14 Best Anime Similar To Appare-Ranman!

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Anime Similar To Appare-Ranman! – Appare-Ranman! is a fascinating adventure story about an eccentric inventor determined to cross the ocean on a steamer in rural Japan in the late 19th century.

Tittle : Appare-Ranman!
Type : TV
Genres : Comedy
Themes : Adult Cast, Historical, Racing
Licensors : Funimation
Studios : P.A. Works
Episodes : 13
Aired : Apr 10, 2020 – Sep 25, 2020

Together with samurai Kosame Ishikki, they took part in the Trans-America Wild Race in Los Angeles in a homemade car. In this exciting race, they are faced with competition and challenging challenges. With a strong spirit of adventure and determination, Appare and Kosame strive to achieve their dreams in this magical world.

Here are some anime that have something in common, which of course will be very suitable for you who want to continue the exciting experience of other anime after completing Appare-Ranman!.


Here’s a List of Anime Similar To Appare-Ranman!

1. Kabukichou Sherlock (2019)

With a unique blend of mystery, humor, and friendship, this anime is perfect for fans of Appare-Ranman!. Set against the backdrop of the vibrant and chaotic city of Shinjuku, where neon lights illuminate the night but invisible darkness hides in the shadows,.

The dynamic between the brilliant Sherlock Holmes and his steadfast companion echoes the friendship between Appare and Kosame as they embark on a thrilling adventure against the backdrop of bustling cities full of secrets.


2. Kino’s Journey: The Beautiful World-Animated Series (2017)

Follows the adventures of intrepid traveler Kino as he explores the diverse and fascinating world around him. Armed with his trusty pistol and a desire for discovery, Kino navigates through various lands and discovers unusual customs and people along the way.

Kino’s Journey and Appare-Ranman! captivate the audience with introspective narratives and their diverse characters. Despite the different approaches, Kino and Appare-Ranman! share the same sense of exploration and curiosity that will captivate viewers.


3. Snow White with the Red Hair (2015)

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Shirayuki is a vibrant young shaman who embarks on a journey of self-discovery and independence. Fleeing from the prince’s unwanted advances, she seeks refuge in a new land where she meets Prince Zen and his friends.

Heartwarming relationships, intricate storytelling, and beautiful animation make this a must-see for Appare-Ranman fans!. In Snow White with the Red Hair, Shirayuki’s journey parallels the adventurous spirit of Appare in Appare-Ranman! These two protagonists navigate the complexities of life’s challenges and forge their destinies in a foreign land.


4. Steamboy (2004)

In the Steamboy anime, a Jenny guy named Ray will take his audience to Victorian England. Ray receives a powerful device that can change the course of history. In the steampunk world of Steamboy, Ray’s inventive genius mirrors Appare’s ingenuity in Appare-Ranman!, as they harness the power of steam to fuel their ambitions.

With its stunning animation and thrilling storyline centered around the power of steam, this anime is a hidden gem that will appeal to fans of Appare-Ranman! which enjoys a mix of science fiction and historical settings.


5. RobiHachi (2019)

RobiHachi is a fun sci-fi romp that follows the misadventures of Robby and Hacchi in a technologically advanced society. From encounters with aliens to navigating debt collectors and get-rich-quick schemes, the duo’s adventures are hilarious and heartfelt.

Fans of Appare-Ranman! will appreciate the similar vibe and storytelling structure, as both series present a mix of fun detours and unexpected twists that leave viewers wanting more.


6. Dr. Stone (2019)

Animes Similar To That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

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Dr. Stone uncovers a post-apocalyptic world where science reigns supreme. Senku’s ingenuity amidst the chaos reflects Appare’s inventive spirit. Both series delve into the journey of their protagonists in the midst of adversity.

While Dr. Stone emphasizes scientific exploration, Appare-Ranman! focuses on personal growth through friendship and competition. Appare’s vibrant cast adds depth to his journey, distinguishing it from Dr. Stone.


7. Code: Realize-Guardians of Rebirth (2017)

Code: Realize-Guardians of Rebirth and Appare-Ranman! share an exciting allure, blending mystery with character development. Cardia’s enigmatic past resonates with Appare’s quest for identity.

Both narratives weave an intricate tale of self-discovery amid adversity. If you enjoy code mysteries, be aware that Appare-Ranman! promises a journey worth starting.


8. Fena: Pirate Princess (2021)

Fena: Pirate Princess and Appare-Ranman! explore uncharted waters of adventure and friendship. Fena and Appare face isolation in an alien world, gathering unexpected allies along the way. While Fena searches for her father’s legacy, Appare races towards Destiny.

Despite the different goals, both series exude vivid visuals and vibrant characters, each carving their own path amid uncertainty.


9. Yona of the Dawn (2014)

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Yona of the Dawn and Appare-Ranman! uncover a protagonist grappling with the will of fate. Yona’s sheltered life contrasts with Appare’s quest for freedom.

Both characters crave fulfillment amid social constraints. As Yona searches for love and purpose, Appare navigates the thrill of the race. Their parallel journeys offer poignant reflections on identity and ambition.


10. Food Wars! (2015)

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Food Wars! and Appare-Ranman! serve a mouth-watering adventure in pursuit of greatness. Souma’s culinary prowess reflects Appare’s engineering genius.

The two protagonists challenge convention, forging a bond in the midst of rivalry. As Souma seeks culinary supremacy, Appare races to victory. Their journey ends in a feast of determination and friendship.


11. Sisters of Wellber Zwei (2008)

Sisters of Wellber Zwei, an anime similar to Appare-Ranman!, follows Tina’s journey as she seeks revenge for the murder of her family, much like Hototo in Appare-Ranman!.

The theme of revenge is a common thread between the two shows, connecting the characters in their quest for justice. The emotional depth of the characters in both series adds a layer of complexity to their motivations, attracting viewers with their compelling stories.


12. Great Pretender (2020)

Banana Fish similar anime

Great Pretender is another anime similar to Appare-Ranman!, featuring a diverse cast of characters who each have their own personal struggles and pasts. Although the stories and genres of the two series are different, the focus on character development and growth is a shared aspect that makes both shows interesting and fun.

Theft elements in great pretensions and racing themes in apparel by Ranman! offers a unique blend of excitement and intrigue that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.


13. SK8 the Infinity (2021)

SK8 the Infinity, a skateboarding anime similar to Appare-Ranman!, is centered around Reki’s passion for figure skating and her journey overcoming obstacles. The dynamic personalities of the characters in both series bring a sense of energy and dynamism to the story, making both fun to watch.

Campy humor and lighthearted moments in both shows add a touch of fun to the intense action and emotional depth of the characters’ journey.


14. Baccano! (2007)

Anime Similar To Odd Taxi

Baccano!, a thrilling anime similar to Appare-Ranman!, takes place in the early 1900s in America and features many characters with colorful personalities.

The mix of comedy and action in both shows creates a unique and entertaining viewing experience that keeps the audience entertained from start to finish. The fast-paced storytelling and witty dialogue in both series make it a must-watch for fans of high-energy, character-driven anime.


That’s some anime similar to the allure of Appare-Ranman!, weaving a narrative tapestry that resonates with the essence of boundless aspiration. As we enter the world of animated wonders, the journey begins again.

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