12 Best Anime Similar To Solo Leveling

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Anime Similar To Solo Leveling – In the vibrant landscape of winter 2024 anime releases, Solo Leveling (Ore dake Level Up na Ken) emerges as a standout title, ready to captivate audiences with its unique blend of fantasy, action, and adventure.

Anime Similar To Solo Leveling

Tittle : Solo Leveling
Type : TV
Genres : Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Source : Web manga
Licensors : Crunchyroll, Medialink
Studios : A-1 Pictures
Episodes : 12
Aired : Jan 7, 2024 – Mar 31, 2024

While competing with other anime, the anticipation surrounding Solo Leveling reached its peak, with fans expressing confidence in its potential to become the crown jewel of the season, if not the year-round anime.

At the heart of Solo Leveling’s allure is Sung Jinwoo, a dependable protagonist who navigates a world where fantasy monsters wreak havoc through mysterious portals. Jinwoo, who is at the bottom of his industry hierarchy, is thrust into the role of a hunter tasked with combating this fantastic menace using a combination of magic and weaponry.

This narrative premise categorizes Solo Leveling as a monster hunter anime, enriched with subtle isekai and JRPG elements that add a layer of complexity to its storytelling.

For those who are eagerly awaiting new Solo Leveling episodes, Cartoonisia opens the door to a myriad of captivating anime titles that echo the spirit of monster hunting and fantastic adventures.


Here’s a List of Best Anime Similar To Solo Levelin

1. Goblin Slayer (2018)

Anime Similar To Solo Leveling

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Goblin Slayer captivates audiences with its relentless pursuit of goblin annihilation, similar to Solo Leveling’s singular focus on monster annihilation. Just like Sung Jinwoo’s revenge against the monsters, the mission

Goblin Slayer is very personal, stemming from the destruction of his family by the goblins. The series unfolds in a fantastic world where magic and monsters reign supreme, offering a gripping narrative filled with high-stakes battles and in-depth character development.


2. Jujutsu Kaisen (2020)

Anime Similar To Solo Leveling

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In the realm of modern fantasy action anime, Jujutsu Kaisen stands tall alongside Solo Leveling as a testament to its gripping storytelling and exhilarating combat. Following Yuji Itadori’s journey, the audience is immersed in a world full of curses and magic, reminiscent of Solo Leveling’s dark and mystical setting.

As Yuji hones his skills as a curse wizard, the audience is treated to thrilling encounters with formidable foes like Mahito and Hanami, ensuring rollercoaster action and intrigue.


3. Bleach (2004)

Solo Leveling Anime Similar

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Bleach, the cornerstone of the shonen anime genre, shares thematic elements with Solo Leveling, especially in its depiction of supernatural battles and otherworldly threats. Set in a world where restless souls manifest as deadly pits, Bleach follows Ichigo Kurosaki’s journey from an ordinary high school student to a formidable soul reaper.

With its intricate blend of swordplay and compelling character arcs, Bleach captures the essence of Solo Leveling’s epic narrative, offering viewers a thrilling adventure into the world of the supernatural.


4. Demon Slayer (2019)

Solo Leveling Anime Similar

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Just like Solo Leveling, Demon Slayer weaves a story of relentless determination and unwavering resolve in the face of overwhelming odds. As Tanjiro Kamado embarks on a quest to save his sister Nezuko from the clutches of demonic affliction, the audience is drawn into a world of dangerous battles and poignant sacrifices.

With its striking visuals and emotional storytelling, Demon Slayer echoes the spirit of Solo Leveling, inviting viewers on an unforgettable journey through a world of darkness and redemption.


5. Fire Force (2019)

Solo Leveling Anime Similar

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In the realm of action-packed anime, Fire Force is blazing its trail with a narrative that echoes the monster-hunting intensity of Solo Leveling. Set in a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by spontaneous combustion, Fire Force follows the exploits of Shinra Kusakabe and her colleagues as they battle Hell, a fiery manifestation of the human soul.

In the midst of hell, an evil conspiracy smolders, adding a layer of intrigue to the fierce battle that ensues. With its dynamic animation and gripping storyline, Fire Force ignites the imagination, offering viewers a scorching journey through a world full of danger.


6. Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor

Solo Leveling Anime like

Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor introduces the audience to Glenn Radars, a character whose mysterious powers are similar to those of Sung Jin-Woo from Solo Leveling. Set in the illustrious Alzano Empire, the series unfolds within the walls of the Alzano Empire’s Magic Academy, where Glenn’s unorthodox teaching methods cause controversy among his students.

Behind Glenn’s laid-back demeanor lies a mysterious past and incredible abilities, setting the stage for a riveting tale of magic and intrigue. As friendships are tested and secrets revealed, the Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor exude charm, inviting viewers into a world where the line between light and dark is blurred.


7. Engage Kiss (2022)

Solo Leveling Anime like

Engage Kiss may be in the shadow of mainstream anime like Solo Leveling, but its offbeat charm and thrilling narrative make it a hidden gem worth exploring. Set in the town of Bayron, protagonist Shu Ogata embarks on a quest to uncover the truth behind the disappearance of his long-lost sister, aided by his half-demon companion, Kisara.

As demons lurk in the shadows, Shu’s determination sparks his relentless pursuit, leading to encounters that test his resolve and unravel dark mysteries. With its blend of action and mystery, Engage Kiss invites viewers on an exhilarating journey where each demon killed brings Shu closer to the truth.


8. Chainsaw Man (2022)

Solo Leveling Anime like

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Chainsaw Man slices through conventional anime tropes with violence reminiscent of relentless Leveling Solo action. Set in a world where Demon Hunters roam the streets, Denji emerges as an unlikely hero, wielding the power of the Chainsaw Man—a terrifying blend of humans and demons.

Much like Sung Jinwoo’s transformation, Denji’s evolution from defenseless youth to formidable warrior epitomizes the raw intensity and depth of the series’ narrative. As he navigates a dangerous landscape filled with danger and deception, Denji’s quest for survival becomes intertwined with secrets that threaten to finish him off. With immersive imagery and thought-provoking themes, Chainsaw Man carved a niche as an innovative anime that defied expectations.


9. The Rising of the Shield Hero (2019)

Solo Leveling Anime like

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The Rising of the Shield Hero invites viewers into a world of fantasy and danger. Protagonist Naofumi Iwatani embarks on a journey similar to that of Sung Jinwoo from Solo Leveling. As one of the four main heroes summoned to the Kingdom of Melromarc, Naofumi faces overwhelming odds as the Rising of the Shield Hero, with no traditional weapons.

Just like Sung Jinwoo, Naofumi must navigate dangerous battles and forge unlikely alliances in order to survive in a world full of fantasy monsters. The series offers a compelling narrative of resilience and redemption as Naofumi defies expectations and becomes famous against all odds.


10. Attack on Titan (2013)

Anime like Solo Leveling

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Attack on Titan stands as a monumental achievement in the world of fantasy monster Hunter anime, echoing the immersive intensity of leveling solo battles. Set against the backdrop of towering giants, the series plunges viewers into a world besieged by relentless enemies that threaten the very existence of humanity.

Protagonist Eren Yeager’s transformation from ordinary youth to formidable warrior mirrors Sung Jinwoo’s journey, as both protagonists harness their newfound strength to face insurmountable challenges. With its blend of horror, drama, and political intrigue, Attack on Titan immerses audiences in a gripping story of survival and sacrifice.


11. Sword Art Online (2012)

Anime like Solo Leveling

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Sword Art Online transcends the boundaries of traditional Isekai anime, offering a gripping narrative that aligns with the themes present in Solo Leveling. As protagonist Kirito navigates the dangerous virtual world of Aincrad, viewers are drawn into a world where fantasy and reality are blurred.

Just like Sung Jinwoo’s ascent to greatness, Kirito’s journey from skilled player to sword-wielding hero symbolizes a spirit of adventure and self-discovery. With deep storytelling and dynamic character development, Sword Art Online captivates audiences with its exploration of friendship, courage, and the pursuit of destiny.


12. Tower of God (2022)

Anime like Solo Leveling

Tower of God appears as a hidden gem within the anime landscape, offering a narrative full of intrigue and adventure reminiscent of Solo Leveling. Through the eyes of protagonist Bam, viewers embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth within the confines of the Tower.

Just like Sung Jinwoo’s evolution from underdog to hero, Bam’s ascent through the tower levels symbolizes the triumph of toughness and determination. With its rich world building and complex characters, Tower of God captivates audiences with its exploration of ambition, loyalty, and the pursuit of truth.


That’s the anime that is similar to Solo Leveling. From exhilarating Goblin Slayer encounters to Tower of God intrigue battles, fans can find echoes in these anime, each offering a unique theme that makes Solo Leveling an amazing experience. Enjoy watching and have a good rest.

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