16 Best Animes Like Code Geass

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Animes Like Code Geass – Code Geass captivated fans with its exhilarating mecha battles and rebellion themes, leaving them hungry for more similar anime experiences.

From 2006 to 2012, Code Geass unveiled two compelling seasons, garnering well-deserved recognition, including awards at the Tokyo International Anime Fair.

The anime’s ambitious narrative follows the mission of the exiled prince, Lelouch vi Britannia, who dauntlessly seeks to overthrow the global Holy Britannian Empire using powerful mecha and his Geass, a compelling ability to enforce obedience upon others.

With a captivating blend of mecha battles, intriguing masked costumes, and a storyline of rebellion against the world, it’s no wonder that fans are seeking anime akin to Code Geass that can deliver the same alluring experience.

Fortunately, the anime realm offers several series that match the sheer brilliance of Lelouch and the formidable Order of the Black Knights.

List Of Animes Like Code Geass

1. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (2007)

Animes Like Code Geass

Toppa Gurren Lagann, released in 2007, is a unique fusion of excessive comedy and action set in a world oppressed by the Spiral King, Lordgenome.

The story centers around Simon, a digger compelled to expand underground homes until fate thrusts him into a war against Lordgenome.

Armed with a formidable mecha known as Gunmen, Simon combines Gurren and Lagann to create the formidable Gurren Lagann, igniting a revolution against the oppressive forces.

Fans of Code Geass will appreciate Gurren Lagann’s exceptional action and narrative, crafting an unforgettable story with a distinctive punk flavor, despite its comedic origins.

2. Legend Of The Galactic Heroes (2018)

Animes Like Code Geass

Legend Of The Galactic Heroes, which first aired in 2018, is a grand space epic focused on an interstellar war between the Galactic Empire and the Free Planets Alliance, both competing for control of the galaxy.

The story unfolds as two extraordinary minds, Reinhard von Musel and Yang Wen-li, clash in principles and strategies, representing opposing sides.

Reinhard, a military genius, strives to overthrow the oppressive Goldenbaum dynasty and unite the galaxy under his rule.

Meanwhile, Yang Wen-li, a tactical genius with a passive disposition, finds himself directly involved in this interstellar conflict, despite initially being a historian.

3. Akame Ga Kill! (2014)

Animes Like Code Geass

Akame Ga Kill! is a captivating story that began in 2014, focusing on Tatsumi, a young fighter from a struggling village, drawn into the conflict between the assassin group Night Raid and a manipulative government. Led by a corrupt prime minister, the government is subtly controlled by the emperor.

As Tatsumi joins Night Raid, he discovers that its members wield Teigu, mystical artifacts imbued with powers from legendary animals.

Similar to Code Geass, Akame Ga Kill! offers outstanding combat and a deep narrative amid the chaos, garnering support from the populace while also arousing government suspicion.

4. Death Note (2006)

Animes Like Code Geass

Death Note, a sensation in 2006, follows the story of Light Yagami, a gifted student whose life undergoes a dramatic transformation when he discovers a Death Note—a notebook capable of causing the death of anyone whose name is written in it.

Light embraces his role as Kira, sparking a global movement against crime.

Much like Code Geass, Light encounters a formidable adversary in L, the World’s Greatest Detective. L’s investigation and brilliance create a thrilling battle of wits, testing Light’s intelligence and determination in his crusade against crime.

5. Mobile Suit Gundam 00 (2007)

Animes Like Code Geass

In the year 2307 AD, Mobile Suit Gundam 00 begins with a mysterious group called Celestial Being issuing a warning about armed intervention to end all wars.

Protagonist Setsuna F. Seiei and his fellow Meisters become pilots of unparalleled Gundams, leading a rebellion against the world.

Although the Celestial Being appears overwhelmingly dominant in their war against war, the resourceful nations of the world won’t easily surrender.

This series, akin to Code Geass, not only showcases awe-inspiring mecha battles but also the world’s great response to this Gundam-led rebellion.

As Earth’s nations strive to devise effective security measures, the stakes rise, adding an extra layer of suspense.

6. Eureka Seven (2005)

Animes Like Code Geass

Set in the Year 12005, Eureka Seven unfolds over 10,000 years after the Scub Coral, an alien lifeform, forced humanity to leave Earth.

Now coexisting with the Coral in the Land of Kanan, humanity lives with the Coral around them – staying away from dangerous Antibody Coralians, society using Trapar light waves for technology, and the rebel group Gekkostate promoting a culture of sports and fun, challenging a society living in fear of the Coral.

Eureka Seven rebels against this society, beginning when protagonist Renton Thurston embarks on an adventure after Gekkostate’s craft ZERO and its pilot, Eureka, land in his room.

This anime, akin to Code Geass, showcases the subversive nature of Gekkostate, revealing the gap between appearance and reality, eventually involving Renton in clashes with the government.

7. Guilty Crown (2012)

Animes Like Code Geass

A catastrophic event, Lost Christmas, releases the Apocalypse Virus, plunging Japan into chaos. The United Nations responds, and the GHQ organization comes to Japan’s aid, albeit at the cost of its independence.

A decade later, a resistance group named Funeral Parlor initiated a war against GHQ to liberate the country, setting the stage for Guilty Crown.

In the midst of these events, a high school student named Ouma Shu accidentally comes across a vial containing the re-engineered Apocalypse Virus, granting its user unique abilities known as the Power of Kings (similar to Geass in Code Geass).

Reluctantly joining Funeral Parlor, Shu’s powers enable him to use other people’s psyches as weapons.

The series delves into the struggle for freedom and the consequences of wielding immense power.

8. Aldnoah.Zero (2014)

Animes Similar to Code Geass

Aldnoah.Zero offers a balanced mix of intense mecha-on-mecha action and intricate political intrigue, setting it apart from other mecha anime. Unlike more complex mecha sci-fi concepts, Aldnoah.Zero begins with a straightforward premise.

In 1972, the Apollo 17 mission uncovered an alien artifact, the Hypergate, enabling fast travel to Mars, eventually leading to the colonization of the planet.

The discovery of alien technology, Aldnoah, prompted colony residents to break away from Earth, forming the Vers Empire. This triggered a series of conflicts culminating in the Vers Empire’s full-scale invasion of Earth in 2014.

Facing immense pressure, Inaho Kaizuka emerges as one of Earth’s last hopes, showcasing his exceptional mecha piloting skills.

Mecha enthusiasts looking for a series featuring giant robots should definitely give Aldnoah.Zero a chance.

9. Darker Than Black (2007)

Animes Similar to Code Geass

Although Darker Than Black may not prominently feature mecha elements like Code Geass, its focus on the profound aspects of power users enriches the series.

The narrative revolves around spatial anomalies known as Heaven’s Gate in South America and Hell’s Gate in Tokyo, which gave rise to Contractors—individuals with unique abilities. However, these powers come at the cost of their emotions, causing Contractors to become increasingly apathetic and ruthless.

The Syndicate, dominated by Contractors, poses a significant threat to society, ultimately causing the United States to lose its superpower status.

Protagonist Hei, operating under the guise of a student, navigates a world of assassination missions. Equipped with Electricity Manipulation, Hei delves into the true nature of Hell’s Gate, driven by his quest to find his sister, Bai, despite the risks involved.

10. RahXephon (2002)

Animes Similar to Code Geass

Mecha enthusiasts seeking a more grounded approach to the genre might find RahXephon intriguing. In the world of RahXemphon, extradimensional invaders known as Mulians or Mu embark on their conquest of Earth.

These beings closely resemble humans, making their identification challenging, except for their blue blood and a tendency to lose memories as they age.

Different from the typical Gundam archetype, the mecha in RahXephon, known as Dolems, are made of clay, offering a unique twist.

Additionally, the series emphasizes the power of music to shape the world, with Dolems and their pilots relying on harmony and resonance to fight.

This unique approach to mecha action, coupled with the mature themes in the anime, makes RahXephon an appealing series to watch, very much akin to Code Geass.

11. Psycho-Pass (2012)

Animes Similar to Code Geass

Set in the near-future Japan, Psycho-Pass unfolds within a society regulated by the omnipresent Sibyl System.

This sophisticated artificial intelligence not only predicts citizens’ futures based on their abilities but also assesses their emotional states. The Sibyl System has established near-perfect order in Japan, intervening through the Criminal Investigation Division only when an individual’s Criminal Coefficient reaches a critical level, as indicated by their Psycho-Pass hue.

The first season of Psycho-Pass follows Akane Tsunemori, a novice Inspector assigned to help the Sibyl System solve crimes involving latent criminals.

However, her journey uncovers the darker truths about the seemingly benevolent Sibyl System, challenging its facade.

12. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (2009)

Animes Similar to Code Geass

Following the widespread acclaim of Code Geass during its original run, fans might find interest in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, another highly praised anime that aired a few years later.

The story unfolds in Amestris, chronicling the journey of Edward and Alphonse Elric, alchemist siblings seeking the Philosopher’s Stone to reverse the grave consequences of forbidden Human Transmutation.

As their journey progresses, challenges test the bond between Ed and Al, while encounters with new allies and adversaries broaden their understanding of alchemy and its societal impact.

While not directly featuring mechas and uprisings, Fullmetal Alchemist is similar to Code Geass. Both share a common exploration of human philosophy through dialogue and actions, particularly concerning character development.

On the action front, Brotherhood boasts fluid combat sequences akin to Lelouch’s remarkable adaptability in Code Geass’s mecha battles.

13. Monster (2004)

Animes Similar to Code Geass

Dr. Kenzo Tenma in Monster faces a grim reality when he discovers Johan Liebert, his former patient, committing a cold-blooded murder.

The anime centers on Dr. Tenma’s pursuit of Johan, unraveling the horrific influence Johan may have had on other killers.

Considered one of the top anime and manga series, Monster delves into the depths of human morality, similar to Lelouch’s calculated pursuit of a perfect world for Nunnally.

Intellectual confrontations between Johan and Dr. Tenma replace mecha fight scenes, both engaging in justifications for their actions, much like Lelouch’s strategic decisions.

14. Attack On Titan (2013)

Animes Similar to Code Geass

In Attack on Titan, humanity is confined within a three-walled city and uses Omni-Directional Maneuvering Gear to combat Titans—humanoid, nearly indestructible creatures.

The story emphasizes the desperate struggle of humanity against these man-eating Titans, resulting in a high death toll among the characters.

Attack on Titan gained critical acclaim for its portrayal of humanity’s desperate battle against the Titans.

Similar to Code Geass showcasing Zero and the Black Knights outsmarting the powerful Britannian Empire, Attack on Titan illustrates humanity’s relentless efforts to eliminate Titans.

The protagonist, Eren Yeager, transforms into a Titan and gets entangled in a significant conspiracy, that disrupts their understanding of the world around them.

15. Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans (2015)

Code Geass similar anime

For anime enthusiasts seeking narratives of triumph against overwhelming odds, Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans offers a compelling comparison to Code Geass’s Black Knights.

Set in a unique Post Disaster Timeline, the tale follows protagonist and child soldier Mikazuki Augus, who, upon discovering Gundam Barbatos, inspires his crew to rebel against their employers and form Tekkadan.

Tekkadan faces controversy and conflict while challenging the existing power structures throughout the Solar System’s colonies.

Tasked with protecting the idealistic Kudelia Aina Bernstein, they become targets of the peace-keeping organization Gjallarhorn.

Despite lacking a strategic genius like Zero, Iron-Blooded Orphans illustrates the struggles of youth rebelling against an unjust status quo, resonating with Lelouch’s desire to dismantle the Britannian Empire.

16. The Promised Neverland (2019-2021)

Code Geass similar anime

The Promised Neverland, aired from 2019 to 2021, emerged as a captivating anime, especially in its first season. The narrative revolves around a group of orphans residing in what appears to be an ordinary orphanage.

However, they soon discover the grim truth that they are being cultivated as prey for flesh-eating creatures. Faced with this horrifying reality, the orphans utilize their intellect to devise an escape plan from this dire fate.

The Promised Neverland is akin to Code Geass, as both share similarities in the intelligence of their characters. However, they differ in terms of plot.

Within The Promised Neverland, the leadership of the orphans lies with three exceptionally intelligent individuals. Their strategic thinking and determination drive the quest for truth about the orphanage and the desperate pursuit of freedom.

For those of you who love Anime Code Geass, and are looking for animes like Code Geass. The list above is a recommendation for some selected animes like Code Geass, which you might be able to watch. Thank you very much for reading this article, and see you in the next article. Enjoy watching and have a nice day.


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