15 Best Anime Similar To Drifters

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Anime Similar To Drifters – Anime has become an indispensable part of Japanese popular culture, and one of its prominent titles is Drifters.

Anime Similar To Drifters

Tittle : Drifters
Type : TV
Genres : Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy
Themes : Adult Cast, Gore, Historical, Isekai, Military
Licensors : Funimation
Studios : Hoods Entertainment
Episodes : 12
Aired : Oct 7, 2016 – Dec 23, 2016

With a combination of thrilling action, powerful characters, and an engaging plot, anime Drifters takes its viewers into a world rich with history, myths, and legends of feudal Japan. In this story, the characters of various historical periods are faced with epic battles and intricate political intrigues.

Drifters is a manga by Kouta Hirano, also known as the creator of Hellsing. The series first appeared in 2009 and was later adapted into an anime series in 2016. The story follows a group of legendary heroes who are drawn into another world called Drifters, where they fight an epic battle against evil forces known as Ends.

One thing that makes Drifters so interesting is its unique and colorful characters. Among them were Shimazu Toyohisa, a famous samurai of the Sengoku period; Oda Nobunaga, a brilliant daimyo; and Yoichi Suketaka Nasu, an accomplished archer of the Kamakura period. They met various other historical figures, including Hannibal Barca and Joan of Arc, who were also caught up in this conflict.

Anime Drifters became a mirror for Japan’s national pride in its cultural and historical heritage. By exploring the feudal period, the anime evokes a spirit of patriotism and pride in Japan’s deep cultural roots.

In an anime world full of wonder and courage, searching for a story comparable to Drifters is a quest that involves boundless adventure.

In that case, for those of you Drifters fans who want a more viewing experience, instead we have provided for you some anime series that have some aspects similar to Drifters. Let’s consider the following list.


Here’s a List of Best Anime Similar To Drifters

1. Berserk (1997)

Anime Similar To Drifters

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Born from the shadows of a tragic past, Guts navigates the chaotic boundary between life and death. His journey unfolds through brutal battles and the pursuit of personal power. Guts’ simple life changes when he meets Griffith, the charismatic leader of the Hawks Band.

The Berserk remake fails in comparison to the ’90s version, a testament to how animated and hack-and-slash should be. Drifters fans might reconsider their stance after witnessing the timeless brilliance of the original Berserk.


2. Parasyte: The Maxim (2014)

Anime Similar To Drifters

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Alien parasites descend to Earth with evil directives, seeking to control human bodies in secret. Shinji, an ordinary high school student, forms an uneasy alliance with a curious parasite after a daring encounter.

Drifters may lack flowing animation and engaging characters, but Parasyte offers a gripping alternative. Its gore and stunning animation transcend its lackluster Drifters aspect, making it a worthwhile escape into the realm of parasitic intrigue.


3. Mob Psycho 100 (2016)

Anime Similar To Drifters

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Kageyama Shigeo, known as Mob,  wrestles to express himself while harboring powerful ESP abilities. Mob’s journey to live a normal life takes an unexpected turn as he faces fake Espers, evil spirits, and a mysterious organization.

In contrast to Drifters, Mob Psycho 100 explores epic battles with a unique narrative. While some claim Drifters boasts the best animation, a journey into Mob Psycho 100 unveils a true masterpiece, challenging the idea of Drifters as the pinnacle of animation excellence.


4. Gangsta. (2015)

Anime Similar To Drifters

Ergastulum, a city full of crime, introduces the handymen,  Nic and Worick, who deal with the dirtiest deeds in this underworld. Parallels between Gangsta. and Drifters are evident early on, with a shared art style and violent narrative.

As the story progresses, the similarities deepen through riveting fight scenes and complex character dynamics. Gangsta. appears as an interesting option for those looking for a mix of noir aesthetics and intense storytelling similar to Drifters.


5. Fate/Apocrypha (2017)

Anime Similar To Drifters

The Black Faction’s pursuit of the Greater Grail and the Red Faction’s resistance unfold in the Great Holy Grail War in Trifas, Romania. Fate/Apocrypha, like Drifters, investigates alternate universes and manipulates historical and fictional characters.

Both narratives show a fearless approach to the behavior of characters that twists morals, creating complex and interesting storylines. For fans of battles between factions competing for world dominance, Fate/Apocrypha stands as an interesting alternative for Drifters.


6. Fate/Zero (2011)

Anime Similar To Drifters

At the beginning of Shirou Emiya’s Destiny, Fate/Zero reveals the gripping story of the fourth Holy Grail War. Kiritsugu Emiya, the witch killer, seeks to reshape the world with the power of the Grail, joined by the indomitable Saber.

The attraction lies in the clash of prominent historical figures, reflecting the thematic essence of Drifters. However, differences in narrative intricacies set them apart, making each series a different experience for lovers of war-centered anime.


7. Attack on Titan (2013)

Anime Similar To Drifters

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A century after the attack on the Titans, Attack on Titan thrusts viewers into a world of colossal creatures and relentless survival. Its bold animation style and diverse cast resonate with Drifters fans.

Both series masterfully blend fast-paced, intense combat with meaningful dialogue, creating immersive universes. While the narrative paths diverge, the common thread of gripping animation and dynamic characters binds Attack on Titan and hovers in the hearts of anime lovers.


8. Saga of Tanya the Evil (2017)

Anime Like Drifters

In the realm of tactical brilliance and dark tones, The Saga of Tanya the Evil resonates with Drifters. Parallel characters driven into an alien world, enjoying the art of battle, intertwine a captivating narrative.

The war unfolds as an ever-growing force in both anime, with death depicted in a visually appealing yet ominous way. The synergy of tactical maneuvers and character development ensures that Drifters fans find a common passion in The Saga of Tanya the Evil.


9. Hellsing Ultimate (2006)

Anime Like Drifters

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Alucard, the vampire hunter in Hellsing Ultimate, has thematic and visual similarities to Drifters. A dark atmosphere, tactical confrontation, and the allure of supernatural elements are intertwined in the series. The influence of the creator is manifested in both, evident not only in the animation but also in the design of the characters.

Toyohisa and Alucard’s brooding personas harmonize, reinforcing the idea that fans of one will find solace in the gruesome, action-packed narrative of the other.


10. Elfen Lied (2004)

Anime Like Drifters

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Elfen Lied and Drifters differ in tone, but the search for deep experience draws parallels. While Drifters blood splashes may fail for some, Elfen Lied offers a different perspective on Gore.

The contrasting styles of dark purple blood in Drifters and intense immersive scenes in Elfen Lied show their different approaches to the terrible. For those looking for a darker anime experience, Elfen Lied presents an alternative to the unique but polarized Gore portrayal of Drifters.


11. Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion (2006)

Anime Like Drifters

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In the dystopian world of Code Geass, political intrigue, mecha battles, and a school setting intertwine to create a masterpiece. Lelouch’s journey, driven by the mysterious power to control the mind, presents thrilling tactics and mind-bending twists.

Despite my aversion to politics, mechanics, and school themes, Code Geass defies expectations, offering fun, devious characters and scintillating animation. A testament to its brilliance, beyond the elements I couldn’t find in Drifters.


12. PSYCHO-PASS (2012)

Anime Like Drifters

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Psycho-Pass raises the sensation of smart and gore to a higher level. In a future defined by the Sibyl System, Akane Tsunemori’s role as Inspector unravels a complex narrative of crime and morality.

Ignoring Drifters‘ claims of greatness, Psycho-Pass proves superior with sophisticated storytelling and immersive experiences. The comparison with the Pokemon movie emphasizes the striking difference in quality, resonating with those looking for an intellectual and gripping anime.


13. Deadman Wonderland (2011)

Anime Like Drifters

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Within the brutal confines of Deadman Wonderland, violence reaches traumatizing levels far beyond Drifters. Ganta Igarashi’s struggle for survival in the midst of a gladiator-style game resonates with true horror.

Despite the differences with Drifters, Deadman Wonderland emerges as a superior choice for those who want intense violence and impactful scenes. His ability to evoke true emotions sets him apart from his lackluster Drifters aspect.


14. From the New World (2012)

Anime Like Drifters

From the New World offers a gripping narrative of psychokinetic powers and hidden truths, featuring elements of horror and mindfuck. Although it is not related to Drifters, it serves as a reminder of what true psychological depth can be.

The call to explore other top anime underscores the desperation of those seeking violence, urging them to delve into a world where madness meets unparalleled storytelling.


15. Nobunagun (2014)

Anime Like Drifters

Nobunagun introduces a unique premise, blending historical figures with otherworldly battles. The concept of using famous figures, especially Oda Nobunaga, to combat the object of an evolutionary invasion adds depth to the narrative.

Its incorporation of adult humor sets it apart from Drifters, offering a new perspective for those seeking a blend of history, humor, and inter-dimensional warfare.


With soul-stirring power and a thought-provoking narrative, this one-of-a-kind and similar anime, Drifters, presents an enthralling epic landscape, letting us drift in the infinite flow of time. On our journey in search of a comparable saga, one thing is certain: in a world filled with Drifters, adventures never end, and stories await to be revealed along our unexpected journey.

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