous suburbs, skilled bounty hunters Rally Vincent and Minnie May Hopkins run Gunsmith Cats, a firearms shop that operates in a legal gray area.

Their lives change when Bill Collins, an agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, forces them to help on a case. Rally’s marksmanship and May’s explosives expertise become crucial as they navigate a dangerous investigation.

Gunsmith Cats is very similar to Cowboy Bebop, so it can captivate audiences with its Western-style combined with intense action. The anime series features a jazzy intro reminiscent of the split-screen style of the 1970s.

With well-crafted characters, humor, and engaging storylines, both shows appeal to fans of unique and thrilling narrative experiences.

15. Akira

Anime Like Cowboy Bebop

Transport yourself to Japan in 1988, a time marked by a powerful explosion triggered by a young man with psychic powers, which sparked World War III. Fast forward to 2019, and Neo-Tokyo has risen from the ashes of destruction.

Shoutarou Kaneda leads “The Capsules”, a group known for their distinctive motorbikes, in a city plagued by gang violence and terrorism against the government.

With an iconic style from the 1990s, a mature approach, and a dystopian futuristic setting. This makes Akira very similar to Cowboy Bebop.

Both also feature high-quality animation, and unforgettable soundtracks, and delve into themes of corruption and social inequality, making them appealing to fans of thought-provoking stories.

16. Mushishi

Anime Like Cowboy Bebop

“Mushi,” the fundamental life form in the world, exists without any particular purpose or intention, embodying pure existence. Beyond conventional definitions of “good” and “evil”, Mushi takes many forms, mimicking elements from nature such as plants, disease, and even phenomena such as rainbows.

This brief description only scratches the surface of the mysterious entities that thrive in Mushishi’s charming universe. Exact information about Mushi remains elusive, as most of humanity is still unaware of their existence.

For those interested in Mushishi or Cowboy Bebop, common criticisms often center around its perceived slowness and episodic nature.

However, both shows feature vignettes that provoke contemplation, creating an atmospheric atmosphere with art, animation, and stunning soundtracks.

17. Heat Guy J

Anime Like Cowboy Bebop

In the bustling city of Judoh, Claire Leonelli inherits leadership of the “Vampire” Mafia group after the death of her father. To curb criminal activity, the city’s Urban Security Bureau enlists the help of Daisuke Aurora of the Special Services Division and a mysterious android known as “J”, who is shrouded in secrecy due to the city’s ban on androids.

With their presence, evil has little room to thrive in Judoh.

This science fiction anime follows an episodic format, depicting headstrong individuals dedicated to their duties in crime prevention and apprehension.

18. Nodame Cantabile

Nodame Cantabile

Shinichi Chiaki, a top musician, dreams of performing among Europe’s musical elite. Coming from a prestigious family, he embodies the archetype of a perfectionist, critical not only of himself but also of others. Despite his dreams of Europe, his fear of flying kept him in Japan.

During his fourth year at Japan’s top music university, Shinichi met Megumi Noda, known as Nodame. At first glance, Nodame appears disheveled and directionless.

However, after hearing her piano performance, Shinichi is fascinated by her unique musical expression. Unbeknownst to him, Nodame becomes his neighbor and, to his dismay, becomes completely infatuated with him.

For those of you who like this anime, here are some lists of anime that are similar to Cowboy Bebop. Thank you for reading this article, and see you in the next article. Have a nice day.


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