15 Best Animes Like 86 Eighty-Six To Watch

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Animes Like 86 Eighty-Six – Set in a dystopian future where war rages between the Republic of San Magnolia and the Giadian Empire, 86 Eighty-Six is a series adapted from the hugely popular light novel by Asato Asato, with stunning illustrations by Shirabii, that has captured the hearts of viewers around the world.

Animes Like 86 Eighty-Six

Tittle : 86 Eighty-Six
Type : TV
Genres : Action, Drama, Sci-Fi
Themes : Mecha, Military
Studios : A-1 Pictures
Producers : Aniplex, Kadokawa, Bandai Spirits
Episodes : 11
Aired : Apr 11, 2021 – Jun 20, 2021
Premiered : Spring 2021

At first glance, the Republic of San Magnolia may seem like a utopia, with no casualties in their ongoing war. However, behind the surface lies a dark truth that is masked by propaganda.

The citizens of the Republic are divided into two factions: the silver-haired Alba, who lives in luxury and security within the protective walls of sector eighty-five, and the outcasts of a different appearance, who are shunned and unjustly locked up in the secret sector eighty-six.

These outcasts, known as the Eighty-Six, are destined to face a life of constant strife and sacrifice as they are forced to wage war against the Empire’s deadly autonomous legions, under the command of the Republic’s handlers.

Looking for anime like 86 Eighty-Six? Don’t worry; we will help you find it, and you are in the right place. In this article, we have prepared for you 15 anime series that have adventures, storylines, experiences, and aspects like 86 Eighty-Six. For more, let’s take a look at the following list, and have a nice day.


List of Animes Like 86 Eighty-Six

1. Valkyria Chronicles (2009)

Animes Like 86 Eighty-Six

If you’re looking for an anime that captures the essence of war and the unforgettable bonds that form on the battlefield, then Valkyria Chronicles is a must-watch. Similar to 86 Eighty-Six, this anime-turned tactical military-themed role-playing game immerses viewers in the life of one military unit during an all-out war.

Set in a fictional world, Valkyria Chronicles follows Welkin, a young man who joins a militia group to protect their country from an invading empire.

Although Valkyria Chronicles lacks the sci-fi elements of 86 Eighty-Six, it more than compensates for its compelling characters and gripping portrayal of the harsh realities of war. The anime excels at seamlessly blending comedy, drama, and action, just like its counterpart.


2. Gurren Lagann (2007)

Animes Like 86 Eighty-Six

Embark on an epic, larger-than-life adventure with Gurren Lagann, which was released in 2007. While it may not have the same serious tone as 86 Eighty-Six, Gurren Lagann offers an exhilarating ride that will keep you cool.

Gurren Lagann is set in a future where humanity is forced to live underground, ruled by an oppressive spiral king. Our heroes, led by the brave Kamina and the indomitable Simon, strive to break free from the chains of their underground existence.

With its unforgettable mechanics and cosmic battles against the formidable Antispiral, Gurren Lagann delivers a thrilling and visually stunning experience, offering a different but equally enjoyable genre of action.


3. Gunparade March (2005)

Animes Like 86 Eighty-Six

With a mix of comedy and action in 86 Eighty-Six, Gunparade March is a fun anime that’s sure to pique your interest. Set in an alternate timeline where humanity faces an ongoing war against invading ghost monsters.

Gunparade March features a group of high school students going into military service. Equipped with giant humanoid mechanisms known as HWTS, these young warriors must face the challenges of war and protect their world from extraterrestrial threats.

Although the Gunparade March may have had mild moments, it never forgot the harsh reality of armed conflict. The anime offers charming parallels with the military elements found in 86, Eighty-Six.


4. WorldEnd (2017)

Animes Like 86 Eighty-Six

With a distinct blend of science fiction and military themes, WorldEnd bears a resemblance to the 86 Eighty-Six that fans will love. Centered around Willem, a man who awakens after being frozen for 500 years, WorldEnd follows his journey as he becomes a nurturing figure for a group of young girls known as leprechauns.

Endowed with the ability to wield the only weapon capable of fighting the remaining beasts, these girls and Willem must confront the remaining threats to their existence.

While WorldEnd’s focus may lie on family ties, its science fiction and military aspects create a compelling narrative that will resonate with 86,866 fans.


5. Aldnoah.Zero (2014)

Animes Like 86 Eighty-Six

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Aldnoah. Zero may not be the pinnacle of mecha anime, but it still manages to captivate audiences with its decent storytelling in 24 episodes.

Just like 86 Eighty-Six, Aldnoah. Zero delves into intense mech combat and displays striking similarities between its main characters. It’s interesting to note that both shows share the same production studio, leading to a similar focus on themes such as war and discrimination.

In Aldnoah.Zero, the discovery of the hypergate on the moon allows humanity to colonize Mars, resulting in the creation of the Kingdom of Vers. With Mars developing an advanced technology called Aldnoah, the two planets inevitably plunge into a destructive war. However, when the Terrans are believed to have killed Vers’ daughter, the fragile peace faces a dangerous threat.


6. Code Geass (2006)

Animes Like 86 Eighty-Six

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Considered one of the best anime of the 2000s, Code Geass is similar to 86 Eighty-Six as a gripping mecha series that highlights oppression, discrimination, and war.

The narrative revolves around Lelouch vi Britannian, a prince exiled with his sister after the tragic death of their mother. When Lelouch’s father, The Emperor, launches an attack on Japan, our protagonist vows to bring him and his Britannic empire to their knees.

During his travels, Lelouch meets a mysterious girl named C. C., which gives him the power of Geass—an incredible eye ability that gives him one-time mind control over individuals. Assuming persona Zero, a masked leader of the Japanese resistance movement, Lelouch fights hard to dismantle the oppressive regime.


7. Violet Evergarden (2018)

Animes Like 86 Eighty-Six

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Although Violet Evergarden deviates from the mechanics genre and explores very different plots and concepts compared to 86 Eighty-Six, viewers can find interesting parallels between the two shows.

Violet Evergarden places her focus on Violet, a doll of memories who seeks to reintegrate into society after the devastation of a large-scale war.

Serving as a ghostwriter for individuals unable to articulate their thoughts, Violet’s journey reflects the deep emotional depth found in 86 Eighty-Six.


8. Akame Ga Kill! (2014)

Animes Similar To 86 Eighty-Six

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Just like 86 Eighty-Six, Akame Ga Kill! It offers a commendable level of complexity and backstory, with the added benefit of its high level of violence.

Following the journey of Tatsumi, a determined teenager who ventures into the capital to support his impoverished village, the audience is quickly confronted with the malice and corruption of the Empire.

In his quest for justice, Tatsumi becomes a member of the Night Raid, a group of assassins and scouts allied with the Revolutionary Army.


9. Darling in the FranXX (2018)

Animes Similar To 86 Eighty-Six

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In Darling in the FranXX, created by renowned studio A-1, the animation is reminiscent of 86 Eighty-Six, with its stunning visuals and attention to detail. Like 86 Eighty-Six, Darling in the FranXX has the same theme of a group of marginalized children who come together to protect a society that discriminates against them.

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, Darling in the FranXX follows ten children who pilot a giant robot named Franxx to battle a monstrous creature known as the Klaxosaurus.

This Franxx Robot needs a male-female pair of pilots, and the main character, Hiro, finds himself partnered with a girl, Zero Two, who has a mysterious reputation for losing previous comrades in battle. The tension and dynamics between the characters add depth to the narrative and keep the audience captivated.


10. Attack on Titan (2013)

Animes Similar To 86 Eighty-Six

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Attack on Titan was praised for its gripping storyline and stood out with its unforgettable ending song. The anime features some of the most iconic families and explores complex themes in a world ravaged by giant man-eating humanoid creatures known as titans.

Set within the confines of a colossal wall, the series revolves around Eren Yeager, who initially seeks revenge against the Titans for the destruction they caused. As the story progresses, Eren’s perspective expands, revealing the complicated nature of the show.

While at first glance, Attack on Titan may seem different from 86 Eighty-Six, both series feature expansive casts and delve into adult themes centered around war and discrimination.


11. Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blood Orphans (2015)

Animes Similar To 86 Eighty-Six

Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blood Orphans stands apart from the typical narrative by featuring a rare occurrence: the villain’s triumph. The series highlights a group of young soldiers who form their own security company on a terraformed version of Mars.

As part of the popular Gundam franchise, Iron-Blood Orphans bears a resemblance to 86 Eighty-Six in its depiction as mechs. Both series follow a group of exploited characters who are considered inferior by society, forcing them to fight for the people who mistreat them.


12. Gungrave (2003)

Animes Similar To 86 Eighty-Six

It differs only from 86 Eighty-Six in terms of setting and genre, weaving an intricate narrative with well-developed characters. Just like 86 Eighty-Six, Gungrave delves into the world of the supernatural, but at its core, it presents a tale of organized crime.

The story revolves around Brandon Heat, a low-level criminal who is betrayed and killed by his closest friend. Thirteen years later, Brandon is resurrected by a doctor and assigned to dismantle his former friend’s crime syndicate.

Gungrave seamlessly combines intense action with impactful flashbacks that give further depth to the characters and their motivations.


13. Saiko: She, The Ultimate Weapon (2002)

Animes Similar To 86 Eighty-Six

Saiko: She, The Ultimate Weapon, follows Chise, a seemingly unremarkable girl who is deeply in love with her classmate Shuji. However, their lives change drastically when their hometown is attacked.

Amidst the chaos, Shuji witnesses Chise transform into a formidable weapon, her arms replaced by massive guns and steel wings adorning her back. It is revealed that he was reluctantly turned into a combat weapon, forced into a role he never asked for.

The series, like 86 Eighty-Six, beautifully depicts the struggles of warfare and the emotional turmoil faced by its protagonists. Chise’s transformation mirrors the journey of Lena, the main character at 86, as they both navigate the complexities of war and yearn to support their comrades even though they can’t afford to engage directly in combat.


14. The Price of Smiles (2019)

Animes Similar To 86 Eighty-Six

Set in a world torn apart by conflict, The Price of Smiles presents a gripping narrative that revolves around two contrasting perspectives. On the one hand, we have Yuuki, a princess confined within the walls of her castle, sheltered from the harsh realities of war.

She is surrounded by smiling maids who create the illusion of tranquility and happiness. On the other hand, we meet Stella, a young soldier who is always smiling despite the chaos and destruction engulfing her.

Similar to 86 Eighty-Six, The Price of Smiles explores the diverse nature of war through the lens of its characters. Yuuki’s sheltered existence shows a stark contrast between the few who are protected and the many lives lost in battle.


15. Schwarzesmarken (2016)

Animes Similar To 86 Eighty-Six

In the alternate timeline of Schwarzesmarken, East Germany in the 1980s prepares to fight an extraterrestrial enemy with the help of the Black Marks, a special military unit.

These warriors use unconventional strategies and cutting-edge technology to fight their alien enemies. However, even outside the battlefield, the unit faces many challenges and conflicts.

Like 86 Eighty-Six, Schwarzesmarken offers a compelling narrative centered around a single military unit. Both series fearlessly confront the harsh realities of war, showing a willingness to sacrifice beloved characters for the sake of authenticity.


Well, those are some recommendations for anime choices, like 86 Eighty-Six, that you might be able to watch. Thank you very much for reading this article, and see you in the next article. Enjoy watching, and have a nice day.

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