16 Best Romance Animes Like Love Stage!!

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Animes Like Love Stage!! – For the first time in the spotlight, Izumi, despite hailing from a renowned family, aspires to pursue a career as a manga artist. However, destiny takes an unexpected turn as he reconnects with childhood co-star Ryouma Ichijou, now a famous actor, who has been secretly in love with Izumi since their initial encounter.

Ryouma, misled by Izumi’s appearance and unisex name, grapples with his newfound realization and the burgeoning affection.

The captivating manga series Love Stage!! spanned from 2010 to 2016, comprising seven exquisite volumes. Its immense popularity led to the creation of an anime adaptation in 2014, featuring ten engaging episodes, co-produced by Lantis and Kadokawa Shoten.

If you’ve savored the delightful rom-com Love Stage!!, and you’re seeking similar anime shows, you’re in luck.

Explore our curated list of anime akin to Love Stage!! here at Otakukart, promising an unforgettable journey into a realm of pure romance and delightful comedy.

List Of The Best Animes Like Love Stage!!

1. Super Lovers

Haru Kaidou, the eldest son of his family, rushes to Canada upon hearing of his mother’s dire health condition. To his surprise, he discovers that his mother deceived him and now must care for his adoptive brother, Ren Kaidou—a reserved individual more at ease with dogs than people.

Initially struggling to connect with Ren due to his guarded nature, Haru’s efforts eventually foster a growing bond. They make a pact: to live together in Japan after Haru completes high school.

However, an unfortunate accident erases Haru’s memories of their shared summer, including the heartfelt promise.

Five years later, Ren arrives in Tokyo, expecting Haru to honor their agreement, unaware that Haru no longer remembers their past.

Similar to Love Stage, Super Lovers offers a delightful Yaoi anime/manga experience featuring an endearing couple and a compelling narrative.

Without giving away too much, I wholeheartedly recommend Super Lovers for an enjoyable viewing experience!

2. World’s Greatest First Love

Romance Animes Like Love Stage!!

In his efforts to establish his own identity in the literary industry, Ritsu Onodera faces envy from his colleagues for working under his father’s famous name. Eager to prove himself, he leaves his father’s publishing company and joins Marukawa Publishing.

However, Ritsu’s plans take an unexpected turn as he becomes a rookie manga editor in the Emerald editing department, known for its tight schedules. There, he meets the determined editor-in-chief, Masamune Takano, who is relentless in achieving success.

Very much like Love Stage!!, these characters embark on a journey from reluctance to romantic involvement, even though they initially weren’t open to same-sex relationships.

Sekai, with its captivating storyline and character development, parallels Love Stage, offering a unique Yaoi experience that resonates with fans of this genre.

3. Gravitation

Romance Animes Like Love Stage!!

Shuichi’s lifelong dream is to follow in the footsteps of his pop idol, Ryuichi Sakuma, and the renowned band Nittle Grasper. Together with his friend Hiro, Shuichi forms a band called Bad Luck and even manages to secure a contract with a major recording label!

However, looming studio deadlines make it difficult for Shuichi to complete the song lyrics, seeking elusive inspiration. As fate plays its part, love takes an unexpected turn in his life.

In a similar vein to Love Stage!!, both of these shounen-ai works delve into the entertainment industry, offering a fresh and humorous perspective compared to the usual genre offerings.

Fans of one will likely find both equally engaging and enjoyable, making them a must-read for Yaoi manga enthusiasts.

4. Dakaichi

Romance Animes Like Love Stage!!

Airing in the Fall of 2018, this anime shares similarities with Love Stage!! as it delves into the lives of protagonists deeply involved in the entertainment industry, offering an intriguing boy’s love romance plot.

The story centers around Takato, a renowned actor who has been crowned Sexiest Man Alive for five consecutive years.

Proud of his achievements, Takato’s confidence is shaken when a rising male star named Junta threatens his position. Complicating matters, both of them secure lead roles in an upcoming drama.

However, a crucial moment occurs when the Junta records Takato in a drunken state, capturing his rage-filled outburst and hurling insults.

Realizing the potential damage to Takato’s career, Junta seizes this opportunity to compel him into a relationship.

Similar to Love Stage!!, Dakaichi presents a more mature and explicit version of the themes, making it a must-watch for enthusiasts of this genre.

5. Skip Beat!

Romance Animes Like Love Stage!!

In the midst of everyday life, Kyouko Mogami tirelessly works multiple jobs to support her childhood friend, Shoutarou Shou Fuwa, in his journey toward stardom as an idol.

Despite her dedication and love for Shou, her world shatters upon overhearing Shou belittle her as a mere servant with little importance to him.

Skip Beat! is Very much like Love Stage!!, as both share the common ground of both main characters being deeply involved in the entertainment industry. Initially, the narrative revolves around characters like Ren and Kyoko, later transitioning to Izum.

6. Doukyuusei

Romance Animes Like Love Stage!!

Hikaru Kusakabe, a carefree boy in a rock band, savors every moment. During the summer, his entire class prepares for an upcoming chorus festival.

By coincidence, he discovers his classmate Rihito Sajou—known for being an honor student with excellent grades—practicing singing alone.

Sajou struggles with their class’ song, and Kusakabe, captivated by this new side of his diligent classmate, offers assistance in preparation.

Similar to Love Stage!!, both of these animes focus on the gradual and profound development of relationships, fitting under the shounen-ai genre.

7. No.6

Romance Animes Like Love Stage!!

In the aftermath of a devastating world war, humanity sought refuge in six seemingly perfect city-states. No. 6, where elite resident Shion resides, appears peaceful, but a chance encounter with the enigmatic Nezumi unveils a darker truth.

Nezumi, a fugitive from the desolate wastelands beyond the city’s walls, leads Shion to question the utopia he once believed in.

Sheltering Nezumi leads to life-changing consequences, as Shion and his mother lose their elite status, and the city’s hidden secrets come to light.

If you were captivated by the hinted romance in No. 6, you’ll find similarities in Love Stage.

The growth of the relationship between the characters in Love Stage, particularly Izumi, is reminiscent of Shion’s journey. If the No. 6 ship left you yearning for more, Love Stage is a series you won’t want to miss.

8. Strawberry Panic

Romance Animes similar to Love Stage!!

Beginning her academic journey as a transfer student at St. Miator Girls’ Academy, Nagisa Aoi finds herself captivated by a fellow student on her very first day, leading to her visit to the school infirmary.

Tamao Suzumi, her enthusiastic roommate, warmly introduces Nagisa to the daily life and social dynamics on campus. Notably, Tamao acquaints Nagisa with the prestigious Etoile position, held by the remarkable beauty Shizuma Hanazono, whom Nagisa had encountered earlier.

Shizuma’s keen interest in Nagisa creates a sensation on campus, leaving Nagisa curious yet cautious.

In comparison, Izumi shares similarities with Nagisa, both radiating adorable innocence, while Ryouma mirrors Shizuma with a striking and tall presence. Nagisa and Shizuma represent the shoujo-ai version of these two characters.

9. Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun

Romance Animes similar to Love Stage!!

Radiating cheerfulness, high school student Chiyo Sakura falls in love with the oblivious Umetarou Nozaki. To her confusion, when she confesses her feelings, Nozaki hands her an unfamiliar autograph.

Revealing a surprising revelation, the reserved teenager is, in fact, a renowned shoujo mangaka known as Sakiko Yumeno.

A series of comical misunderstandings lead Chiyo to become one of Nozaki’s manga assistants, forming unique bonds with her quirky schoolmates, including Mikoto Mikoshiba and the Prince of the School, Yuu Kashima.

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun follows Chiyo’s struggle to assist Nozaki in his work and hopes that her feelings will eventually be noticed.

Similar to Love Stage!!, both anime series share a similar comedic essence and a romantic focus, highlighting characters aspiring to be shoujo mangakas.

10. Himegoto

Romance Animes similar to Love Stage!!

In a perpetual battle to escape loan sharks, Hime Arikawa grapples with the debt left behind by his parents’ poor spending habits.

Fleeing in a maid outfit forced upon him, he is rescued by Shimoshina High School’s student council, who pay off his debt entirely.

However, now indebted to the student council for his rescue, they not only made Hime transfer schools but also made him a part of the student council as their servant!

Forced to cross-dress throughout his high school years, Hime has no other choice but to comply with the demands of the girls in the student council.

As he faces both mental and physical harassment, he must overcome his somewhat lewd classmates and join forces with other crossdressers in the school.

11. Given


Romance Animes similar to Love Stage!!

Clutching his Gibson guitar tightly, Mafuyu Satou steps out for another day of high school life. A chance encounter with fellow student Ritsuka Uenoyama on a gymnasium staircase leads to a newfound connection.

Intrigued by Uenoyama’s knowledge of the guitar, Satou pleads for him to fix it and teach him how to play.

Uenoyama eventually agrees and invites him to join a jam session with his two bandmates: bassist Haruki Nakayama and drummer Akihiko Kaji

12. Hitorijime My Hero

Romance Animes similar to Love Stage!!

Masahiro Setagawa, a teenager trapped in the clutches of neighborhood bullies, often serving as their errand boy, felt utterly defenseless. He believed that no one would ever come to his rescue.

However, a fateful encounter with Kousuke Ooshiba, known as the Bear Killer for taking down local gangs, changes the trajectory of his life forever.

A year later, Masahiro and his childhood friend, Kensuke Ooshiba, begin high school, only to discover that their math teacher is none other than Kousuke.

As their bonds grow stronger, Masahiro starts seeing Kousuke as his personal hero, while Kousuke feels an overwhelming desire to protect Masahiro.

Their lives take an unexpected turn when Kensuke’s childhood friend, Asaya Hasekura, reenters the picture, revealing feelings beyond friendship.

For fans of Yaoi, Hitorijime My Hero is a must-watch, and if you’re looking for more great stories like it, Love Stage is another gem to explore.

Both series offer engaging narratives and captivating couples, with the added bonus of having compelling manga adaptations for those who can’t get enough.

13. Gakuen Heaven

Love Stage!! similar anime

Itou Keita, an average guy, receives a surprising invitation to attend the elite institution, Bell Liberty Academy. Bewildered by the mysterious opportunity, he is further intrigued by the school’s complex social dynamics.

In a sea of amazing young men, Keita struggles to find out what makes him unique, and how he can possibly deserve to be treated as an equal by the boys of BL.

Lacking any particular ability, why has Itou been welcomed into the privileged world of the talented and the beautiful?

Along the way, he develops intense relationships with almost everyone at school, but he is terribly drawn to the friendly, over-caring but very mysterious classmate, Kazuki Endou.

Both Love Stage and Gakuen Heaven feature endearing uke characters. While the plots differ, Gakuen Heaven’s high school setting places the characters in a similar age range, making it a suitable choice for those new to the genre. It offers a light and fluffy take on subtle themes, and it’s perfect for those starting their yaoi journey.

14. Love is Hard for Otaku

Love Stage!! similar anime

Having slept through all four of her alarms, the energetic Narumi Momose finds herself running late for her first day of work at a new office. As she races to catch her train, she makes a promise to herself that none of her coworkers will find out about her dark secret: that she is an otaku and a fujoshi.

Her plan goes instantly awry, though, when she runs into Hirotaka Nifuji, an old friend from middle school. Although she tries to keep her secret by inviting him out for drinks after work, her cover is blown when he casually asks her whether or not she will be attending the upcoming Summer Comiket.

Luckily for her, the only witnesses—Hanako Koyanagi and Tarou Kabakura—are otaku as well.

Otakus, who know more of anime romance than actual romance, falling in love – or having people falling for them. Those are shows about otakus that find out what the feeling of love is like.

In Love Stage the love blooms between two boys, and in Wotakoi, between a boy and a girl. The comedy of the shows is really similar as well, and the side characters’ relationships are equally cute as the main ones.

15. Kodocha

Love Stage!! similar anime

In the world of Kodocha, Sana Kurata, a popular sixth-grade student, enjoys a seemingly perfect life. Her mother, a fairly successful author, ensures her safety and happiness.

While Sana shines in the entertainment world as the star of the popular children’s TV show, Kodomo no Omocha, there is one thing that bothers her – Akito Hayama.

Akito, her classmate, disrupts the class with his rebellious behavior, influencing other boys to follow suit.

Every day, a struggle ensues among the girls, the teacher, and Akito’s rebellious influence, hindering the class from focusing on their studies. Sana is determined not to let Akito ruin everything.

Sana and Akito share intriguing similarities: they were child actors, born to famous parents, possess similar personalities, and their storylines encompass elements of comedy, romance, and a caring ‘rei’ character, who plays the role of both a nurturing mother figure and an agent, reflecting their similar pasts.

Interestingly, both protagonists also embark on a journey of ‘running away’ from home, adding depth to their narratives.

16. Aoharu x Machinegun

Love Stage!! similar anime

Hotaru Tachibana embodies a strong sense of justice, always confronting wrongdoers, despite her secret identity as a girl posing as a boy. When she learns that her best friend fell victim to the popular club host’s deceitful ways, Hotaru is determined to seek justice.

Stepping into the club, she faces a surprising challenge – a survival game proposed by the host, Masamune Matsuoka. The game involves toy guns, and the first one hit loses.

A fierce battle unfolds, resulting in Hotaru’s defeat. To her surprise, Masamune invites her to join his survival game team, Toy Gun Gun, compelling the disguised boy to join their ranks.

Aoharu x Machinegun is very much like Love Stage. Both introduce gender confusion with their main characters. Izumi in Love Stage is frequently mistaken for a girl, while Hotaru in Aoharu x Machinegun is often misperceived as a boy.

Despite this, their main character designs bear striking resemblances, although it’s important to note that Love Stage falls under the shounen-ai genre, unlike Aoharu x Machinegun.

For those of you who love Love Stage Anime, and are looking for anime like Love Stage, then the list above is a recommendation for some selected anime like Love Stage, which you might be able to watch. Thank you very much for reading this article, and see you in the next article. Enjoy watching and have a nice day.


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