15 Best Animes Like Aldnoah.Zero To Watch

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Animes Like Aldnoah.Zero – For lovers of thrilling action, enthralling sci-fi elements, and immersive mecha battles, Aldnoah.Zero delivers it perfectly. The search for a similar anime experience becomes an exhilarating endeavor.

Animes Like Aldnoah.Zero

Tittle : Aldnoah.Zero
Type : TV
Genres : Action, Sci-Fi
Themes : Mecha, Military
Licensors : Aniplex of America
Studios : A-1 Pictures, TROYCA
Episodes : 12
Aired : Jul 6, 2014 – Sep 21, 2014

A divided world where two different societies, the Terrans of Earth and the Martians of Mars, wrestle for power and supremacy. In this riveting story, the stage is set for an explosive conflict as the Martians, armed with the power of their enigmatic Aldnoah, plot a merciless attack on Earth, seeking to claim it for themselves.

Amidst the chaos that ensues, the arrival of Princess Asseylum, a beacon of hope for peace, is marred by a dangerous assassination attempt, plunging both worlds into an unprecedented cataclysmic war.

We have compiled a collection of the best anime series that have the same thrilling essence as Aldnoah.Zero, ensuring a gripping and adrenaline-pumping ride awaits.


List of Animes Like Aldnoah.Zero

1. Terror in Resonance (2014)

Animes Like Aldnoah.Zero

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Terror in Resonance takes viewers on a thrilling journey through an alternate version of Tokyo, destroyed by a shocking terrorist attack. The mystery surrounding the identities of the culprits is reinforced by cryptic videos uploaded to the internet.

The Anime delves into the horrors of terrorism, albeit on a different scale compared to Aldnoah.Zero. While both series share a war setting, Terror in Resonance focuses on a more realistic depiction of time, Aldnoah.Zero incorporates aliens and mecha, adding fantastic elements to its narrative.


2. Last Exile (2003)

Animes Like Aldnoah.Zero

Last Exile invites the viewer to the world of Prestal, where nobles strive to perform heroic deeds for a noble cause. The Guilds, a race that lived in cities in the sky, carefully watched over this territory. Their actions create ripples that leave an indelible mark on the world.

Aldnoah.Zero fans will find similar atmospheric tones and soundtracks in The Last Exile. Brightness, emotional depth, and warm feelings are evoked by music in Aldnoah.Zero can also be found in this anime, similar to uncovering a valuable treasure.

Both series deal with themes of politics, war, peace, and the beauty of the sky. The captivating storyline and excellent soundtrack make Last Exile and Aldnoah.Zero is an absolutely incredible anime that should not be missed.


3. Fate/Zero (2011)

Animes Like Aldnoah.Zero

Fate/Zero will take the audience to the time ten years before the fateful meeting between Shirou Emiya and Saber. The stage is set for the fourth Holy Grail War in Japan, where seven masters with their own aspirations step forward to claim the bounty of the mystical relic.

Enter Kiritsugu Emiya, known as the enigmatic witch killer, who seeks to harness the Grail to shape a better world.

Like Aldnoah.Zero, you will find striking similarities in the music and overall atmosphere of Fate/Zero. Both anime series have a fast-paced narrative, abundant action sequences, and an intense atmosphere. Musical contributions from Kalafina enhanced the immersive experience at both shows.


4. Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet (2013)

Animes Like Aldnoah.Zero

Pushing into the distant future, humanity is on the verge of destruction. Humanity, living in the technologically advanced Avalon, prepares for a desperate final assault against the Hideauze, an alien race.

However, during this critical battle, mecha pilot Ledo is suddenly transported to Earth, the forgotten birthplace of humanity. Rescued by the inhabitants of Gargantia, a fleet of ships crossing the sunken planet, Ledo must adapt to this primitive society with its ancient language and technology. The ultimate goal is to find your way back to the sky.

Just like Aldnoah.Zero, Gargantia shares the same elements as the mecha series under the leadership of Gen Urobuchi. Both anime explore worlds where humanity exists both on Earth and in space, giving rise to conflicts that carry significant weight.


5. No Game, No Life (2014)

Animes Like Aldnoah.Zero

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No Game, No Life revolves around the legendary gamers Sora and Shiro, also known as  Blank.These two individuals have unrivaled gaming skills and are considered urban legends in the gaming community. The only opponents capable of challenging them were themselves.

If you enjoy strategic elements in Aldnoah.Zero, then No Game, No Life is a definite thing to watch out for. Although these two series may differ in various aspects, both feature brilliant characters who have the genius to defeat their enemies.

No Game, No Life captivates the audience with its stunning gameplay and captivating storyline, making it a standout in its genre.


6. Guilty Crown (2011)

Animes Like Aldnoah.Zero

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Guilty Crown is set after the Lost Christmas incident, which occurred on December 24, 2029. This catastrophic event unleashes a deadly Doomsday virus, which causes chaos and despair throughout Japan.

In an effort to restore order, the United Nations sends GHQ, an organization tasked with containing the virus and controlling the country. However, the country remained under the rule of its oppressors, caught in a relentless struggle for freedom.

Similar to Aldnoah.Zero, Guilty Crown offers an excellent soundtrack, mixing techno, rock, and symphonic elements. The futuristic setting of both series features formidable enemies pitted against formidable main characters, all immersed in the world of mechs.


7. The Irregular at Magic High School (2014)

Animes Like Aldnoah.Zero

The Irregular at Magic High School focuses on magic-based abilities, he is similar to Aldnoah.Zero through his main character. Both series feature main characters who have extraordinary intelligence and abilities that far surpass those of their peers.

The Irregular at Magic High School takes audiences into a world where magic, once thought to be just folklore and fairy tales, has evolved into a systematic technology taught as a technical skill.

Junior High School, an institution of distinguished magicians, divides its students into two categories based on their entrance exam scores. Those with high grades, known as blooms, were placed in the first course, while  weeds were assigned to the second course as reserve students.


8. Heavy Object (2015)

Animes SimilarTo Aldnoah.Zero

Like Aldnoah.Zero, Heavy Object shares common elements that make it a fun series. Both feature a group of young protagonists piloting machines in a world embroiled in conflict.

Heavy Object is set in a distant future where warfare has undergone a radical transformation. The introduction of the object, a colossal spherical tank equipped with impenetrable armor and devastating firepower, has revolutionized the battlefield.

The traditional army was considered useless in the face of these powerful machines, guaranteeing victory with each deployment. However, the tides will soon turn.


9. Knights of Sidonia (2014)

Animes SimilarTo Aldnoah.Zero

Knights of Sidonia takes viewers on a thrilling journey through outer space, following the remnants of humanity as they escape the relentless pursuit of the alien race, Gauna.

Set in the year 3394, it introduces us to Nagate Tanikaze, who emerges from exile in search of food, only to be thrust into a series of events he never imagined.

Fans Aldnoah.Zero will find themselves captivated by a similar plot centered on the mecha of the Knights of Sidonia. Both shows embrace the science fiction genre and feature breathtaking mech combat.

Aldnoah.Zero is primarily focused on Earth; Sidonia no Kishi immerses viewers fully in the cosmos, providing a unique backdrop for its thrilling storyline.


10. Kuromukuro (2016)

Animes SimilarTo Aldnoah.Zero

In Kuromukuro, the Kurobe Research Institute of the United Nations becomes the center of humanity’s struggle against a formidable alien invasion.

In the early 21st century, scientists gathered to investigate an ancient artifact found during the construction of the Kurobe Dam.

Just like Aldnoah.Zero, Kuromukuro, presents a world where Earth is under attack by an advancing extraterrestrial force. To counter this threat, humanity must rely on massive mechanical power.

However, each enemy mech in Kuromukuro has unique abilities and powers, making each encounter a thrilling and unpredictable fight.


11. 86: Eighty-Six (2021)

Animes SimilarTo Aldnoah.Zero

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The inhabitants of the Republic of San Magnolia wage an eternal battle against the unmanned drone forces of the Giadian empire known as the Legion.

While the Republic claims that this war was without casualties, the truth is much more terrible. Behind the fortress walls of the Republic lies the forgotten eighty-sixth sector, where the true horrors of war unfold.

86: Eighty-Six and Aldnoah.Zero shares a common theme in exploring the complexities of war and humanity. In both animes, two factions clash, with one side gradually losing its humanity over time.


12. Seraph of the End (2015)

Animes SimilarTo Aldnoah.Zero

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The Seraph of the End paints a grim picture of a world devastated by a catastrophic epidemic that wiped out all adults, leaving vampires to enslave the remaining human population.

Yuichiro, the protagonist, finds himself trapped in an underground city, which serves as a food source for vampires. Determined to fight back, Yuichiro embarks on a daring escape, setting the stage for an enthralling survival story.

Just like in Aldnoah.Zero, Seraph of the End, explores the dynamics between the warring parties in a war. Characters Slaine and Inaho in Aldnoah.Zero can be compared to Mika and Yu in Seraph of the End, as they confront their loyalties and navigate the complexities of their respective conflicts.


13. Valvrave the Liberator (2013)

Animes SimilarTo Aldnoah.Zero

Valvrave The Liberator takes place in a future where Earth is divided into three factions, each with their own motives and goals. Dorssia, a power-hungry empire, seeks global dominance. ARSUS, a military alliance, aims to maintain balance and order. And Jiro, a collection of neutral countries, has colonies scattered throughout the galaxy.

The protagonist, Haruto Tokishima, lives a carefree life in one of these colonies, Sakimori High School. His biggest concern is revealing his feelings to his childhood friend, Shouko.

However, his life takes a sharp turn when Dorssian super soldiers, led by the mysterious L-elf, invade the colony in search of the powerful ‘Valvrave’ mobile suit.

This anime has a lot in common with Aldnoah.Zero. Both series deal with the theme of war, with two opposing races vying for dominance.


14. Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion (2006)

Animes SimilarTo Aldnoah.Zero

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Similar to Aldnoah.Zero, Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion features an engaging and intelligent main character who faces immense pressure and engages in mental combat, strategic maneuvering, physical confrontation, and challenging the control of governing authorities.

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion is set in a dystopian world where the British Empire has oppressed Japan, renaming it Area 11. The people of Area 11 endured a harsh life, living under the Iron Fist of the Empire.

Lelouch, a British student living in Area 11, hates the Empire and its oppressive regime. His encounter with a mysterious girl gives him the power to manipulate minds.


15. The Fruit of Grisaia (2014)

Animes SimilarTo Aldnoah.Zero

The Fruit of Grisaia follows the story of Yuuji Kazami, a transfer student enrolled in Mihama Academy. However, Yuuji quickly realizes that this seemingly ordinary high school is far from average. With only the principal and five other students, all of whom are girls, Yuuji begins to get to know each of them on a deeper level.

The Fruit of Grisaia and Aldnoah.Zero belongs to different genres; they share similarities in their protagonists. Both Yuuji and Inaho have stoic attitudes, rarely showing emotion and relying on logical thinking.

This mysterious nature surrounds both characters, as their backgrounds and reasons for their steadfastness are revealed slowly throughout the series. In Yuuji’s case, The Fruit of Grisaia delves into his past, uncovering the events that shaped him and his behavior.


That’s an anime series like Aldnoah.Zero that you should definitely try. See you in the next article! Have a nice day.

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