15 Best Animes Like Haikyu!! To Watch

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Animes Like Haikyu!! – Released in 2014, the anime Haikyu!!, with 25 episodes, has captivated anime fans around the world.

Animes Like Haikyu!!

Tittle : Haikyu!!
Type : TV
Genres : Sports
Themes : School, Team Sports
Licensors : Sentai Filmworks
Studios : Production I.G
Episodes : 25
Aired : Apr 6, 2014 – Sep 21, 2014
Premiered : Spring 2014

Regardless of the theme of teamwork, texas, and the importance of unyielding, Haikyu!! also teaches valuable life lessons outside the volleyball world. With the essence of sportsmanship, proving that the journey is as important as the destination.

Haikyu!! trip it starts with protagonist Shouyou Hinata, who is enamored with volleyball after witnessing the amazing skills of the Little Giant.

Texas Hinata knows no bounds, even after a failed attempt to become a regular during the high school tournament due to her shorter height. He is determined to prove that height is not a limitation when paired with texas and unshakable toughness.

Serial Haikyu!! it’s over, for Haikyu!! fans who want to continue their viewing experience, 15 best animes like Haikyu!! below is for you to try.


List of Animes Like Haikyu!!

1. Ahiru no Sora (2019)

Animes Like Haikyu!!

Such as the popular series Haikyu!! and Ahiru no Sora, a sports anime revolves around the world of basketball. Both anime feature the struggles and dynamics of team formation in their respective schools, with a unique twist.

In Ahiru no Sora, the main character, Sora Kurumatani, faces the challenge of her shorter stature, making it difficult for her to excel in her favorite sport.

However, his determination and incredible skills shine through as he vows to win the top prize in a high school basketball tournament.


2. Food Wars! Shokugeki no Souma (2015)

Animes Like Haikyu!!

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Food Wars! Shokugeki no Souma is a culinary masterpiece that bears a resemblance to Haikyu!!. Both anime feature long settings and arcs that gradually increase as the season progresses, captivating the audience with their thrilling stories.

Haikyu!! focusing on PDA Volleyball World and Food Wars! Shokugeki no Souma Dig deep into the world of gastronomy. The main character, Souma Yukihira, dreams of surpassing his father in a cooking contest and taking over the family restaurant.

However, his plans are disrupted when his father closes the restaurant and sends him to Tohtsuki Academy, an elite culinary school. Standing against Souma is Erina God Tongue Nakiri, a culinary genius who tries to prevent him from entering the academy’s doors.


3. Prince of Stride: Alternative (2016)

Animes Like Haikyu!!

Prince of Stride: Alternative includes one of the anime similar to Haikyu!!, both of which are interesting anime series focusing on high school team sports.

In Prince of Stride: Alternative, Nana and her classmate Takeru are determined to revive their school’s Stride Club. However, they face a major challenge in convincing Riku, who claims to hate Stride, to join their team.

It reflects the struggles faced by the characters in Haikyu!!, where teamwork and self-improvement are the main themes.


4. 2.43: Seiin High School Boys Volleyball Team (2021)

Animes Like Haikyu!!

If you’re looking for an anime similar to Haikyu!!, 2.43: Seiin High School Boys Volleyball Team must watch. The series shares the same theme as high school volleyball, but with a slightly different emotional tone, as well as showcasing the importance of teamwork and trust.

At 2.43, Kimichika Haijima returns to his childhood home and is reunited with his old friend Yuni Kuroba. Together, they form a pair of aces on the volleyball court. However, their dreams of reaching the top are shattered when a fight causes them to split up during an important tournament.


5. Blue Lock (2022)

Animes Like Haikyu!!

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Blue Lock delves into the world of football following a crushing defeat at the 2018 World Cup. In search of an absolute ace striker, the Japan Football Association embarked on a mission to gather 300 of the country’s most talented young players.

Blue Lock and Haikyu!! is an intense sports anime that explores the journey of these players as they seek to become the decisive instrument in reversing defeat in matches.

With goals to be scored and victories to be achieved, Blue Lock invites the audience to witness the hunger and thirst for success that drive these young athletes.


6. All Out!! (2016)

Animes Like Haikyu!!

All Out!! contains the story of Gion, a shy but persistent high school student, as he joins the rugby team at Kanagawa High School.

Together with his classmates Iwashimizu, Hachioji, and their eager captain Sekizan, Gion embarks on a journey of growth and self-discovery.

This sports anime captures the essence of youth and the bonds that form on the rugby field. Just like Haikyu!! (Hinata), Gion is filled with energy and enthusiasm for his chosen sport. He tirelessly works to perfect his craft, in this case, handling opponents.


7. Kuroko’s Basketball (2012)

Animes Like Haikyu!!

Kuroko’s Basketball introduces the legendary Generation of Miracles, a group of basketball prodigies who dominated the field during their time at Teiko High School.

However, rumors of a mysterious sixth player circulated, leading to the discovery of Tetsuya Kuroko. As a freshman at Seirin High School, Kuroko joins the basketball club and embarks on a path to defeat old rivals and reach the championship.

Although it revolves around the sport of basketball, Kuroko’s Basketball is an anime like Haikyu!!, featuring the formation of a team built on friendship and competition.


8. Run with the Wind (2018)

Animes Similar To Haikyu!!

Run with the Wind follows the journey of Kakeru, a former elite runner, who finds himself facing challenging circumstances. Rescued by Haiji, a fellow runner and Kansei University student, Kakeru becomes part of a dormitory that houses eight other foreigners.

Haiji proposed a bold plan—to include them all in Hakone Ekiden, the famous university relay marathon.

Like Haikyu!!, Run with the Wind explores the lives of a diverse group of boys on a sports team, each with their own unique stories and quirks.


9. Free! Iwatobi Swim Club (2013)

Animes Similar To Haikyu!!

Free! Iwatobi Swim Club, a charming sports anime similar to Haikyu!!, happens in the world of competitive swimming. The story follows four childhood friends, Haruka, Makoto, Nagisa, and Rin, who reunite in high school and decide to start a swimming club.

The bond between these characters is reminiscent of the friendship seen in Haikyu!!, making it easy to sink into their travels. Animation is free! Iwatobi Swim Club performed beautifully, especially during the intense swimming race. If you are a fan of Haikyu!! and enjoy sports anime for free, this is a must.


10. SK8 The Infinity (2021)

Animes Similar To Haikyu!!

Get an adrenaline rush with the SK8 The Infinity, which bears a resemblance to Haikyu!! in his portrayal of the thrill and excitement of competitive sports.

This time, the focus is on the downhill skateboarding races known as S. The story revolves around high school students Reki and Langa, who are captivated by the dangerous world of skateboarding.

Just like Haikyu!!, the characters in SK8 The Infinity form a strong bond and push each other to overcome challenges. The animation in the series is lively and stylish, perfectly capturing the energy of skateboarding battles.


11. Ace of the Diamond (2013)

Animes Similar To Haikyu!!

Ace of the Diamond baseball anime will be loved by Haikyu fans!! because of its strong energy and exciting matches.

The story follows Eijun Sawamura, a determined teenager who joins a prestigious baseball school, Seidou, to test his own strength. Similarities between Haikyu!! and the Ace of the Diamond lie in their passionate characters and their unwavering dedication to their respective sports.

While Haikyu!! has a more serious tone, Ace of the Diamond infuses the narrative with a touch of lightness and comedy, making it a fun and energetic watch.


12. Yowamushi Pedal (2013)

Animes Similar To Haikyu!!

Yowamushi Pedal is a sports anime that, like Haikyu!!, manages to strike the perfect balance between showcasing the sport itself, captivating characters, and delivering moments of excitement and humor.

The protagonist, Sakamichi, is a tough otaku who loves anime and manga but finds a passion for cycling. Similarities between Haikyu!! and the Yowamushi Pedal lie in their ability to provide meaningful screen time for both the main protagonist and the supporting cast.

This ensemble approach ensures that the story remains engaging and dynamic, with a focus on the team as a whole.


13. Futsal Boys!!!!! (2022)

Animes Similar To Haikyu!!

Futsal Boys!!!!! is the right anime if you love Haikyu!!. The anime provides a fascinating glimpse into the journey of Yamato Haru, an aspiring futsal player inspired by the phenomenal skills of Tennouji Tokinari, a prominent player representing Japan.

One of the standout aspects of Futsal Boys!!!!! It is the protagonist, Haru, who bears a striking resemblance to Hinata in Haikyu!!. Both characters are filled with an unshakable spirit and an unyielding desire to be the best in their respective branches of sports.


14. Salaryman’s Club (2022)

Animes Similar To Haikyu!!

Salaryman’s Club follows Mikoto Shiratori, a former badminton player who embarks on a new journey after suffering a crushing defeat in a high school competition.

Now working in the sales department of Sunlight Beverage Company, Mikoto continues to pursue her love of badminton.

Similar to Haikyu!!, Salaryman’s Club features the competitive nature of the sports genre. Both anime emphasize the drive and determination of their respective characters, highlighting their unwavering commitment to their chosen sport.


15. Cheer Boys!! (2016)

Animes Similar To Haikyu!!

Cheer Boys!! is a unique anime that introduces viewers to the world of male cheerleading through the eyes of Haruki Bandou. Born into a family of judo martial artists, Haruki’s decision to trade judo for cheerleading shocked those around him.

However, with the invitation of her childhood friend Kazuma Hashimoto to join the Breakers, a men’s cheerleading club, Haruki embarks on a captivating journey filled with quirky and endearing characters.

Just like Haikyu!!, Cheer Boys!! radiates incredible energy and enthusiasm. The anime showcases the unwavering determination of its characters as they strive to make inroads in college athletics.


It’s like Haikyu!! You should enjoy it. Thank you for reading this article. Have a nice day.

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