11 Best Anime Similar To Spy Classroom

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Anime Similar To Spy Classroom – In the anime world, there are many stories about individuals with unique abilities and tragic pasts. From Assassin to Sniper Agent: Spy Classroom is one of the more interesting anime.

Spy Classroom anime like

Tittle : Spy Classroom
Type : TV
Genres : Action, Fantasy, Mystery
Demographic : Seinen
Licensors : Sentai Filmworks
Studios : feel
Episodes : 12
Aired : Jan 5, 2023 – Mar 30, 2023

As the years go by, Lily and her team undergo intensive training, learning skills that go beyond traditional academic fields. They discover their own unique strengths and bond together as they prepare for their mission. Lily, who was once filled with self-doubt, now finds herself getting more confident by the day.

As Mission Day draws near, the team faces their biggest challenge yet. Infiltrating the Galgad Empire is no easy task, and the stakes are higher than ever. As their practice is put to the test, Lily and her team must rely on each other to succeed.

Through perseverance, determination, and teamwork, Lily and her team successfully accomplished their mission. They uncover important information that could potentially prevent a disaster and save many lives. The once-hesitant Lily has now become a skilled spy, proving her worth and fulfilling her dream of serving her nation.

If you are a fan of Spy Classroom and are looking for similar anime to watch, here are some recommendations that may interest you.


List of Best Anime Similar To Spy Classroom 

1. Spy x Family (2022)

Anime Similar To Spy Classroom

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Twilight is known for her incredible skills as a spy. In his latest mission, he is required to impersonate a family man to investigate a reclusive politician who only attends school events for his son. To carry out this mission, Twilight must recruit a child and his wife. She managed to find a little orphan girl and an office lady to play this role.

Like Spy Classroom, Spy x Family also follows the adventures of a spy trying to live their professional lives while also juggling their personal lives. With a focus on family dynamics and the challenge of maintaining a facade, Spy x Family is sure to keep you entertained.


2. Princess Principal (2017)

Anime Similar To Spy Classroom

In Princess Principal, the discovery of the mineral cavernite has spawned advanced military technology and a split between the two nations in London. The Kingdom and the Commonwealth of Albion may not be openly at war, but they are constantly engaged in espionage to weaken each other’s power.

A fan of Spy Classroom, Princess Principal follows a group of female spies who use their guise as high school students to carry out their missions. With a mix of action, intrigue, and a touch of teen drama, Princess Principal is a thrilling watch that will appeal to fans of spy-centric anime like Spy Classroom.


3. Assassination Classroom (2015)

Anime Similar To Spy Classroom

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In Assassination Classroom, the students are faced with a life-or-death challenge after the moon mysteriously changes. Class 3-E must kill the super-powered being responsible for the transformation of the moon, known as Koro-sensei, before the end of the year or face the end of the world. Despite their initial fear of Koro-sensei, the students see him as their greatest teacher, learning valuable lessons along the way.

The Assassination Classroom is a must-see. While it may not focus solely on traditional spy missions, the series follows a group of students tasked with killing their alien teacher before he destroys Earth.


4. The Eminence in Shadow (2022)

Spy Classroom anime like

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The Eminence in Shadow follows the story of Kagerou, a man who never gave up on his childhood dream of becoming a hero. Reborn in the new world, he formed the Shadow Garden organization to destroy the evil sect. With his unwavering determination and team by his side, Kagerou is determined to achieve his heroic goals in this action-packed series.

Much like Spy Classroom, the series features a strong female cast working alongside a strong and skilled male lead. With a mix of action, intrigue, and a touch of romance, The Eminence in Shadow is sure to captivate fans of spy anime.


5. Release the Spyce (2018)

Spy Classroom anime like

Release the Spyce follows the story of Momo, a shy teenager with the ability to determine a person’s feelings with a simple lick. Inspired by her father, a police officer, Momo joins forces with a classmate’s secret agent to uncover crimes with their unique abilities. Through their mission, Momo must face her fears and learn to trust her own strength.

Release the Spyce is a more cheerful and action-packed anime than Spy Classroom. It follows a group of energetic young girls who are part of a spy organization and always manage to be on top of their missions.


6. Lycoris Recoil (2022)

Spy Classroom anime similar

In Lycoris Recoil, the Direct Attack organization trains orphaned girls to become agents protecting the state as part of the Lycoris program. Takina, a talented agent, finds herself transferred to the lower Lycoris key branch after a hostage situation. As she explores her new surroundings in a cafe, Takina must prove herself once again and overcome the challenges that lie ahead.

Lycoris Recoil is another anime that has similarities to Spy Classroom. Both series revolve around a spy organization and focus on the mismatches within this organization.


7. The world’s finest assassin gets reincarnated in another world as an aristocrat (2021)

Anime like Spy Classroom

The show follows the story of a master assassin who is reincarnated into a new world by a goddess. Tasked with killing a hero who will end the world, the hitman, now known as Lugh Tuatha De, must use his skills to navigate a world filled with magic.

Although Spy Classroom is not an isekai anime, it shares the same sensibilities as the genre. Both series feature highly skilled spies, or assassins, who assemble teams of talented individuals to join them on their missions.


8. The Fruit of Grisaia (2014)

Anime like Spy Classroom

The Fruit of Grisaia introduces Yuuji Kazama, a transfer student to Mihama Academy who craves a normal school life after being raised by a notorious terrorist. However, she quickly discovers that her new school is far from ordinary, with a principal and five female students who are just as damaged as her.

Although its initial premise may seem different from Spy Classroom, The Fruit of Grisaia undergoes surprising changes as the story progresses. As the harem of troubled girls transforms into a team of skilled agents working to rescue their leader, the series becomes more reminiscent of Spy Classroom.


9. Assault Lily: Bouquet (2020)

Spy Classroom anime similar

Assault Lily: Bouquet introduces a world where teenage girls known as Lilies use their internal energy called Magie to move weapons known as Counter Huge Arms or Charms to defend humanity from mysterious creatures called Huge. These soldiers must unite to protect the world from the existential threat that arose fifty years ago.

If you’re a fan of anime similar to Spy Classroom, you might want to check out Assault Lily: Bouquet. The series follows a group of girls who are training to fight enemies, like the students at the spy school in Spy Classroom.


10. Goblin Slayer (2018)

Anime Similar To Spy Classroom

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In Goblin Slayer, goblins, known for their ferocity and cunning, become a threat to rural civilization as they attack and kidnap females to breed. As the goblins continued their attacks, the lowly monsters proved to be a formidable and negligible danger.

While the premise may seem different at first glance, both shows have characters engaging in battle against formidable foes. In Goblin Slayer, the main character fights against goblins, while in Spy Classroom, the focus is on fighting war crimes. Despite the different enemies, the themes of battle and friendship remain prevalent in both series.


11. The Detective Is Already Dead (2021)

Spy Classroom anime similar

The Detective Is Already Dead follows Kimihiko Kimizuka, who repeatedly gets involved in various crimes, calling himself a problem magnet. When she is kidnapped by unknown men and forced to board a hijacked plane, Kimizuka meets a beautiful silver-haired woman named Siesta, who saves the day in the midst of chaos.

For a different spy genre, you can enjoy The Detective is Already Dead. Like Spy Classroom, the series delves into the world of espionage and the challenges faced by those in the field. In addition, both anime feature a group of supporting characters who assist the main protagonist in navigating dangerous situations.


If you like the spy genre and the themes of teamwork, action, and friendship found in Spy Classroom, this anime recommendation might be worth checking out. Browse through the series and see if the anime series interests you in the same way as Spy Classroom.

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