12 Best Anime Similar To Nanbaka

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Anime Similar To Nanbaka  Nanbaka is a dynamic anime series that chronicles the wild journey within the walls of Nanba Prison.

Anime like Nanbaka

Tittle : Nanbaka
Type : TV
Genres : Action, Comedy, Drama
Demographic : Seinen
Licensors : Funimation
Studios : Satelight
Episodes : 13
Aired : Oct 5, 2016 – Dec 28, 2016

Nanba is known as the toughest prison and the world’s most impenetrable prison, designed to house the most elusive and slippery criminals. Within the confines of Cell 13 live four inmates whose escapades and antics keep prison staff on their toes, creating a whirlwind of chaos and laughter amid a backdrop of serious confinement.

Juugo: a locksmith with a lifetime spent behind bars, Juugo’s expertise in breaking free from confinement is unparalleled.

Uno: With a gambling flair and keen intuition, Uno adds a layer of unpredictability to the group. His ability to read situations and devise cunning plans made him an invaluable asset.

Nico: an otaku with a strange reaction to drugs, Nico often keeps his cellmates entertained and frustrates the prison staff.

Rock: a powerhouse with a huge appetite, Rock’s love of food can only be rivaled by his strength.

At the heart of it all is Hajime Sugoroku, the long-suffering building superintendent tasked with guarding the inmates. Despite his best efforts, the everyday crimes and ingenious schemes of Juugo, Uno, Nico, and Rock always seem to cause trouble and test the limits of Nanba’s security measures.

If you are looking for anime similar to Nanbaka, then here are some titles that you should try.


List of Best Anime Similar To Nanbaka 

1. Prison School (2015)

Anime Similar To Nanbaka

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Located in the bustling suburbs of Tokyo, Hachimitsu Private Academy stands as a bastion of excellence in education and civility, catering exclusively to young women seeking refined learning. However, the calm atmosphere was shattered when seismic changes shook its sacred hall—an unprecedented revision that allowed the entry of male students.

Want to experience a ridiculous and exaggerated prison comedy? Try one of these shows! On the more ecchi side of the spectrum lies Prison School, pretty much a raunchy and brutal BDSM fantasy for prisoners.


2. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K (2016)

Anime Similar To Nanbaka

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Psychic prowess hailed as a coveted gift, Kusuo Saiki stands as an anomaly—a young man burdened by various supernatural abilities that turn his life into a series of comedic accidents and trials. From telepathy to x-ray vision, every aspect of his extraordinary talent becomes a source of irritation rather than empowerment.

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K and Nanbaka had a similar heavy comedy factor in previous episodes. Although Nanbaka deviates from comedy and focuses more on serious issues in the latter part, Saiki Kusuo remains true to the comedic aspect and continues to the end.


3. Assassination Classroom (2015)

Anime like Nanbaka

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Hidden amidst the quiet mountains near Kunugigaoka High School, a forgotten building protects a Class 3-E-A collection of misfits and achievers who are relegated to the sidelines of academia. Branded a failure by their peers, their fortunes take a drastic turn when a strange assignment lands on their desk: to eliminate their enigmatic new teacher, heralded as the gravest threat on the planet.

Both shows are pretty heavy comedy anime and get more serious later on without ever detracting from the comedic aspect. Assassination Classroom: powerful teacher; Nanbaka: powerful guardian. Both are funny, and the characters are fun and entertaining to watch.


4. Samurai Flamenco (2013)

Anime like Nanbaka

Masayoshi Hazama’s life straddles two worlds. During the day, a famous model graces the cover of a magazine, and at night, a masked Samurai Flamenco fights against evil with an unshakable spirit. Armed not with superpowers but with unshakable determination and a bright costume, Masayoshi embarks on a quest for justice, facing the ills of society and personal demons.

They are very absurd, and although the seriousness of the plot can be jarring, both of these comedies are still very fun. You have no idea what you’re getting into with the series, both of which offer unexpected twists and turns in styles ranging from dark to comedic.


5. SERVAMP (2016)

Anime like Nanbaka

Mahiru Shirota’s philosophy revolves around simplicity and avoiding unnecessary problems. However, fate has other plans when she finds a stray cat on her way home from school. Naming the cat Kuro, Mahiru unknowingly embarks on a journey that defies her trouble-free spell, plunging her into a world where ordinary people meet extraordinary people.

Although SERVAMP and Nanbaka have different storylines, they have something in common that makes them appealing to fans of unique and entertaining anime. Nanbaka is passionate about comedy, and SERVAMP also sprinkles humor throughout his storylines, creating moments of levity amid the action and drama.


6. Senyu (2013)

Anime Similar To Nanbaka

In a world where demons and humans coexist, an ancient terror resurfaces when the Demon King Rchimedes breaks through the barrier between the worlds. With chaos looming on the horizon, a human king goes to great lengths to summon the descendants of the legendary hero Creasion, hoping to thwart Rchimedes’ impending onslaught.

With a blend of happy-go-lucky humor and dark tones, Senyu offers a comedic experience similar to Nanbaka. Both also show a balance of humor with serious moments, delving into the unexpected backstories of the characters and adding a layer of depth to the narrative.


7. Blood Lad (2013)

Anime like Nanbaka

Staz Charlie Blood, the formidable ruler of the Eastern District of Demon World, defies the vampire stereotype with his peculiar obsession—he is an otaku at heart, immersed in the world of Japanese culture and entertainment. Uninterested in typical vampire pursuits such as hunting for blood, Staz delegates his responsibilities and indulges his passion for anime, manga, and games.

As a similar anime series, Nanbaka and Blood Lad both feature a prison. However, Nanbaka featured prison life as its main setting, and Blood Lad incorporated it as a minor setting. The main characters in both anime lead groups with different and unique members, adding a layer of camaraderie and excitement to the storytelling.


8. Deadman Wonderland (2011)

Nanbaka Anime like

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Ganta Igarashi’s ordinary life is shattered in an instant when a school trip to Deadman’s Wonderland turns into a nightmare. Witnessing the massacre of his classmates and being framed for the atrocities, Ganta finds himself condemned in the prison he was supposed to be in, which is a twisted amusement park, with the inmates engaging in deadly performances for the amusement of the audience.

Deadman Wonderland and Nanbaka each offer a unique take on the dungeon genre with an incredible twist. Both shows feature powerful and badass female wardens, adding intrigue and dynamism to the prison setting.


9. Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun (2019)

Anime Similar To Nanbaka

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Iruma Suzuki’s life changes drastically when she learns that her parents have sold her to The Demon Sullivan. What initially seems like bad luck turns into a bizarre adventure when Sullivan treats Iruma like a cherished granddaughter, enrolling her in Babyls, a prestigious demon school.

Characters like Clara from Iruma-kun and Nico from Nanbaka bring colorful energy and comedic flair to their respective series, adding layers of fun and excitement. Similarly, the dynamic between Amelie and Ameri in Iruma-kun and Momo in Nanbaka features strong-willed female characters with their own uniqueness and strength, contributing to the overall charm of the show.


10. Sabikui Bisco (2022)

Anime like Nanbaka

Devastated by an apocalyptic cataclysm, The Remains of Japan are engulfed in an endless sandy plain, plagued by a mysterious rust disease attributed to a man-eating fungus, Bisco Akaboshi. As survivors struggle to rebuild amid the chaos, the government’s claims of fungal spores fueling the destruction sow seeds of doubt and intrigue.

Both series feature vivid visuals and unique settings that immerse viewers in a fantastic world full of adventure and humor. The presence of strong female side characters adds depth and diversity to the cast, enhancing the storytelling and character dynamics.


11. Glasses Club (2013)

Nanbaka anime similar

At Himaraya Third Technical School, the Glasses Club embarks on a unique and passionate journey driven by their love of glasses. Led by the visionary Akira Souma, the club’s dream of creating the best X-ray glasses faces obstacles from both practical challenges and bureaucratic hurdles imposed by the student body chairman.

The comedic plots of both series are complemented by deep emotional moments, highlighting the bonds and friendships formed between the characters. The bright, colorful visuals enhance the playful tone of the show, creating an immersive experience for viewers invested in comedic storytelling with heartwarming moments.


12. Soul Eater (2008)

Anime like Nanbaka

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In Death City, the Death Weapon Meister Academy stands as a training beacon for users of Death Scythes—weapons born from human hybrids known as Meisters that can transform into demonic weapons. The Academy’s mission to fight evil relies on a unique bond between the Meisters and their weapon comrades, forged through the consumption of 99 evil souls and one witch soul.

The blend of comedy and seriousness in Soul Eater reflects Nanbaka’s approach to storytelling, which balances lighthearted moments with deeper themes. Both series feature main characters who reveal unexpected layers and complexities as the story progresses, adding depth and intrigue to their personalities.


That’s a similar anime, Nanbaka, until we meet again in the next article.

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