17 Best Animes Similar To Black Lagoon

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Anime similar to Black Lagoon – When it comes to action-packed anime series with a mix of suspense, intrigue, and adrenaline-pumping moments, Black Lagoon stands as a fan favorite

Anime similar to Black Lagoon

Tittle : Black Lagoon
Type : TV
Genres : Action
Themes : Adult Cast, Organized Crime
Licensors : Geneon Entertainment USA, Funimation
Studios : Madhouse
Episodes : 12
Aired : Apr 9, 2006 – Jun 25, 2006

This gritty and dark anime series has captured the hearts of many viewers, leaving them thirsty for more.

Black Lagoon, a hugely popular anime, thrusts audiences into the thrilling world of Okajima Rokurou, a once-boring Japanese businessman turned unlikely hero. Captured by a mysterious mercenary group known as the Black Lagoon, Rokurou’s life takes a drastic turn when he joins their ranks to survive in dangerous circumstances.

Now, if you want to experience more adrenaline-pumping intensity like Black Lagoon, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we’ll dive into a list of anime similar to Black Lagoon, anime related to Black Lagoon, and anime that capture the same edgy essence. Our recommendations will guide you towards a watch worthy of your next party.


List of the Best Anime Similar to Black Lagoon

1. Full Metal Panic!

Anime similar to Black Lagoon

Full Metal Panic! offers an enthralling blend of mecha action and comedy, presented by the renowned studio Gonzo.

Sousuke Sagara is a fearless counterterrorism agent tasked with an unusual mission—protecting a seemingly unremarkable high school girl. However, things take an interesting turn when we discover that this girl holds an important secret in her mind.

Full Metal Panic! captures the essence of Black Lagoon with a complex mix of action, intrigue, and character dynamics. Fans of high-stakes missions and gripping storylines will be immersed in this thrilling world.


2. Darker Than Black

Anime similar to Black Lagoon

Set in the heart of Tokyo, the story revolves around the enigmatic ‘gate of hell’, a huge barrier that protects the city from a sinister world.

However, even behind this barrier, danger lurks in the form of contractors—ruthless killers of incredible power who must pay a terrible price for every deadly act they commit.

Enter Kirihara Misaki and her team of Foreign Affairs and Public Security, determined to bring this psychopathic contractor to justice.

Their mission takes an unexpected turn when they encounter a mysterious figure known as Messier Code BK201, a masked individual capable of defeating even the deadliest of contractors.

Uncovering the truth behind BK201 and the sinister gates of Hell becomes the ultimate key to Tokyo’s salvation. Just like Black Lagoon, Darker than Black also offers an interesting narrative filled with moral ambiguity and complex characters.


3. Speed Grapher

Anime similar to Black Lagoon

Speed Grapher takes viewers into a world devastated by the collapse of the bubble economy, where society is strikingly divided between the privileged and the disadvantaged.

Our protagonist, Saiga, is a former war photographer who discovers a secret and sinister world lurking in the shadows of high society.

Much like Black Lagoon, Speed Grapher explores the consequences of power and the moral dilemmas faced by its characters. The series offers a thrilling blend of action, suspense, and grim exploration of human nature.


4. Baccano!

Anime similar to Black Lagoon

Baccano takes us back to the gritty world of 1930s America, where Mafia empires clashed in a battle for dominance.

The narrative is a mosaic of interconnected stories, following diverse characters as they navigate a world filled with crime, mystery, and the pursuit of immortality.

On the one hand, Baccano reflects the criminal world, which is why Baccano looks so much like Black Lagoon.

The series introduces us to Firo, a young recruit in the enigmatic Camorra, and Jacuzzi, the unexpectedly shy leader of a ruthless gang. An alchemist’s quest for immortality adds a supernatural element, with a persistent homunculus in his pursuit.


5. Hellsing Ultimate

Anime like Black Lagoon

In a world beset by darkness and an increasing epidemic of vampires, Hellsing Ultimate introduces Alucard, an unyielding force tied to the Hellsing organization.

Seras Victoria, a transformed disciple, joins him in the service of Integra Wingates Hellsing, their leader. Britain teeters on the edge of chaos as the ominous presence of the Millennium weaves a sinister web.

If you watch Hellsing Ultimate, you will find similarities. very much like Black Lagoon in its dark theme, supernatural elements, and non-stop action. The series delves into a world where darkness reigns, echoing the intense and gritty atmosphere of the Black Lagoon.


6. 91 Days

Anime like Black Lagoon

91 Days welcomes you to a lawless city during the Prohibition era, where the mafia reigns supreme and revenge smolders in the shadows. Avilio, the protagonist, receives a cryptic letter that sparks a burning desire for revenge in him.

In a dangerous game of deception, he infiltrates the Vanetti family, the orchestra of his family tragedy, befriending Nero, the son of the don. The narrative unfolds in a brutal cycle of bloodshed and revenge, displaying the intricacies of fate and revenge.

Much like Black Lagoon, 91 Days delves into the murky and morally complex world of organized crime. The pursuit of revenge and dynamics in the criminal world draw parallels with the intense narrative of Black Lagoon. Fans of the latter will surely find the dark and suspenseful story of 91 Days alluring.


7. Outlaw Star

Anime like Black Lagoon

Outlaw Star pushes us into a world where Gene Starwind and Jim Hawking, ordinary individuals, find themselves on an incredible adventure.

Given the key to unlocking the enigmatic Outlaw Starship, their lives take a drastic turn. The quest to uncover the secrets of this legendary starship and the coveted Galactic Leyline is an epic journey filled with intrigue, danger, and mystique.

In contrast to Black Lagoon, Outlaw Star offers a mix of science fiction, adventure, and mystery. However, the pursuit of legendary artifacts and the dynamics between the central characters attract anime fans who are looking for adventure elements very similar to Black Lagoon.


8. Trigun

Anime like Black Lagoon

Trigun catapults us into a fictional world of legends and riches, where Vash, the Stampede, commands a staggering prize pool of 60 billion dollars.

The enigmatic sniper attracts bounty hunters, leaving chaos in his wake. Meryl Stryfe and Milly Thompson, avid insurance agents, go to great lengths to contain the chaos caused by Vash’s presence.

The morally ambiguous world of Trigun shares the very same thematic elements as Sepsrti’s Black Lagoon, which depicts the captivating interplay between the enigmatic central character and the forces chasing him.

Action, intrigue, and a deeper exploration of the consequences of a life fraught with danger reflect a very similar theme to Black Lagoon.


9. Terror in Resonance

Black Lagoon Anime like

Terror in Resonance delves into the story of a terrorist group determined to cause mass destruction in Japan.

As they upload horrific videos online, the police and Detective Kenjirou Shibazaki decide to go after them, leading to a fierce battle between good and evil.

Very similar to Black Lagoon, Terror in Resonance has a similar story through its intense and explosive scenes that can shake the viewer to the core. Both series introduce characters that viewers will love and understand while navigating compelling storylines.


10. Banana Fish

Black Lagoon Anime like

Banana Fish immerses us in the life of Ash Lynx, a young man blessed with natural beauty but scarred by a twisted upbringing. Once a pawn of the evil Dino Golzine Papa, Ash now rejects the demonic powers that once controlled him.

However, an unspeakable secret associated with his brother’s descent into madness falls into Papa’s clutches, disrupting Ash’s path to freedom. When she crosses paths with innocent Japanese photographer Eiji Okamura, Ash’s world takes an unexpected turn.

Very much like Black Lagoon, Banana Fish delves into the complex characters and gritty underbelly of society. For fans who appreciate the morally complex storytelling of Black Lagoon, Banana Fish offers a riveting narrative.


11. Michiko to Hatchin

Black Lagoon Anime like

Michiko to Hatchin introduces us to Hana, a young girl trapped in a nightmarish life who finds an unlikely savior in Michiko, a seductive fugitive who destroys prison walls.

United by a bond stronger than blood, they embark on an electrifying escape, hurtling through the vibrant Brazilian streets on Michiko’s roaring motorcycle.

Their quest for freedom is a thrilling journey, navigating not only their turbulent relationship but also avoiding the relentless pursuit of the law and the enigmatic Atsuko.

Very similar to Black Lagoon, Michiko to Hatchin explores a world full of dangers and the struggle for freedom. The gritty narrative and compelling character dynamics resonate with fans of Black Lagoon, which features loyalty, toughness, and adrenaline at its core.


12. Gungrave

Black Lagoon Anime like

Gungrave follows the story of Brandon Heat and Harry MacDowell, whose lives turn to fate, leading them to join the formidable syndicate Millennium.

In a world tainted by heartbreak, betrayal, and sacrifice, Brandon uses his weapons to help Harry rise through the ranks in the syndicate, driven by the urgent need to protect those he cares about.

Navigating a path filled with bloodshed, they face a painful choice between loyalty and survival.

Similar to Black Lagoon, Gungrave showcases the complexities of loyalty and the moral gray areas the characters face. The narrative is intense, delving into the dark underworld and exploring the consequences of choices made amid betrayal and heartbreak.


13. Gangsta

Black Lagoon Anime Similar

In the town of Ergastulum, where the line between law and corruption is blurred, we meet Nic and Worick, a mysterious duo known as the Handymen.

Operating in a seedy underworld, they thrive on tasks considered depraved by others.

However, their lives take a drastic turn when a cop seeks their help fighting a ruthless gang that threatens a powerful Mafia empire. What begins as their usual dreary business turns into a whirlwind of chaos and danger.

Gangsta is very much like Black Lagoon, with its complex and morally complex narrative in a world of crime and corruption. Fans of Black Lagoon will appreciate the dark theme and intricate characters that make Gangsta such an interesting watch.


14. Jormungand

Black Lagoon Anime Similar

Jormungand immerses the viewer in a world shrouded in shadows and bloodshed, where Jonah, a little soldier, becomes an unlikely guard for Koko, a persistent arms dealer surrounded by a deadly retinue.

Driven by revenge for the tragic fate of his family, Jonah embarks on a dangerous path to the darkest niches of the black market.

Koko, on the other hand, defies expectations, using cunning and brutal tactics to empower her clients while harboring a twisted vision of global peace.

It is very much like Black Lagoon, with its exploration of the arms trade, morally ambiguous characters, and high-stakes action.


15. Cowboy Bebop

Black Lagoon Anime Similar

Cowboy Bebop takes us on a thrilling cosmic journey alongside Spike Spiegel and Jet Black, bounty hunters who follow in the footsteps of notorious criminals. On their spaceship, the Bebop, they find refuge from a haunting past, but danger lurks around every corner.

As a relentless enemy resurfaces, an unexpected alliance forms between the alluring con artist Faye Valentine, the incredible hacker Ed, and the enigmatic ‘data dog’ Ein. Bound by fate, their fates intertwine in a dangerous dance of friendship and survival.

Much like Black Lagoon, Cowboy Bebop offers a mix of action, suspense, and morally complex characters. The series explores the consequences of past actions and the bonds formed in the pursuit of justice, making it a must-watch for fans of Black Lagoon.


16. Gunsmith Cats

Black Lagoon Anime Similar

Gunsmith Cats centers around two bounty hunters, Rally Vincent and Minnie Hopkins, who are blackmailed by a Chicago branch agent named Bill Collins to help solve a crime. Forced to put their skills to the test, Rally and Minnie must unravel the mystery behind the case while keeping an eye on each other.

Very much like Black Lagoon, Gunsmith Cats features a strong female cast with a penchant for firearms. The series takes place outside of Japan and is known for its interesting motifs and backgrounds, such as the characters in Black Lagoon.


17. Akame Ga Kill!

Black Lagoon Anime Similar

Akame Ga Kill! follows Tatsumi, a naive village boy, who joins an assassin organization called Night Raid in their quest to defeat the evil Prime Minister and restore balance to their nation.

The anime explores Tatsumi’s relationship with the Night Raid and his journey to help them eliminate the darkness that lurks in their world.

Much like Black Lagoon, Akame Ga Kill! features a young protagonist who is thrust into a group of skilled assassins on a mission to eliminate evil. Both series feature intense action, gore, and strong female characters.

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