15 Best Anime Similar To Samurai Champloo

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Anime Similar to Samurai Champloo – When we hear the words of the samurai, immediately our memory will be fixed on Japan. Samurai, formidable and fearless warriors, have been icons of Japanese culture for centuries.

Anime Similar to Samurai Champloo

Tittle : Samurai Champloo
Type : TV
Genres : Action, Adventure, Comedy
Themes : Historical, Samurai
Licensors : Funimation, Geneon Entertainment USA
Studios : Manglobe
Episodes : 26
Aired : May 20, 2004 – Mar 19, 2005

From deep historical records to contemporary works of art, the influence of Samurai culture continues to expand, even beyond the boundaries of time and space. One such manifestation is in modern anime, where Samurai Champloo becomes one of those uplifted works that combine stunning martial craftsmanship with immersive narrative.

At the heart of the story lies Fuu Kasumi, a young and bumbling waitress whose peaceful existence in a modest teahouse is shattered when she accidentally spills a drink onto a customer. This simple accident catapults Fuu into a whirlwind of chaos as a group of relentless samurai begin harassing her. Desperate for help, Fuu turns to Mugen, a samurai whose wild and unorthodox fighting techniques are very similar to break dancing.

With lightning-fast maneuvers, Mugen quickly dispatched their attackers. However, this victory sparked a conflict between Mugen and Jin, a solemn ronin who used a proper and traditional style of sword fighting. In an unfortunate turn of events, their clash not only obliterated the teahouse but also resulted in the accidental death of the local magistrate’s son.

Now, if you’re craving a more enthralling adventure like Samurai Champloo, fear not, as we present to you 15 carefully curated anime that will take you to a similar realm of excitement and wonder.


Here’s a List of Anime Similar to Samurai Champloo To Watch

1. Sword of the Stranger (2007)

Anime Similar to Samurai Champloo

For anime lovers who are looking for anime similar to Samurai Champloo, Sword of the Stranger is a great choice. Sword of the Stranger is a hidden gem that will leave you breathless with its stunning animations and unforgettable fight scenes.

Just like in Samurai Champloo, the bond between strangers becomes a central theme as Kotarou and the enigmatic swordsman embark on a thrilling journey that will test their skills and forge an unbreakable bond. With each clash of their swords, you will be drawn deeper into this story of friendship and redemption.


2. Katanagatari (2010)

Anime Similar to Samurai Champloo

Samurai Champloo fans are no strangers to its unique blend of historical setting and vibrant pop culture references. If you enjoy deliberate anachronisms and exhilarating Samurai Champloo sword fights, then Katanagatari is the perfect anime to add to your watchlist.

This visually refreshing series takes an artistic approach to its animation, with a simple style that sets it apart from traditional anime. However, like Samurai Champloo, Katanagatari is full of elegance and sophistication in every frame.

As you follow Yasuri Mutsune’s quest for the legendary deviant blades, you’ll be swept away by the slick action sequences and captivating journey that unfold. Katanagatari is a mesmerizing experience that will make you crave a special blend of history and eccentricity, even more if you’re looking for anime similar to Samurai Champloo.


3. Samurai 7 (2004)

Anime Similar to Samurai Champloo

If you’re craving a more epic samurai story, Samurai 7 is the perfect companion. In this anime, set in a world where samurai have become obsolete, a group of Brave Warriors rises to protect innocent people from the ravages of corrupt government policies.

Just like Samurai Champloo, Samurai 7 immerses you in a world where honor and loyalty are tested and where friendship and sacrifice bind characters together. Samurai 7 is a must-watch for any Samurai Champloo fan looking for another grand adventure.


4. Cowboy Bebop (1998)

Anime Similar to Samurai Champloo

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As fans looking for anime similar to Samurai Champloo, we owe it to ourselves to explore the works of other brilliant directors behind it all. That’s why Cowboy Bebop is a must-see for anyone in love with the jazz atmosphere and Samurai Champloo storytelling style.

Both series have a similar feel, thanks to the influence of different directors. In Cowboy Bebop, you’ll join interstellar bounty hunters Spike Spiegel and Jet Black in a thrilling chase of criminals across the galaxy.

Just like in Samurai Champloo, the characters find unexpected allies and face old enemies from their past, as the past never really leaves them. With a perfect blend of Western and Eastern themes and an unforgettable cast of characters.


5. Samurai Afro (2007)

Anime Similar to Samurai Champloo

If you crave another dose of samurai action similar to Samurai Champloo, then Samurai Afro is the right choice for you. Set in futuristic, wild west-inspired Japan, the anime follows the story of Afro, a skilled samurai on a revengemission.

Just like Mugen and Jin from Samurai Champloo, Afro is a master of swords and embarks on a journey full of bloodshed and fierce battles. The series offers the same fighting style, atmospheric feel, and captivating episodes that will keep you hooked from start to finish.


6. Gintama (2006)

Anime Similar to Samurai Champloo

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Looking for an anime that mixes comedy and serious moments like Samurai Champloo? Gintama is an interesting choice. Set in the city of Edo, once home to ambitious samurai, Gintama follows the adventures of Gintoki and his ragged friends as they explore a world where swords are now forbidden.

Just like Mugen and Jin, Gintoki appears apathetic but harbors strong emotions and has a strong sense of duty. Both series feature powerful samurai characters with chaotic fighting styles that keep opponents on their toes.

Although Gintama leans more towards light comedy and has a larger number of episodes, it still presents a captivating storyline and memorable characters.


7. Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit (2007)

Anime Similar to Samurai Champloo

The anime is set in the feudal kingdom of Yogo, where a dark secret threatens the imperial family. It follows the journey of Balsa, a wandering warrior who becomes the young and innocent protector of the Second Prince of Chagum.

Just like the Genie in Samurai Champloo, Balsa is a powerful warrior on a dangerous journey of discovery. Both anime feature an enduring bond between the protector and the person they swore to protect.

With its rich storytelling and similar themes of loyalty and redemption, Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit is a captivating choice for fans of Samurai Champloo.


8. Golden Kamuy (2018)

Anime like Samurai Champloo

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For Samurai Champloo fans who crave anime with a historical setting, Golden Kamuy is the right choice. Set in the early twentieth century, the series follows the story of Saichi Immortal Sugimoto, a veteran of the Russo-Japanese War who searches for hidden Ainu gold.

Just like Mugen and Jin, Sugimoto is a mismatched protagonist navigating a dangerous quest. Samurai Champloo and Golden Kamuy feature intense fight scenes and some gore, making them thrilling choices for action fans.

In addition, both series feature likeable characters with interesting backgrounds that unfold gradually, keeping the audience engaged.


9. Samurai Deeper Kyo (2002)

Anime like Samurai Champloo

Samurai Deeper Kyo delves into the complex story of Mibu Kyoshiro and Onime-no-Kyo, two contrasting souls trapped in one body. Kyoshiro, a humble and polite individual, finds himself mistaken for the legendary samurai Onime-no-Kyo, who is sought after by many.

As the series progresses, viewers are treated to a deeper understanding of two unique personalities who coexist in the same container.

If you’re a fan of the captivating narrative of Samurai Champloo, Samurai Deeper Kyo is a must-see. Yuya, a character in Deeper Kyo, has some similarities to Fuu Champloo. They both have a touch of sweetness and awkwardness, yet they remain very strong individuals who strive for independence.


10. Bleach (2004)

Anime like Samurai Champloo

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Fifteen-year-old Ichigo Kurosaki is an ordinary teenager gifted with the power to see ghosts. As his family faces a terrifying threat, Ichigo discovers a hidden world where evil spirits named Hollows roam.

Accompanied by Shinigami, or Soul Reapers, Ichigo embarks on a mission to subdue these vengeful beings and guide lost souls to the afterlife in Soul Society.

Bleach combines supernatural elements and demon hunting instead of traditional sword fighting. Bleach has similarities to Samurai Champloo. Both anime series offer exhilarating sword fights, injecting adrenaline and excitement into each battle.


11. Claymore (2007)

Anime like Samurai Champloo

In a world entangled in fear, Claymore introduces the existence of Yoma, a bloodthirsty demon that preys on humans and is capable of assimilating human memories and appearances.

Standing as a formidable force against these monstrous creatures is Claymore, a woman who possesses both human and demonic qualities and is destined to succumb to the darkness they hunt. Watch the journey of Raki, an orphan, as she crosses paths with Clare, a charming Claymore.

Claymore and Samurai Champloo immerse the viewer in captivating battles. Despite their visual differences, the two series excel at portraying the physical casualties suffered by the characters during their encounters, be they severe injuries or profound acts of blood spitting.


12. Blade of the Immortal (2008)

Anime like Samurai Champloo

Manji, an immortal swordsman burdened by guilt, embarks on a dangerous quest to avenge his sister’s death by killing a thousand evildoers.

Accompanied by Rin, a young girl who reminds him of his deceased sibling, Manji’s path intertwines with that of Itto-ryu, a group responsible for the unspeakable atrocities that have befallen Rin’s loved ones.

Blade of the Immortal and Samurai Champloo share an interesting storyline. In both anime, we witness the journey of one or more individuals who act as protectors for a determined young woman. Rin, seeking vengeance for the death of her family, parallels Fuu’s quest to find the man who exudes the scent of sunflowers.


13. Dororo (2019)

Anime like Samurai Champloo

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Dororo, set against the captivating backdrop of Japan’s Warring States period, delves into pure storytelling and superb character development.

Similar to Samurai Champloo, the series reveals a tapestry of feudal Japanese history, with touches of folklore and mysticism. Accompanied by a thrilling plot centered around the MC’s pursuit of a mysterious entity, Dororo captivates audiences with its immersive atmosphere and compelling narrative.

The journey begun by the enigmatic Hyakkimaru, with his sword as a weapon and incredible scenery, transcends conventional boundaries and entertains fans of Samurai Champloo with its striking parallels.


14. Ninja Scroll: The Series (2003)

Anime like Samurai Champloo

Just like Samurai Champloo, Ninja Scroll: The Series delivers exhilarating samurai action. Offering a breathtaking series of fights against enemies of incredible power, the series effortlessly blends the boundaries of reality to take viewers into a world filled with unadulterated excitement.

The enigmatic mercenary, Kibagami Jubei, thrusts to the audience a series of breathtaking battle scenes as he embarks on a dangerous mission to protect the mystical jewel.

Apart from their different music choices, Samurai Champloo with its hip-hop beats and Ninja Scroll with its rock soundtrack became undeniable proofs of the courage and creativity of the anime music landscape.


15. Basilisk (2015)

Anime like Samurai Champloo

Much like Samurai Champloo, Basilisk captivates audiences with its gripping story of a rival clan, a love-stricken girl, and an idealist caught in the middle of a storm of chaos.

Drawing on a history of longstanding animosity, the series weaves a tapestry of conflict so profound that it threatens to unravel the fabric of the Tokugawa Shogunate. As the central characters, Oboro and Gennosuke, confront their destinies and lead their respective clans into the horrors of battle, the Basilisk immerses fans in a world teetering on the brink of destruction.

The intricate web of relationships, alongside deep character development, is reminiscent of the allure that made Samurai Champloo a timeless classic.


With so many options available, Samurai Champloo fans can explore a variety of worlds and stories waiting to be discovered. From samurai to ninjas, these anime promise unforgettable adventures and immersive experiences for their viewers.

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