15 Best Anime Similar To Dagashi Kashi

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Anime Similar To Dagashi Kashi Have you ever felt nostalgic to see the sweets and chocolates that we enjoyed as children? If so, you might feel like going back to your childhood by watching the Dagashi Kashi anime.

Anime like Dagashi Kashi

Tittle : Dagashi Kashi
Type : TV
Genres : Comedy, Gourmet
Themes : Romantic Subtext
Licensors : Funimation
Studios : feel.
Episodes : 12
Aired : Jan 8, 2016 – Apr 1, 2016

Dagashi Kashi is an anime series that reminds us of the days when the candy and snack shop on the corner was the most fun place to go.

Dagashi Kashi is a manga by Kotoyama that was later adapted into an anime in 2016. The story follows websenshi Shikada Kokonotsu, a teenager who inherits his family’s candy store but dreams of becoming a mangaka. His mother, who wanted Kokonotsu to take over the family business, asked for a competent heir. Later, Kokonotsu’s best friend, a strange girl named Shidare Hotaru, appears with a mission to influence Kokonotsu to continue the candy store.

One of the highlights of Dagashi Kashi is its focus on dagashi, a Japanese-style snack that is affordable and popular with children. From candy to chewing gum with unique shapes and flavors, Dagashi Kashi makes us interested in exploring the world of dagashi that we may have left behind for a long time.

After watching Dagashi Kashi, viewers may look for other anime that have a similar vibe or theme. Here are some anime similar to Dagashi Kashi.


Here’s a List of Best Anime Similar To Dagashi Kashi 

1. Tamako Market (2013)

Anime Similar To Dagashi Kashi

Tamako Market is set in the bustling shopping village of Bunny Mountain. The story follows Tamako, a cheerful girl who helps her father in their mochi shop. Everything changes when he discovers “a talking exotic bird” on a mission to find a bride for his prince.

If you are a fan of Dagashi Kashi and its Japanese food exploration, you will definitely enjoy Tamako Market. Just like Dagashi Kashi, Tamako Market gives viewers a glimpse into the world of food. Tamako’s life revolves around her father’s mochi shop, where she learns about the art of making mochi.


2. Chocolate Underground (2008)

Anime like Dagashi Kashi

In the Chocolate Underground, sweets, pastries, and chocolate have been banned by the “Good for You Party” in favor of healthier options. Smudger, the protagonist, watches as his father’s pastry shop suffers under these new rules. However, hope arises when Smudger and his friend on the hunt discover a secret cocoa shop hidden in an abandoned mine. enjoy their favorite food.

If you have a sweet tooth and enjoy focusing on snacks and sweets at Dagashi Kashi, Chocolate Underground is the anime for you. Both series revolve around the love of delicious treats.


3. Food Wars! Shokugeki no Souma (2015)

Anime Similar To Dagashi Kashi

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Food Wars! Shokugeki no Souma tells the story of Souma Yukihira, a boy who dreams of surpassing his father in cooking and taking over their family restaurant. His life takes a surprising turn when his father closes the restaurant and sends him to the prestigious Tohtsuki Academy, famous for its excellent culinary education. Souma faces various challenges as he strives to prove his skills at a school full of accomplished chefs, including the famous and talented Erina” God Tongue” Nakiri.

Both anime series explore the world of delicious food, focusing on the culinary arts. While Dagashi Kashi introduces us to the uniqueness of Japanese snacks, Food Wars! takes us on a journey of intense cooking competition. The passion for food and the pursuit of excellence are the common threads between these two charming animes.


4. Hi Score Girl (2018)

Anime Similar To Dagashi Kashi

Hi Score Girl takes us back to 1991, during the height of the 2D fighting game boom. Haruo, a sixth grader, spends most of his time in the local arcade, completely unaware of the world around him. However, her unremarkable life takes an unexpected turn when she meets Akira, a classmate who excels academically and comes from a wealthy background.

Enjoying the dynamic between Hotaru and Kokonotsu in Dagashi Kashi, you will find a similar formula in Hi Score Girl. Both anime series feature a girl who enters the protagonists’ lives, introducing them to new passions and sparking a love triangle. Dagashi Kashi is a world of Japanese sweets, while Hi Score Girl revolves around video games, especially fighting games.


5. Today’s Menu for the Emiya Family (2018)

Anime Similar to Dagashi Kashi

Today’s Menu for the Emiya Family combines the universe of fate with the joy of food. It features regular eating scenes in Emiya’s household throughout the season. Delicious food is served, bringing together the iconic characters of Fate in a delicate and delicious world.

As an anime similar to Dagashi Kashi, it shares a focus on food and incorporates a bit of romance. While Dagashi Kashi explores Japanese snacks, Today’s Menu for the Emiya Family takes us to the Emiya household, where we witness the preparation of a variety of delicious dishes. The art style may vary slightly, but the uplifting atmosphere remains consistent across the two anime.


6. Takunomi (2018)

Anime Similar to Dagashi Kashi

Takunomi takes us on a journey with Michiru Amatsuki, a young woman who begins a new chapter in her life in Tokyo. As she settles into her new apartment at Stella House Haruno, she meets a diverse group of women with different backgrounds and personalities. What unites them is their love of delicious food and drink.

From enjoying mouthwatering beer and alcohol to exchanging interesting trivia, Takunomi paints a vivid picture of the joys of culinary exploration. Fans of Dagashi Kashi will appreciate the similar theme of enjoying gastronomic delights, with both series offering a fun mix of entertainment and knowledge.


7. JK Meshi! (2015)

Anime Similar To Dagashi Kashi

JK Meshi! is an anime that celebrates the art of cooking through the eyes of three high school girls. Reina, Ryouka, and Ruriko have mastered the art of making simple yet delicious Class B dishes, captivating the audience’s taste buds. Just like Dagashi Kashi, this anime is sure to whet your appetite and make you crave for more.

With a focus on cheap snacks and easy-to-make meals, JK Meshi! takes you on a culinary adventure, introducing you to a variety of flavors and recipes. Both anime series are a treasure trove of information on food and more, allowing you to expand your knowledge while enjoying captivating storytelling.


8. Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out! (2020)

Anime like Dagashi Kashi

Uzaki-chan wants to hang out! The story revolves around the agile Uzaki Hana and her relentless pursuit to accompany her upperclassman, Sakurai Shinichi. The captivating energy shown by the main characters is reminiscent of the dynamics between the characters in Dagashi Kashi.

Both shows offer a delightful mix of slices of life, comedy, and romance, bringing to life heartwarming and hilarious encounters. As Uzaki-chan touches your heart with his unwavering commitment to dispelling loneliness, you can’t help but draw parallels with Dagashi Kashi‘s vibrant and passionate Hotaru Shidare.


9. Magical Sempai (2019)

Anime like Dagashi Kashi

Get ready to be enchanted by the captivating world of stage magic in Magical Sempai. Tejina, a cute and eccentric girl, is passionate about magic tricks, despite her crippling stage fright. Similarly, Dagashi Kashi introduces us to the enchanting world of traditional confectionery through the vibrant character of Hotaru Shidare.

While their passions may be different, the two shows share a common humorous plot and often find themselves entangled in lewd situations with the male lead. In addition, both anime feature secondary characters who show interest in the main cast, adding an extra layer of lightness and charm to the narrative.


10. Barakamon (2014)

Anime like Dagashi Kashi

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In Barakamon, we meet Sei Handa, a talented calligrapher who finds himself exiled to a quiet rural island after an outburst of anger. Similar to Dagashi Kashi, Barakamon captures the essence of a black-haired young man exploring the peculiarities of rural life in Japan.

Both series introduce us to a colorful cast of characters who embrace the protagonist with open arms, offering unforgettable moments of friendship and joy. While Dagashi Kashi revolves around the theme of sweets, Barakamon explores the world of art. Despite the difference in focus, the two shows share a peculiar charm and convey moving stories against a picturesque rural backdrop.


11. Call of the Night (2022)

Anime like Dagashi Kashi

Call of the Night, an anime similar to Dagashi Kashi, introduces us to Yamori, a sleepless young man who ventures out at night and discovers a whole new world. He meets Nanakusa, a flirtatious and charming individual who offers a more attractive alternative to spending the night with an old drunk on a park bench.

The story takes an unexpected turn when Yamori wakes up to find that Nanakusa’s loving kiss bit her a bit. With a similar art style and supernatural romance theme, Call of the Night is a captivating anime that Dagashi Kashi fans will surely enjoy.


12. The Pet Girl of Sakurasou (2012)

Anime like Dagashi Kashi

The Pet Girl of Sakurasou follows Sorata, a student who finds herself transferred to the infamous Sakurasou dormitory full of bad boys. The goal becomes to escape from this eccentric environment, which is easier said than done. He must navigate the ups and downs of living with a fellow inhabitant who is anything but normal.

Despite the chaos, Sorata finds solace in his friendship with Nanami, one of his “normal” friends. Just like Dagashi Kashi, The Pet Girl of Sakurasou explores the challenges and comedy that come with pursuing dreams in the entertainment industry.


13. After-School Dice Club (2019)

Anime like Dagashi Kashi

After-School Dice Club revolves around Miki, an introverted high school student who wants to understand what true pleasure feels like. He meets his classmate Aya, who introduces him to the world of “board games” and takes him on a journey of discovery.

Similar to Dagashi Kashi, both shows have a special focus, with Dagashi Kashi highlighting the world of snacks and the After-School Dice Club plunging into the world of board games. Both series feature passionate and knowledgeable characters who entertain and educate viewers on their respective subjects.


14. Hanasaku Iroha: Blossoms for Tomorrow (2011)

Anime like Dagashi Kashi

Hanasaku Iroha tells the story of Ohana, a young teenager who is suddenly forced to live in the countryside with her stubborn grandmother. She must adapt to a life very different from her previous city life, working as a maid and facing new challenges along the way.

Much like Dagashi Kashi, Hanasaku Iroha explores the theme of finding oneself and navigating the complexity of new environments. While Dagashi Kashi takes a comedic approach, Hanasaku Iroha offers a more realistic depiction of life. In addition, both shows feature stunning animations and vibrant colors that enhance the viewing experience.


15. Wagnaria!! (2010)

Anime like Dagashi Kashi

Wagnaria!! Souta is a young man who finds himself working at a family restaurant because of his love of funny things. She meets a colorful cast of characters, including the adorable Popura, and discovers the joys and challenges of working in the restaurant industry.

Similar to Dagashi Kashi, both shows offer a slice-of-life experience set in a work environment. The interaction of characters and unique traits in both series make them stand out from each other. If you enjoy Dagashi Kashi, you will definitely love Wagnaria!!, with a fun mix of comedy and heartwarming moments.


Those are some anime similar to Dagashi Kashi, that can be an alternative spectacle for anime fans with themes of humor, daily activities, and depictions of Japanese culture. With an entertaining storyline and unique characters, these anime can be a fun choice to enjoy. Have a nice day.

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