15 Best Animes Like Kimi ni Todoke

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Animes Like Kimi ni Todoke – Anyone looking for an enchanting love story, Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You is a must-watch series. This fun Shoujo anime will make you crave more with its sweet romance.

Animes Like Kimi ni Todoke

Tittle : Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You
Type : TV
Genres : Drama, Romance
Themes : School
Studios : Production I.G
Licensors : NIS America, Inc.
Episodes : 25
Aired : Oct 7, 2009 – Mar 31, 2010
Premiered : Fall 2009

It tells the story of Sawako Kuronuma, who bears a resemblance to the famous Sadako from the series The Ring. However, do not be fooled by appearances, because Sawako is not at all scary. In fact, he has a shy and gentle nature, with a burning desire to make friends and lead a normal life. Unfortunately, her classmates misunderstand her, labeling her as an evil presence due to her resemblance to Sadako.

Despite the misunderstanding and alienation, Sawako finds solace and admiration in the charismatic and friendly Shouta Kazehaya, who happens to be the most popular boy in his class. Ever since they met, Sawako has been interested in Kazehaya’s ability to be the center of attention easily, and she aspires to be like him.

For those of you who want to enjoy the experience more, below are the 15 best anime like Kimi ni Todoke. Yup, let’s make the list.


List of Animes Like Kimi ni Todoke 

1. Nana (2006)

Animes Like Kimi ni Todoke

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This sweet and slightly funnier, tearful, and suspenseful series is a must-watch for Kimi ni Todoke fans.

Follow Nana Komatsu as she begins a new chapter in her life, reuniting with her boyfriend in Tokyo. Along the way, he meets Nana Osaki, a cool street punk rocker who becomes his best friend. Together, they navigate the ups and downs of love, loss, and personal growth.

With a faster storyline compared to Kimi ni Todoke, Nana keeps the audience engaged and entertained. Don’t miss this romantic and heartwarming story!


2. Welcome to the NHK! (2006)

Animes Like Kimi ni Todoke

Like Kimi ni Todoke, Welcome to the NHK! explores the transformation of social outcasts into individuals who learn to cope with their challenges.

Tatsuhiro Sato, a university dropout and hikikomori, finds his secluded life interrupted when a mysterious girl enters his life. Together, they overcome various obstacles, including hentai games and suicide on the internet.


3. Sweet Blue Flowers (2009)

Animes Like Kimi ni Todoke

For those who like a slower-tempo romance with a gentle visual approach, Sweet Blue Flowers is a great choice. This anime, like Kimi ni Todoke, takes a gentle and sincere approach to storytelling.

The series revolves around Fumi, a shy and emotional girl who reunites with her childhood friend Akira at Matsuoka Girls’ High School.

As they navigate the complexities of love and friendship, viewers are treated to a moving narrative. While Sweet Blue Flowers is a shoujo-ai series, it bears similarities to Kimi ni Todoke in terms of characterization and exploration of school romance.


4. My Love Story!! (2015)

Animes Like Kimi ni Todoke

If you want to watch a refreshing and heartwarming anime that combines anticipation and sweet moments, My Love Story!! should be noted.

The series bears a striking resemblance to Kimi ni Todoke, offering a heartwarming atmosphere along with moments of misunderstanding and anticipation. The main characters in both anime are gradually getting closer, building their relationship little by little.

While Kimi ni Todoke focuses on the girl’s perspective, My Love Story!! shows the story from the boy’s point of view. Both series are perfect for anyone who loves a touch of romance and fun characters.


5. Orange (2016)

Animes Like Kimi ni Todoke

Explore the concept of regret and the desire to change the past. Follows sixteen-year-old Takamiya Naho, who receives a mysterious letter from his future self. The letter warns Naho about a new transfer student named Naruse Kakeru and urges her to keep an eye on him.

This triggers a chain of events that impact not only Naho’s life but Kakeru’s future as well.

With her captivating love story, Orange captures the innocence and beauty of first love. Just like in Kimi ni Todoke, the female leads, Sawako and Naho, are both shy and harbor feelings for the male lead from the start. As the series progresses, viewers watch their relationship blossom.


6. Horimiya (2021)

Animes Like Kimi ni Todoke

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Kyouko and Izumi are two classmates who lead double lives. Kyouko is a popular and talented student who, in her personal life, takes care of her younger brother while her parents are away. On the other hand, Izumi, an introvert, hides her piercings and tattoos from her friends.

After accidentally discovering each other’s secrets, they form a bond and navigate their relationship amidst unaware classmates and love rivals.

Similar to Kimi ni Todoke, Horimiya presents a classic Shoujo romance in which two individuals with opposite personalities fall in love. The dynamic between Kyouko and Izumi is reminiscent of Sawako and Kazehaya’s relationship, where misunderstandings play an important role.

In addition, both anime highlight the importance of school-life friendships and the complexity of teenage drama.


7. Fruits Basket (2001)

Animes Like Kimi ni Todoke

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Tohru Honda is a loving girl who faces difficulties after the death of her mother. He finds refuge when he is invited to live with Yuki Sohma, a popular classmate, and her family.

However, she soon discovers that Yuki’s family carries a dark curse that turns them into Chinese zodiac animals when embraced by the opposite sex. Tohru becomes a beacon of hope, and their support in breaking the curse.

Like Kimi ni Todoke, Fruits Basket features a very kind-hearted female protagonist who inspires hope and warmth. These shows revolve around themes of kindness, generosity, empathy, and compassion, reminding viewers of the good in the world.

They have the power to lift spirits and provide solace, making the audience forget about their own struggles.


8. Toradora! (2008)

Animes Similar To Kimi ni Todoke

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Ryuuji Takasu is a high school student with a chaotic life. Because of his intimidating eyes, his classmates mistakenly thought he was naughty. Furthermore, Ryuuji harbors feelings for Minori, his lover, who always seems out of reach.

Everything changes when he meets the fiery and petite Taiga, known as the palm-sized tiger. The duo, despite their contrasting personalities, unite to become matchmakers for each other, which leads to unexpected consequences.

There is an incredible resemblance between Ryuuji and Sawako, the protagonists of Toradora! and Kimi ni Todoke, respectively. Both characters face prejudice due to their appearance, but they have a gentle soul that goes against people’s initial impressions.

In their respective series, classmates tend to fear or avoid them, adding an element of isolation. In addition, Ryuuji and Sawako have friends of the opposite sex who treat them like everyone else, fostering a unique relationship.


9. Blue Spring Ride (2014)

Animes Similar To Kimi ni Todoke

Futaba is a high school girl who reunites with her first love, Kou, after three years. Futaba realizes that Kou has undergone significant changes, including a name change.

Despite the challenges they face, the two gradually rekindle their love and navigate their way through the conflicts that arise in their lives.

Blue Spring Ride is an excellent example of Shoujo high school romance, just like Kimi ni Todoke. Both shows revolve around a group of students and their interconnected relationships.

The art styles of both shows are similar, contributing to the overall aesthetic and mood. In addition, both shows take a dramatic approach to portraying the complexities of relationships.


10. We Were There (2006)

Animes Similar To Kimi ni Todoke

We Were There follows the story of Nanami, who falls in love with Yano, the popular guy in class. Their relationship seems perfect, but Yano’s troubled past haunts them and threatens to destroy them.

Despite the challenges, they continue to maintain their passionate feelings and try to protect each other from irreparable injuries.

We Were There are some similarities with Kimi ni Todoke, such as complex relationships and personal struggles, but the overall tone is more bitter and intense.

Yano’s conflicting personalities can sometimes be frustrating, which adds a layer of depth to the story. However, Kimi ni Todoke offers a more hopeful outlook and endearing characters that make it a more enjoyable experience.


11. Lovely Complex (2007)

Animes Similar To Kimi ni Todoke

Risa, a tall girl, and Otani, a short boy, become a school comedy duo due to their constant bickering.

As they continue to develop their friendship, Risa begins to develop feelings for Otani.

Similar to Kimi ni Todoke, Lovely Complex explores the romance of the future and highlights the importance of understanding one’s own emotions.

While Lovely Complex leans more toward comedy, both shows aim to tug at the heartstrings and captivate audiences in their own unique ways.


12. Say “I Love You” (2012)

Animes Similar To Kimi ni Todoke

Say “I Love You” follows the story of Mei, a girl who distances herself from friendships and romantic relationships due to past experiences. However, when she catches Yamato’s charming eye, her outlook begins to change.

Their romance faces obstacles such as jealousy and insecurity, testing their emotional strength.

Like Kimi ni Todoke, Say “I Love You” delves into the complexities of young love and the challenge of being open to others. Both shows explore themes of personal growth and finding the courage to express one’s true feelings.


13. The Wallflower (2006)

Animes Similar To Kimi ni Todoke

The Wallflower is an anime that delves into the complex and fascinating world of Nakahara Sunako, a high school girl who loves horror movies, coffins, and everything that smells of gore.

When she is sent to live in a mansion with four very handsome boys, her life takes an unexpected turn. This luminous creature not only took her breath away with its stunning appearance but also tried to turn her into an elegant lady.

However, as a self-proclaimed inhabitant of darkness who has abandoned her femininity, Sunako is determined to resist their efforts. Can the elusive harmony between light and darkness ever be achieved?

Kimi ni Todoke, the male lead of The Wallflower, embarks on a mission to turn these socially awkward girls into something more accepted by society.


14. Hiyokoi (2010)

Animes Similar To Kimi ni Todoke

The heartwarming anime series Hiyokoi follows Hiyori’s incredible journey as she returns to school after recovering from an accident. However, for this painfully shy girl, the thought of making friends or introducing herself to her new classmates alone is an insurmountable challenge.

As fate would have it, Hiyori’s petite stature makes her an immediate hit among her friends, including the popular and charming Yuushin. Despite her lack of confidence, Hiyori musters up the courage to embrace her school life and the possibility of love.

Like Kimi ni Todoke, Hiyokoi’s story unfolds in the backdrop of a vibrant school environment, where introverted girls gradually find their place among their classmates with the help of charismatic male colleagues.


15. Komi Can’t Communicate (2021)

Animes Similar To Kimi ni Todoke

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The story follows the life of socially anxious high school student Shoko Komi. Despite his fervent desire to make friends, his extreme social anxiety is often mistaken for aloofness.

As a result, the rest of the students kept a safe distance from him, leaving Komi adrift in his longing for human relationships.

Meet Tadano, a shy wallflower who loves her abilities. Thus begins his mission to help her overcome her fears and achieve her dream of making a sincere friendship.

Komi Can’t Communicate is similar to Kimi ni Todoke, who bears an uncanny resemblance in their portrayal of the shy and awkward protagonists, Komi and Sawako.

Both characters have a genuine desire to build meaningful relationships but face significant obstacles in their quest due to their own personal struggles.


Well, that’s some anime, like Kimi ni Todoke, that suits you. Enjoy watching, and have a nice day.

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