15 Best Animes Like Golden Kamuy

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Animes Like Golden Kamuy –  Within the historical anime, Golden Kamuy competes with a challenging storyline involving the culture of the Ainu people, challenging struggles, challenging bonds, and a stunning cast of characters.

Animes Like Golden Kamuy

Tittle : Golden Kamuy
Type : TV
Genres : Action, Adventure
Themes : Adult Cast, Historical, Military
Studios : Geno Studio
Licensors : Funimation
Episodes : 12
Aired : Apr 9, 2018 – Jun 25, 2018
Premiered : Spring 2018

The anime is an adaptation of Satoru Noda’s manga of the same title, brought to life by Geno Studio. The first season was held in 2018, and the winners were able to enjoy the highly anticipated autumn premiere in October 2022.

His story unfolds at the beginning of the 20th century, post-Russian-Japanese War. Saichi Sugimoto, known as Sugimoto the Immortal because of his beauty and nature that can hardly be seen during this time, finds a map that connects a treasure trove of stolen gold belonging to the lost Ainu people. This was done by making promises to her husband to support their family and provide medical services for his wife.

Because they have to protect the treasure, criminals and treasure guards of the treasure will not be able to seize the gold. Along the way, Saichi meets Asirpa, a young Ainu girl who faces her own struggles. Unlikely couples unite to join forces in pursuit of the treasure.

If you are looking for anime like Golden Kamuy, don’t worry; we will help you find it, and you are in the right place. In this article, we have prepared for you 15 anime series that have adventures, storylines, experiences, and aspects like Golden Kamuy. For more, let’s take a look at the following list, and have a nice day.


List Of Animes Like Golden Kamuy

1. Samurai Champloo (2004)

Animes Like Golden Kamuy

Samurai Champloo stands out for its innovative DJ-style scratching scene transitions, hip-hop beat-inspired soundtrack, and eclectic character designs.

The story follows Mugen, a fighter with a charming blend of capoeira and limb-cutting techniques, and Jin, an old-school samurai with a stoic personality. Together, they travel through Edo-era Japan in search of a samurai who smells of sunflowers, at the request of a girl named Fuu. Like Golden Kamuy, Samurai Champloo offers captivating fight scenes, historical accuracy, and revelations about the characters’ backgrounds as the journey progresses.


2. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders. (2014)

Animes Like Golden Kamuy

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders tells the story of Jotaro Kujo, a rebellious teenager who is possessed by otherworldly forces. As an evil spirit called Stand awakens throughout the world, Jotaro must control his newfound powers to save his mother’s life.

He embarks on a journey around the world with a powerful team of allies, including Joseph Joestar, who wears an iconic hat. Facing an army of tireless Stand users, they aim to reach Cairo, Egypt, and defeat the ancient vampires.

Just like Golden Kamuy, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders delivers intense action, riveting combat, and a captivating storyline.


3. Dororo (2019)

Animes Like Golden Kamuy

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Dororo is a dark and gritty anime. The story follows Lord Daigo Kagemitsu, who makes a terrible pact with 12 demons to secure the prosperity of his land. Instead, his newborn son drifts into the river, only to be discovered by a young thief named Dororo.

As they embark on their journey, they encounter Hyakkimaru, a boy who uses swords for weapons and has the ability to sense monsters despite his eyes having no vision.

Similar to Golden Kamuy, Dororo delves into the hardships and struggles of people during a turbulent era, showcasing the impact of war on society. Prepare for intense violence, political intrigue, and the heart-rending bond between a survival-savvy child and a war-weary adult.


4. Garo: Vanishing Line (2017)

Animes Like Golden Kamuy

For those of you looking for a thrilling mix of action and mystery, Garo: Vanishing Line is an excellent choice. Set in the highly developed city of Russell City, the anime revolves around Sword, a man who discovers a conspiracy that threatens the world.

To uncover the truth, he starts a battle and follows the elusive clues from  Eldorado.Along the way, Sword meets Sophie, a young girl who is looking for her missing sister and the meaning behind Eldorado. Together, they forge a unique bond and embark on an adventure filled with danger and intrigue.

Garo: Vanishing Line has similarities to Golden Kamuy, as both feature strong protagonists and their dynamic relationships with younger friends. Prepare yourself for intense action sequences, mysterious treasure hunts, and the emotional rollercoaster of a story.


5. Inuyashiki: Last Hero (2017)

Animes Like Golden Kamuy

Inuyashiki: Last Hero is a captivating and thought-provoking anime series that explores themes of compassion, family, and the power of transformation. The protagonist, Ichirou Inuyashiki, is a kind man who always puts others first. However, his family failed to appreciate it, and at the age of 58, Ichirou received the terrible news that he was dying of cancer.

On the other hand, Hiro Shishigami, a high school student with a completely different outlook on life, lives in the same town. Although adored by his family, Hiro is dissatisfied with his existence. He harbors empathy for a select few individuals whom he cares deeply about.

Like Golden Kamuy, Inuyashiki: Last Hero has its own unique storyline and intense character development. The contrast between the characters’ personalities and the complex moral dilemmas they face makes Inuyashiki: Last Hero an interesting series. Although it is thematically different from Golden Kamuy, I highly recommend it.


6. Wolf’s Rain (2003)

Animes Like Golden Kamuy

Wolf’s Rain is another anime series that has similarities to Golden Kamuy, although the theme is different. The show follows the journey of Kiba, one of the few wolves left, as he seeks to find paradise in a war-torn world.

Accompanied by other wolves, Kiba seeks guidance from Cheza, the legendary flower girl, who has knowledge of how to reach heaven. However, many obstacles due to others covet Cheza, and the help of his wolf friends may not be enough to overcome this challenge. Guided by his unwavering determination, Kiba refuses to abandon his quest.

Just like Golden Kamuy, Wolf’s Rain offers an incredible mix of action, adventure, and storytelling. Both series feature captivating characters and intricate narratives that keep audiences on the edge of their seats. If you enjoy it, you will surely appreciate the rest.


7. Berserk (1997)

Animes Like Golden Kamuy

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For Golden Kamuy fans who crave a darker, gritty storyline, Berserk (1997) is an ideal choice. The anime revolves around the life of Guts, a man who grew up in a terrible environment and was born under a Gallows Tree, where his late mother was hanged. As a result, the gut always straddles the line between life and death.

After a traumatic childhood, Guts embarks on a path of relentless fighting and self-improvement. However, his existence takes an unexpected turn when he meets Griffith, the charismatic and ambitious mercenary leader known as the Band of the Hawks.

While the setting of Berserk and Golden Kamuy may seem very different, the protagonists, Guts and Sugimoto, have incredible similarities. Both characters are relentless warriors, willing to take unimaginable actions to ensure their survival.


8. One Piece (1999)

Animes Similar To Golden Kamuy

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If you are a fan of endless treasure quests, like in Golden Kamuy, then One Piece is the right anime for you. The series centers around Gol D. Roger, the most powerful and famous pirate in history. As he nears his execution, Roger reveals that he hid all of his wealth, including the legendary treasure known as One Piece, on a mysterious island at the end of the dangerous Grand Line.

Monkey D. Luffy, the vibrant, energetic, and perhaps a little dumb protagonist of One Piece, has an insatiable desire to become the Pirate King by finding One Piece.

Similar to Golden Kamuy, One Piece revolves around a relentless pursuit of treasure. While Golden Kamuy focuses on soldiers and shows a raw and explicit nature, One Piece, with its intrepid pirates, has the same sense of humor and interesting set of characters.


9. Dorohedoro (2020)

Animes SimilarTo Golden Kamuy

Step into the desolate town of Hole, where magic users come to test their strength on unsuspecting citizens. The protagonist, Kaiman, finds himself cursed with a human body and a lizard’s head. Determined to find the witch responsible for his transformation, Kaiman teams up with his partner, Nikaido, to seek answers.

But here’s the catch: Kaiman will have to bite off the head of any magic user he meets in order to unlock the memories of his attacker. As Kaiman fights his way through a twisted and violent world, he must discover the truth while keeping a vengeful magic user at bay.

Like Golden Kamuy, Dorohedoro is a thrilling anime that will keep you cool. With a dark sense of humor and bloody moments that mix strangeness and joy.


10. Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit (2007)

Animes SimilarTo Golden Kamuy

The feudal kingdom of Yogo, where a dark secret threatens the imperial family, Balsa, a wandering warrior seeking redemption, finds himself assigned to protect the young Prince of Chagum.

Their journey tests their physical and mental strength, as well as their growing bond. Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit offers a rare setting and a captivating blend of fantasy and mythology.

Similar to Golden Kamuy, although Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit leans towards a more serious tone compared to Golden Kamuy, both shows dig into mature content and explore the complexities of their characters. Get ready for an immersive experience that will make you crave more.


11. Pumpkin Scissors (2006)

Animes SimilarTo Golden Kamuy

War harms a country in ways that can only be imagined. Pumpkin Scissors takes us to the postwar era, where soldiers and citizens alike are fighting to rebuild their lives. Lieutenant Alice L. Malvin leads Section III of the Army, determined to restore hope to the war-torn country.

The anime offers a unique blend of political intrigue, military corruption, and unlikely alliances. Pumpkin Scissors shares the setting of the war-torn world of Golden Kamuy and features a delightful cast of characters who unite behind an idealistic and passionate female lead. Get ready to be entertained and moved by this captivating story.


12. Gate (2015)

Animes SimilarTo Golden Kamuy

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Imagine a gate that transports monsters, medieval knights, and fantasy creatures to modern Tokyo. That’s the premise of GATE.

When the Japanese Defense Forces intervene to deal with this unexpected invasion, officer Youji Itami leads a third reconnaissance team into a newly discovered Special Region. Along the way, they meet a beautiful fairy girl who becomes their guide in this dangerous new world.

Gate offers a mix of action, comedy, and serious moments, making it a thrilling watch for Golden Kamuy fans. Plus, both shows feature military male leads and female leads from different worlds, adding an interesting dynamic to the story.


13. Vinland Saga (2019)

Animes SimilarTo Golden Kamuy

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Vinland Saga, a world full of Viking warriors and epic battles. The story revolves around young Thorfinn, who grew up hearing stories about the legendary Land of Vinland, where peace reigns.

Unfortunately, his reality is far from this utopian paradise, as he finds himself entangled in the brutal realities of war and becomes a skilled mercenary. The anime explores themes of revenge, honor, and the cost of violence.

Like Golden Kamuy, although different from it in terms of comedy, Vinland Saga has the same spirit of adventure and gritty atmosphere. Both shows highlight burly men who face the challenges of a harsh environment while dealing with complex interpersonal relationships.


14. Gintama (2006)

Animes SimilarTo Golden Kamuy

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The vibrant city of Edo, where samurai dreams and ambitions clash with an alien-controlled world, is in Gintama. After powerful aliens known as Amanto invade feudal Japan, the once-mighty samurai find themselves defenseless, and swords are strictly forbidden. Gintoki Sakata, a former samurai, now works as a versatile freelancer, navigating the challenges of this absurd and often comedic new world.

Similar to Golden Kamuy, Gintama offers a mix of comedy, action, and historical references that are sure to keep you entertained. The series features a charming protagonist, hilarious side characters, and a thrilling series of sword fights. Gintama’s unique blend of humor and action will make you miss it even more when you’re done watching it.


15. The Heroic Legend of Arslan (2015)

Animes SimilarTo Golden Kamuy

For fans of Golden Kamuy, The Heroic Legend of Arslan is a must-watch anime that combines gripping storytelling with strategic military tactics. The series centers around Prince Arslan and his loyal companion, Daryoon, as they embark on a perilous journey to reclaim Arslan’s lost throne and save countless lives. With detailed world-building and well-developed characters, the anime immerses the audience in its thrilling narrative.

The Heroic Legend of Arslan is an exciting spectacle for fans of Golden Kamuy. Like Golden Kamuy, The Heroic Legend of Arslan has a compelling show, exploring themes of loyalty, determination, and resilience in the face of adversity. If you are looking for a captivating war anime with complex characters and a thought-provoking plot, this anime will not disappoint.


Well, those are some recommendations for anime choices, like Golden Kamuy, that you might be able to watch. Thank you very much for reading this article, and see you in the next article. Enjoy watching, and have a nice day.

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