15 Best Animes Similar To Black Butler

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Animes Similar To Black Butler – Explore the mesmerizing world of Black Butler, a timeless gothic anime series with a unique storyline sure to captivate every viewer.

Animes Similar To Black Butler

Tittle : Black Butler
Genre : Action, Fantasy, Mystery
Theme : Hisrtorical, Mythology
Studios : A-1 Pictures
Episodes : 24
Premiered : 2008

Witness the tragic journey of Ciel Phantomhive as he faces the aftermath of the brutal murder of his parents, seemingly lost to the world. Amidst the horror of reality, this young man is faced with an impossible decision: survive the torments of the real world or make a deal with Satan for freedom and vengeance.

Delve into this biting narrative as Ciel, accompanied by his mysterious servant Sebastian, returns to his neglected estate. Sebastian, claiming the role of CIEL’s loyal servant, takes him into the fascinating realm of the Queen’s Guard Dog.

Join Ciel as he uncovers some of the most bizarre and mysterious cases in Victorian England. Immerse yourself in the dark appeal of The Black Butler, where each episode opens up a fascinating story of secrets, deals, and investigations.

If you are looking for anime similar to Black Butler, don’t worry; we will help you find it, and you are in the right place. In this article, we have prepared for you 15 anime series that have adventures, storylines, experiences, and aspects similar to Black Butler. For more, let’s take a look at the following list, and have a nice day.

List Of Animes Similar To Black Butler

1. Pandora’s Hearts (2009)

Animes Similar To Black Butler

Explore the enthralling universe of Pandora Hearts, a supernatural fantasy anime centered on Oz Vessalius, heir to the Vessalius Duke House. Originally thinking of the treacherous Abyss as just a fairy tale, Oz’s life takes a dark turn when the evil Baskerville family disrupts his coming-of-age ceremony.

Forced to face the Abyss and its monstrous inhabitant, Chains, Oz grapples with a reality more real than he ever thought possible. Aided by a mysterious chain named Alice, also known as the Bloodstained Black Rabbit, and the secret organization Pandora, Oz embarks on a journey to unravel the strange events involving his life. This narrative unlocks the meaning behind Oz’s existence, weaving a tale of mystery, supernatural contracts, and the secretive Pandora organization.

The two series share similarities in their protagonists, with Ciel and Oz as well-off youths from respectable families in historic London. Like Black Butler, Pandora Hearts forms a contract with two extraordinary beings, Sebastian and Gilbert, whose mysterious personalities mirror each other.


2. Gosick (2011)

Animes Similar To Black Butler

Enter the luxurious Saint Marguerite Academy in the southern European country of Sauville with Kazuya Kujou, a foreign student known as the Black Reaper due to his Japanese origin. His journey takes an unexpected turn when he meets a doll-like, golden-haired girl named Victorique de Blois in the school’s large library.

Victorique’s visions of the future unite their fates, leading to a series of mysterious events in this historical setting.

Similar to Black Butler, Gosick has a European style and historical timeline that contribute to their classification in the historical and mystery genres. In addition, the main heroes, Victorique and Ciel, are served by the main male characters, creating a dynamic that describes the relationship between master and servant.


3. Moriarty The Patriot (2020)

Animes Similar To Black Butler

Set in 19th-century Britain, Moriarty the Patriot explores a rigid economic hierarchy that determines an individual’s worth based on status and wealth. William James Moriarty, the second son of the Moriarty family, leads a life of nobility while secretly attempting to destroy the oppressive social structure.

Like the Black Butler, Moriarty The Patriot presents a mysterious and dark feel, similar to the atmosphere of Black Butler. Both the protagonists, Moriarty and Ciel, engage in complex moral actions driven by different motives. The narrative takes place in England, portraying a high-class society struggling with social issues.


4. Hellsing (2001)

Animes Similar To Black Butler

Enter the world of Hellsing, an organization dealing with supernatural threats, where Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing assigns a powerful vampire named Alucard to eliminate the vampire threat. Parallels are formed when Alucard meets Seras Victoria, a young policeman, offering him the choice to die a human or live the life of a vampire.

Drawing parallels, both feature demons serving humans, with Sebastian’s resemblance to Alucard in fight mode and Ciel’s resemblance to Integra in his childhood. The Phantomhive family’s service to the Queen aligns with Hellsing’s mission, creating thematic similarities between the two series despite their different atmospheres.


5. Death Note (2006)

Animes Similar To Black Butler

In Death Note, a world tainted by brutal murder and meaningless violence collides with the monotonous realm of the god of death. Light Yagami, a genius 17-year-old Japanese student, and the sadistic God of Death Ryuk share the belief that their world is corrupt.

Ryuk, for the sake of his pleasure, drops his Death Note into the human world, a book in which writing a person’s name results in their death. Light, initially skeptical, succumbs to temptation and embarks on a murderous path to rid the world of evil.

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Similar to Black Butler, The Death Note involves the devil; Light seeks to be the ruler in the Death Note, while Sebastian, a servant of the devil, helps Ciel seek revenge. Despite their different stories, the two share dark, mysterious, and romantic themes. Kuroshitsuji is recommended to be watched first, followed by the sequel.


6. Neuro: Supernatural Detective (2007)

Animes Similar To Black Butler

Neuro: Supernatural Detective revolves around Yako Katsuragi, a prominent high school detective, and his assistant, Neuro Nougami, who is actually a demon searching for the ultimate mystery in the human world.

Yako acts as a neurorepresentative as he solves crimes and suckers out the negative energy released by humans when committing criminal acts.

The similarities between Neuro and Sebastian in Black Butler are striking—they share a dark, mysterious atmosphere, both serving and helping the protagonist and exhibiting intelligent, cold, human-like yet terrible and evil characteristics. Their repeated symbol sentences contribute to the creepy atmosphere in both series.


7. Hellsing Ultimate (2006)

Animes Similar To Black Butler

Hellsing Ultimate explores the battle between Hellsing, an organization dedicated to removing supernatural threats, and the creatures of darkness that haunt the night. Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing leads this organization, with the powerful vampire Alucard as her main weapon.

The narrative includes elements of high gore, horror, and supernatural themes as Hellsing defends itself from the Living Dead and those who oppose its mission.

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Similar to Black Butler, Hellsing Ultimate features Mr. Ciel and Sir Integra, who treat orders and actions as business transactions in dealing with the supernatural. Despite their differences, the two Masters endure hardships to achieve their true goals—Ciel seeks revenge, and Integra upholds the Hellsing name and its responsibilities.


8. Devils and Realists (2013)

Animes Like Black Butler

Devils and Realists follows the story of William Twining, a proud aristocrat facing bankruptcy. In a desperate search for valuables in his home, he accidentally summons the demon Dantalion, the Grand Duke of Hell.

William, a sincere realist, rejects the existence of magic and the supernatural, unaware that he is a key player in the ongoing battle between Heaven and Hell.

Like Black Butler, Devils and Realists centers on humans dealing with demons. The protagonists, William and Ciel, share backgrounds of nobility, intelligence, ambition, and arrogance. Both series have excellent art, comedy, and occasional bickering, contributing to an engaging narrative.


9. Code Geass (2006)

Animes Like Black Butler

In 2010, the Holy Empire of Britannia established itself as the dominant military state, beginning with the conquest of Japan, which was renamed Area 11 after a quick defeat. Japan rebelled against these tyrants, aiming to regain independence.

Lelouch Lamperouge, a Britannia student, becomes entangled in the conflict between Britannia and Area 11 rebel forces. A mysterious girl named C.C. gives him Geass, King Power.

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Code Geass is a series similar to Black Butler; both main characters (Lelouch and Ciel) have suffered heavy losses and contracted with mysterious individuals for revenge (Sebastian for Ciel and C.C. for Lelouch).

They play strategic games, seeing those around them as pawns. Sebastian and C.C. follow their contractors to ensure safety and fulfill the final part of the agreement.


10. Soul Eater (2008)

Animes Like Black Butler

Death City became home to the Death Weapon Meister Academy, led by Shinigami—Lord Death. The mission of this school is to train Death Scythes born from human hybrids.

Soul Eater Evans, a Demon Scythe, aspires to become a Death Scythe alongside his Meister, Maka Albarn. This contrasting duo, alongside Black Star, Tsubaki, and Death the Kid, takes on challenges in a world with gothic elements.

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Like Black Butler, Soul Eater shares a unique sense of humor, a strange atmosphere (Soul Eater in a gothic world, Kuroshitsuji in a normal life with dark supernatural aspects), and a mixture of action, drama, and humor. The unique qualities of both contribute to an interesting narrative.


11. The Betrayal Knows My Name (2010)

Animes Like Black Butler

Yuki Sakurai, an orphan, questions the reason for his life and has the ability to see painful memories. An anonymous note prompting him to die leads him to a mysterious savior with a forgotten past.

The series explores dark supernatural themes with a cast of bishounen, featuring Lord and servant relationships and a gothic atmosphere.

Similar to Black Butler, The Betrayal Knows My Name shares a dark, action-packed supernatural theme with Bishounen’s cast. While Uraboku displays a real love affair, Kuroshitsuji conveys Shounen Ai’s feelings, adding to his appeal.


12. Nabari no Ou (2008)

Animes Like Black Butler

Rokujou Miharu, a quiet and apathetic 14-year-old teenager, possesses the powerful technique of Shinrabanshou, desired by the ninja clan. Kouichi’s classmate and teacher, Kumohira, a secret ninja from the Banten clan, protects Miharu.

Both series draw parallels with apathetic protagonists, adult male figures protecting them (Sebastian for Ciel, Yoite for Miharu), and similar character designs.

Like Black Butler, Nabari no Ou has similarities to apathetic protagonists, adult male protectors with unique powers (Sebastian and Yoite), and comparable character designs, creating a fun experience for fans of both.


13. 91 Days (2016)

Animes Like Black Butler

In the town of Lawless, Angelo Lagusa, a young man, witnesses a tragedy when his family is mercilessly slaughtered by the Vanetti mafia family. Losing everything he values, Angelo takes on the identity of Avilio Bruno.

Seven years later, driven by revenge, Avilio receives a mysterious letter that drives him back to Lawless. While on friendly terms with Nero, the son of Don Vanetti, Avilio uses the skills he has honed over the years to carry out his revenge during the Prohibition era.

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Set in a similar time period, as with Black Butler, 91 Days features the main characters driven by past trauma and seeking revenge.

The narrative is full of suspense, portraying a lack of trust and even darkness, although it is sometimes embellished with moments of humor, especially in Kuroshitsuji.


14. Loveless (2005)

Animes Like Black Butler

In Loveless’s world, every individual is born with cat ears and a tail, a symbol of virginity and sincerity that is only lost through sexual intercourse. Combat involves fighting in pairs, where one is the victim and the other is the fighter.

Ritsuka Aoyagi, a 12-year-old with amnesia, meets Agatsuma Soubi, who claims to have a relationship with Ritsuka’s deceased brother and inherits Ritsuka as his new fighting partner.

Similar to Black Butler, Loveless revolves around a strong bond between men similar to a master-servant relationship, with traumatic events affecting the main characters from a young age.

Loveless explores love ambiguously, while Kuroshitsuji delves into the darker aspects of humanity, contrasting grief with elements of love and service.


15. Death Parade (2015)

Animes Like Black Butler

After death, the Quindecim became a bar where couples of people who died at the same time were judged. Decim, the mysterious arbiter, challenges them with a life-risk game to decide their fate.

From darts to fighting games, customers bet their lives, revealing their true nature. The arrival of a black-haired amnesiac prompts Decim to reconsider his verdict.

Similar to The Black Butler, Death Parade has a focus on supernatural beings, with Death Parade exploring more deeply the fate of normal humans after death. Decim’s role resembles that of the angel of death, with a personality reminiscent of Sebastian’s.

Although Black Butler has lighter moments, the two share a darker tone in certain situations, connected through themes and even a shared interest in playing darts.


Well, those are some recommendations for anime choices similar to Black Butler that you might be able to watch. Thank you very much for reading this article, and see you in the next article. Enjoy watching, and have a nice day.

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