15 Best Animes Like Weathering with You

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Animes Like Weathering with You – Exploring these works after watching Weathering with You can increase one’s appreciation of the themes and emotions that resonate throughout the film.

Animes Like Weathering with You

Tittle : Weathering with You
Type : Movie
Genres : Award Winning, Romance, Drama, Fantasy.
Source : Original
Licensors : GKIDS
Studios : CoMix Wave Films
Episodes : 1
Aired : Jul 19, 2019

Weathering with You, also known as Tenki No Ko, is an amazing masterpiece by Makoto Shinkai. For those of you who watch anime, you should know Makoto Shinkai.

Yes ! Makoto Shinkai is a famous anime director.

With unparalleled talent and storytelling prowess, Shinkai will take us into an incredibly realistic and visually stunning world through Weathering with You.

The thing that stands out in Weathering with You is its ability to not only focus on its main characters, Hina and Hodaka, but also to study the world they inhabit intricately. The world is plagued by the dark consequences of humanity’s actions, leading to incessant floods sweeping Japan. It is in this background that the true beauty of the film lies, as it explores the profound impact of human choice on nature and the consequences that follow.

If you decide to continue the viewing experience after enjoying Weathering with You, which has a unique cinematic experience, then below are other anime series and films that evoke a similar sense of wonder and charm.


List of Animes Like Weathering with You

1. The Garden of Words (2013)

Animes Like Weathering with You

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If you are looking for animes like Weathering with You, then The Garden of Words is an interesting option. Directed by Makoto Shinkai, The Garden of Words beautifully captures the essence of rain in a way that brings to life the tender conversations of Takao Akizuki and Yukari Yukino.

Much like Weathering with You, the film utilizes rain as a catalyst for connection and understanding between its main characters. As Takao skips class to sketch in a mesmerizing garden, he meets Yukari, a mysterious woman who sparks his curiosity.

The rain becomes the backdrop for their meetings throughout the rainy season, allowing them to ease the worries hidden in their hearts just by being together.


2. Your Name (2016)

Animes Like Weathering with You

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Your Name is one of the outstanding masterpieces of director Makoto Shinkai. By exploring the theme of love and destiny in a unique and captivating way, Your Name will be suitable to try if you are looking for animes like Weathering with You.

Just like Weathering with You, the film features a touch of supernatural elements that add an extra layer of intrigue to the narrative. Mitsuha Miyamizu dreams of a different life in bustling Tokyo, while Taki Tachibana juggles high school life and his aspirations as an architect.

Their paths unexpectedly intertwine as they begin to swap bodies, living each other’s lives. This riveting story of connection and longing unfolds across time and space, evoking emotions akin to Weathering with you.


3. A Lull in the Sea (2014)

Animes Like Weathering with You

Similar to Weathering with You, the story takes place in a world where nature and its preservation play an important role. A man in tranquility at sea once lived under the sea but chose to abandon life under water.

As a result, they lose their God-given ability to breathe underwater, called Ena. The rift between the inhabitants of the sea and the surface widens over time, causing unpredictable consequences. The series features stunning animation and masterful direction, capturing the beauty of nature and its connection to the characters’ stories.

If you enjoy the theme of nature and balance in Weathering with You, A Lull in the Sea is an enchanting choice that will captivate if you are looking for animes like Weathering with You.


4. Bubble (2022)

Animes Like Weathering with You

Bubble, an aesthetically pleasing film, immerses the viewer in a unique world where gravity-defying bubbles with mysterious powers have turned Tokyo into a forbidden zone.

These animes, like Weathering with You, combine elements of magic and romance to create an intriguing narrative. The protagonist, an ordinary human boy, embarks on a journey with a magical girl, exploring the gravity-bending sea that has swallowed the city.

The film’s stunning visuals and captivating storyline make it a great choice for those looking for a visually stunning anime with a touch of romance.


5. Ponyo (2008)

Animes Like Weathering with You

For other animes like Weathering with You, we recommend watching Ponyo. Ponyo, a lovable goldfish, embarks on a daring adventure when she slips away from home and finds herself floating on the back of a jellyfish. Finally, he was trapped in a glass jar and washed ashore.

Fortunately, Sousuke, a kind-hearted five-year-old boy, comes to her rescue and sets her free. Together, Ponyo and Sousuke form a treasured bond that will take them on an enchanting journey filled with supernatural wonders.

If you like the mystical and juicy atmosphere of Weathering with You, you will be fascinated by the captivating story of friendship and magic in Ponyo.


6. Patema Inverted (2013)

Animes Like Weathering with You

The next animes like Weathering with You worth watching is Inverted Patema. Here, we will discover a world where gravity is reversed and secrets lie beneath the surface.

Patema, a fearless young girl from an underground civilization, embarks on a thrilling adventure after accidentally falling into an abyss.

Inspired by the mysterious disappearance of his friend, he explores a network of tunnels and encounters strange creatures that take him by surprise. Inverted Patema, just like Weathering with You, is an exciting fantasy drama that takes you to a world where the boundaries of reality are blurred.


7. A Silent Voice (2016)

Animes Like Weathering with You

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Signed to Animes like Weathering with You, A Silent Voice follows Shouya Ishida as a troubled and reckless young student who finds solace in bullying Shouko Nishimiya, a deaf girl who transfers to his school.

However, their lives change drastically when Shouya becomes the scapegoat for their cruel actions and Shouko is forced to leave. Weathering with You and A Silent Voice share common themes of personal growth and redemption.

Both films explore the complex journeys of their main characters, showcasing their struggles and ultimately their transformations.


8. Hello World (2019)

Animes Like Weathering with You

Welcome to the world of Hello World! This video is set in the year 2027, where technological advances have revolutionized everyday life. Naomi Katagaki, a socially awkward and introverted boy, finds herself drawn to Ruri Ichigyou, a girl known for her cold and outspoken manner.

Although both love to read, Naomi is hesitant to approach Ruri due to her unfriendly nature. Just like Weathering with You, Hello World presents captivating concepts that delve into the perception of life itself.

Immerse yourself in the magic and insight these films have to offer. If you want to explore the intricacies of human relationships and the complexities of existence, then Hello World is the movie you should watch.


9. The Promised Neverland (2019)

Animes Like Weathering with You

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Watching the Promised Neverland, we will be taken on a thrilling journey with a group of orphans living in Grace Field House. Under the watchful eye of their mama, Isabella, these children enjoy their freedom within the confines of the forest area.

However, their peaceful existence is shattered when they uncover a dark secret about their home. Just like in Weathering with You, young characters who defy authority trigger a series of supernatural events, exert forces beyond their control, and face the consequences of their actions.


10. 5 Centimeters per Second (2007)

Animes Like Weathering with You

Let’s enjoy the bittersweet love story of Takaki Toono and Akari Shinohara in the heartwarming film 5 Centimeters per Second. Childhood friends torn apart by circumstances beyond their control vow to stay connected even as the years go by.

However, time and distance continue to grow between them, testing the strength of their bond. This emotionally resonant story, like Weathering with You, leaves a lasting impact on its viewers.

Both films share the same melancholy mood and explore the complexities of love and loss. Fans of Weathering with You will be intrigued by the beautiful story and heartwarming theme that come in 5 centimeters per second.


11. The Boy and the Beast (2015)

Animes Like Weathering with You

On the streets of vibrant Shibuya, two souls from different worlds find solace in each other’s presence in The Boy and the Beast. Ren, a boy abandoned by his family, finds an unexpected friendship with the beast-like Kumatetsu.

Together, they embark on a thrilling adventure in the animal world of Shibuten. This charming animeslike Weathering With You, delves into family themes and fantastic elements.

However, what sets The Boy and the Beast apart is its careful attention to detail in its storytelling and presentation. Fans of Weathering with You looking for a similar mix of action, emotion, and fantasy will find solace in this excellent film.


12. Suzume (2022)

Animes Similar To Weathering with You

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From the visionary mind of Makoto Shinkai, director of Weathering with You, comes the enchanting world of Suzume. The 2022 film follows the journey of Suzume Iwato, a high school girl who discovers a hidden door to a dreamlike universe.

Although he can see and feel this subtle realm, he cannot enter it. His encounters with cat-like creatures and the separateness he creates reflect the fantastic elements and romantic overtones found in Weathering with You.

Combined with the aesthetically pleasing artwork and breathtaking scenery known as Shinkai, Suzume promises to be a captivating and visually stunning experience for fans of Weathering with You and lovers of immersive storytelling.


13. Rascal Does Not Dream of a Dreaming Girl (2019)

Animes Similar To Weathering with You

It has a supernatural love story that captivates the audience with its interesting storyline. Similar to Weathering with You, the anime follows an MC who intervenes in the heroine’s life.

The relationship between the two main characters is beautifully portrayed, and the plot takes unexpected turns that keep the audience on the edge of their seats. The exploration of appreciating and loving the people around you, even when facing difficult circumstances, is a theme that resonates in both anime.

If you enjoy supernatural romance and unexpected storylines in Weathering with You, Rascal Does Not Dream of a Dreaming Girl is a must-watch.


14. Natsume’s Book of Friends (2008)

Animes Similar To Weathering with You

Offering a heartwarming story, Natsume’s Book of Friends bears a resemblance to Weathering with You. Both anime series feature protagonists who have the unique ability to interact with supernatural beings.

The character Natsume, an orphan with the ability to see yōkai, faces the same challenges as Hodaka from Weathering with You, who fled in search of a better life. The struggle to find acceptance and understanding from others becomes a central theme in both shows.

Natsume’s journey to reconcile human relations and yōkai parallels Hodaka’s friendship with a girl who can control the weather.


15. Pom Poko (1994)

Animes Similar To Weathering with You

Pom Poko addresses the pressing issues of urbanization and its impact on the environment, as does Weathering with You. As Tokyo developed, the destruction of nature and the loss of wildlife habitat became inevitable.

The brave tanuki community of Pom Poko fights to protect their forest from being swallowed up by the ever-expanding city. The theme of nature conservation and the struggle to maintain a balance between modern society and folklore is echoed in both Pom Poko and Weathering with You.

In addition, the importance of family is explored in both films. While Weathering with You focuses on an escapee who finds a family of her own choosing, Pom Poko highlights the close ties within the Tanuki family.


This is a great anime to watch if you like Weathering with You. See you in the next article, and may we all be happy.

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