15 Best Animes Similar To Another

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Animes Similar To Another – Navigating the vast world of anime reveals cases where series have similar premises but turn into different narratives. While diverse storylines filled the anime landscape, parallels between different series could emerge. This phenomenon may arise from a co-creator intending to present a familiar story through a unique narrative or as a tribute to a predecessor.

Animes Similar To Another

In some cases, the popularity of an anime series forms a new genre, paving the way for a series with similar content. However, there are times when the resemblance can be attributed only to sheer coincidence. Even if two series have the same premise, their plot trajectories can take them in completely different directions.

Another follows one of the events in the 3rd–3rd grade of Yomiyama North Junior High, where transfer student Kouichi Sakakibara returns after a sick leave. His attention is strangely drawn to Mei Misaki, a quiet girl with a blindfold whom he met in the hospital during his absence. Curiously, none of her classmates acknowledge Mei’s existence, warning her not to befriend entities deemed non-existent. Against their advice, Kouichi befriends Mei, revealing the terrifying truth hidden behind his friends’ worries.

If you’re looking for another anime, don’t worry; we’ll help you find it, and you’re in the right place. In this article, we have prepared for you 15 anime series that have adventures, storylines, experiences, and aspects similar to each other. For more, let’s take a look at the following list, and have a nice day.


List Of Animes Similar To Another

1. Higurashi: When They Cry (2006)

Animes Similar To Another

In the quiet village of Hinamizawa, during the summer of 1983, Keiichi Maebara befriends his classmates, Rena Ryuuguu, Mion Sonozaki, Satoko Houjou, and Rika Furude. However, behind their seemingly idyllic lives, a dark secret is revealed. As the village prepares for the annual festival, Keiichi discovers a local legend related to murder and loss. A terrifying connection with the festival and the village god, Oyashiro, unfolds, testing Keiichi’s trust in his friends and uncovering an evil truth.

These best horror anime share scenes of violence, character madness, and enthralling suspense. Similar to Another, the two initially challenge the audience to understand the storyline, fostering anticipation of what comes next. If you enjoy any of them, the others are a must-watch, offering an equally intense experience.


2. Shiki (2010)

Animes Similar To Another

Sotoba, a serene town where everyone knows each other, faces tragedy when Megumi Shimizu, an ambitious young girl, suddenly dies from an unnamed illness. Suspicion arises when another unexplained death occurs, leading the town’s doctor, Toshio Ozaki, to suspect an evil force. Together with apathetic teenager Natsuno Yuuki and brothers Kaori and Akira Tanaka, Toshio unravels the dark mystery, connecting him to a mysterious new family in the Kanemasa mansion.

Like Another, Shiki has a common theme: a newcomer to the village witnesses dark events connected to a mysterious girl. The quiet, haunted atmosphere captivates, prompting the viewer to unravel the mystery that unfolds. Although Shiki is more in-depth in character development and plot complexity, both are enthralling, guaranteeing a thrilling experience for fans of either.


3. Corpse Party: Tortured Souls (2013)

Animes Similar To Another

Nine students gather for a ritual at their high school, unknowingly connected to the Heavenly Host Academy—the site of a gruesome murder beneath their Kisaragi Academy. Trapped in an alternate dimension with vengeful ghosts, they must escape or be cursed forever. Comparisons to Another arise due to mysterious deaths in the school setting, although Corpse Party stands out for its intense cruelty and exclusive school setting.

In both of these anime, high school students face mysterious deaths through supernatural events, but Corpse Party enhances the horror with extreme cruelty, distinguishing it from another.


4. The Future Diary (2011)

Animes Similar To Another

Yukiteru Amano, a shy high school student, discovers that his cell phone diary predicts his future events. Initially underestimating him, she realizes his accuracy and learns that her classmate, Yuno Gasai, has a similar diary.

Both of these anime explore death sequences—one revolves around a game to become a new god, and the other is a school tragedy where people stop dying when they find a ghost room friend. With blood, drama, tragic character stories, and desperation, these two anime offer a compelling narrative of 2011.


5. Elfen Lied (2004)

Animes Similar To Another

Meet Lucy, the quirky human known as Diclonius, victimized by inhuman scientific experiments due to her short horns and invisible telekinetic hands. Seizing the opportunity to escape, Lucy, tainted by torture, unleashes a series of massacres during her escape.

The head injury left him with a split personality, resembling that of a harmless child. Meeting with college students Kouta and Yuka, they accidentally receive a fugitive with murderous tendencies, pushing them into a world of government secrecy and conspiracy.

Elfen Lied and Another offers psychological horror entertainment, mixing mystery and revealing the truth of the past. Elfen Lied explores the protagonist’s hidden history, while Another connects the characters in a curse, sparking an investigation into past cases.

If you enjoy investigation storylines with intense horror, featuring characters facing terrible fates, both are sure to captivate you.


6. Death Note (2006)

Animes Similar To Another

In a world tainted by brutal murder, Light Yagami, a brilliant 17-year-old student, discovers a death note dropped by the god of death, Ryuk. Captivated by a note rule stating that writing someone’s name would lead to their death, Light embraces his powers, committing his first murder.

If you appreciate the gruesome aesthetics and thriller elements of Death Note, Another offers a different narrative but still maintains an equally thrilling and horror-filled experience. Both series dive into the consequences of death, featuring intricate plots that captivate your attention from the start.

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7. Twilight Maiden of Amnesia (2012)

Animes Similar To Another

Seikyou Private Academy, filled with occult myths, harbors a dark secret—Yuuko’s ghost, haunting the school for 60 years. With no memories of her life or death, Yuuko leads the Paranormal Investigations Club in search of answers. Teiichi Niiya, a freshman who can see Yuuko, is involved in her search. Together with Kirie Kanoe and Momoe Okonogi, they explore the school’s seven mysteries.

Similar to Another, this series combines elements of the supernatural and horror and revolves around mysterious girls who are connected with the supernatural. Set in a high school, they reveal a mysterious narrative in a dark atmosphere.


8. The Lost Village (2016)

Animes Similar To Another

A bus full of eccentric individuals heads for the hard-to-find Nanaki Village, an urban legend that promises a new beginning. Arriving in a supposedly perfect paradise, the group discovers an abandoned village with disturbing secrets, including bloody claw marks. As some members disappear, a sense of confusion and fear arises.

Both The Lost Village and Another create a dark, haunted atmosphere with creepy elements of horror and mystery. Mayoiga focuses on unraveling the mysteries of the village, while another revolves around solving mysteries within their classroom.


9. King’s Game (2017)

Animes Like Another

Adapting to a new school can be a challenge, especially when you are not interested in making friends, as Nobuaki Kanazawa experienced. His antisocial tendencies take a dark direction when his class receives a message from someone known as the King, introducing the nefarious King’s Game.

All class members are required to participate, facing deadly consequences if they refuse or fail to follow orders within 24 hours. Having experienced the horror of the previous King’s Game, Nobuaki attempts to warn his unsuspecting classmates.

Unfortunately, trust comes only after the game has taken its first toll. Trapped in a terrifying scenario with no chance of escape, Nobuaki must choose between putting his own survival first or trying to save his classmates.

Both shows involve new transfer students involved in a death situation in their class. While King’s Game is more likely to be a game of death, Another revolves more around the mystery of death. Most notably, both series feature characters who suffer strange and terrible fates.


10. Angel Beats! (2010)

Animes Like Another

The mystery of death is revealed to 17-year-old Yuzuru Otonashi in Angel Beats! as he awakens in a dimension between life and death. This strange afterlife dimension takes the form of a high school, housing those who experience unwanted deaths and feel persecuted by God.

Led by Yuri Nakamura, The Afterlife Battlefront rebels against the god-like Student Council President, Kanade Angel Tachibana, with the goal of controlling their own destiny.

Both series take place in an unusual school setting, with students facing constant death and seeking understanding of their situation. While death is temporary in Angel Beats!, Another  explores a more permanent and impactful approach.


11. Ghost Hounds (2007)

Animes Like Another

In the town of Suiten, mysterious events involve the surroundings. A priest’s daughter witnesses strange visions; spirits roam the mountains; and Tarou Komori grapples with disturbing dreams related to his traumatic past. As supernatural and psychological elements blend into each other, three children struggle to confront their demons and bridge the gap between the spiritual and physical worlds.


Like Another, Ghost Hounds offers supernatural phenomena and ghost stories put together in a narrative that captivates the viewer and keeps them tense. The mystery element plays an important role in the development of both stories, inviting a constant sense of curiosity about what will happen next.


12. Tokyo Ghoul (2014)

Animes Like Another

Tokyo faces a sinister threat when flesh-eating ghouls, indistinguishable from humans, infiltrate the population. Ken Kaneki, a reclusive college student, unwittingly gets involved in this crisis after a date with an attractive woman, Rize Kamishiro, takes a terrible turn. After surviving the tragic encounter, Kaneki discovers that he has undergone an organ transplant from the deceased Rize, changing his life forever.

Dark and horror elements in both series create a similar atmosphere. If you enjoy Another, Tokyo Ghoul will most likely captivate you with its mysterious and gripping narrative. Both anime also feature characters with blindfolds, adding a unique detail to their dark and mysterious themes.

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13. The Perfect Insider (2015)

Animes Like Another

Explore the mysterious world of the Perfect Insider, where Shiki Magata, a genius programmer, lives a secluded life on a remote island. When associate professor Souhei Saikawa and university student Moe Nishinosono visit, they find themselves caught up in a murder mystery inside a hidden research facility. Reveal secrets, solve seemingly impossible crimes, and trace Magata’s mysterious past.

Like Another, The Perfect Insider presents an enthralling murder mystery with a lovable protagonist, bringing together elements of mystery and psychology. The beautiful story adds to the appeal of both, making it a must-see for fans of the genre.


14. Ghost Hunt (2006)

Animes Like Another

Embark on a thrilling journey with Ghost Hunt, where Mai Taniyama and her friends swap ghost stories at school, centered around a creepy old building. Their meeting changes when Kazuya Shibuya, president of the Shibuya Psychic Research Company, joins the investigation. As the mystery unfolds, the thrilling horror and intriguing plot keep the audience in suspense.

Similar to Another, Ghost Hunt presents thrilling horror and suspense. While Another tends toward gruesome horror, Ghost Hunt offers a more mysterious and suspenseful atmosphere. Join the protagonists as they unravel a gripping mystery in this enthralling anime series.


15. Hell Girl (2005)

Animes Like Another

Trace the consequences of revenge as souls are transported into darkness, exploring the intertwined fates of those seeking vengeance. Enter the realm of revenge with Hell Girl, a story where discontent leads to a sinister website known as Hell Correspondence. At midnight, the site becomes a gateway to hell, allowing users to seek revenge with the help of Ai Enma, Hell Girl.

Both Hell Girl and Another are in the genres of horror, supernatural, and thriller, wowing the audience with a mystical and suspenseful narrative. The black-haired and red-eyed protagonists of both series put a unique twist on the intriguing themes of death and curse, providing an entertaining and gripping viewing experience.


So, those are some selected anime recommendations similar to Another that you might be able to watch. Thank you very much for reading this article, and see you in the next article. Enjoy watching, and have a nice day.

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