18 Best Anime Like Tower of God

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Anime Like Tower of God In the enigmatic world of Tower of God (Kami no Tou), a towering building invites the Chosen Ones, aptly named regulars,  with the tantalizing promise of realizing their innermost desires upon reaching the top.

Anime Like Tower of God

Tittle : Tower of God
Type : TV
Genres : Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy
Source : Web manga
Licensors : VIZ Media
Studios : Telecom Animation Film
Episodes : 13
Aired : Apr 2, 2020 – Jun 25, 2020

This climb is not just a physical climb but a journey through a labyrinth of dreams, where wealth, fame, authority, and uncharted aspirations await those who dare to fight their way to the top.

At the heart of this gripping story is the Twenty-Fifth Bam, a boy whose existence is confined to the gloom of a dark cave, adorned only by tattered rags and an elusive light. Rachel, a girl emerging from that subtle light, becomes the catalyst for Bam’s transformation.

Through their friendship, she glimpses the vastness beyond her secluded existence. However, the rift occurs when Rachel, driven by ambition to climb Tower, abandons Bam, pushing him into the abyss of a shattered reality.

Those of you who are looking for anime-anime like Tower of God, here Kartunisia has provided the best 18 similar anime for your choice.


List of Best Anime Like Tower of God

1. Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

Anime Like Tower of God

Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic uncovers a riveting story inspired by the tale of 1001 Arabian Nights. Just like Tower of God, the film immerses viewers in a richly woven world full of mythical creatures and legendary elements. The anime captivates with its intricate storylines that run parallel, echoing the complexity of Tower of God.

With its cheerful theme, it offers a pleasant escape, resonating with those fascinated by the magical allure of storytelling.


2. Attack on Titan (2013)

Anime Like Tower of God

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Attack on Titan shares kinship with Tower of God in its depiction of the protagonist entangled behind a majestic wall, reminiscent of Towering buildings of the latter.

The series arouses admiration with its colossal Colossus, reflecting the existential threat lurking within the world of Tower of God. Its monumental scale and gripping battle sequences ensure an unforgettable viewing experience.


3. Akame Ga Kill! (2014)

Anime Like Tower of God

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While deviating from the overarching theme of Tower of God, Akame Ga Kill! invites the same audience with its gripping narrative. Following a poor swordsman enlisted by a group of skilled hitmen, it resonates with fans looking for riveting action and compelling storytelling.

Both series have a tendency toward intense conflict over unnecessary filler, according to the preferences of modern anime fans.


4. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (2009)

Anime Like Tower of God

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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood stands as proof of expert storytelling similar to the intricacies found in Tower of God. The depth of the narrative, although frightening at first, rewards the viewer with a deep journey unencumbered by excessive complexity.

This anime is similar to Tower of God with its diverse characters, each grappling with its own moral dilemmas and difficulties. While its premise and aesthetics are different from Tower of God, it remains a masterpiece in itself.


5. Alice in Borderland (2014)

Anime Similar To Tower of God

Alice in Borderland thrusts viewers into a gripping narrative where carnal desires collide with deadly reality. As the protagonist grapples with the consequences of longing for joy, parallels with Tower of God emerge within the dangerous frontier region.

Both series interweave characters through gruesome gameplay and challenges, creating an atmosphere full of suspense and adrenaline-pumping action sequences.


6. Sword Art Online (2012)

Anime Similar To Tower of God

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In Sword Art Online, The Journey Through the Ascending Towers echoes the thematic essence found in Tower of God, albeit through a different narrative. While each level symbolizes a different gaming experience in Sword Art OnlineTower of God delves into the intricate layers of the entire world within its tower.

Mirroring each other in combat dynamics and character motivations, these two series captivate audiences with their in-depth explorations of boundless ambition and formidable foes.


7. Noblesse (2020)

Anime Similar To Tower of God

As both narratives unfold from the webtoon’s pages, they intertwine elements of intrigue and character design, captivating audiences with their enigmatic allure.

Noblesse invites fans looking for stylistic resonance with Tower of God or a captivating webtoon adaptation. Transporting a nobleman from ancient times to the modern era, it echoes the thematic undercurrents and storytelling techniques synonymous with Tower of God.


8. Hunter x Hunter (2011)

Anime Similar To Tower of God

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Hunter x Hunter appears to have the same spirit as Tower of God, with its thematic resonance and narrative depth. Following Gon Freecss in his quest to become a hunter, it parallels Tower of God with its focus on test arcs and intricate hierarchies of skilled individuals.

The convergence of characters and storylines accentuates the similarities between the two series, offering fans an exciting alternative amid anticipation for the new Tower of God episodes.


9. Tower of Druaga (2008)

Tower of God Similar Anime

Tower of Druaga stands in the same narrative as Tower of God, both rising towards the top of towering buildings shrouded in mystery and danger. As the protagonists begin their arduous ascent, facing the evil Lord Druaga, the series unfolds with thrilling encounters against terrible enemies.

Evolving across the seasons, the revelation of a secret tower adds layers of intrigue, inviting viewers into a world where each ascent uncovers new challenges and revelations.


10. The Promised Neverland (2019)

Tower of God Similar Anime

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Within the confines of a beautiful orphanage, The Promised Neverland unravels a sinister reality, echoing the thematic resonance found in Tower of God. Amid fun characters and comedic moments, a somber tone permeates as the children face their impending deaths.

Reflecting the struggle for liberation, the narrative swirls, entangling the viewer in a web of suspense and intrigue, resonating with the ultimate quest for freedom.


11. Fate / Zero (2011)

Tower of God Similar Anime

Fate / Zero immerses the audience in a secret magical tournament, parallel to the mysterious allure of climbing Tower of God.

In the center of the legendary heroes fighting for the coveted trophy, the narrative unfolds with layers of intrigue and moral ambiguity. As characters evolve from sinister archetypes to nuanced figures embroiled in personal conflict, the series delves into the complexities of ambition and desire, captivating audiences with its riveting tales of destiny and sacrifice.


12. World Trigger (2016)

Tower of God Similar Anime

Within the city limits of The Mikado, World Trigger invites the viewer into a world besieged by terrible enemies, reminiscent of the challenges faced inside Tower of God. As the protagonist navigates the dangers of inter-dimensional threats, the series captivates with its distinctive art style and dynamic action sequences.

Reflecting the essence of the original shounen, World Trigger blends themes of friendship and perseverance, offering a fascinating journey for fans of the gripping narrative.


13. One Piece (1999)

Tower of God like Anime

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One Piece and Tower of God, although different on the surface, share a deep world-building and a protagonist who gains power through unconventional means.

In One Piece, the journey unfolds across mysterious islands, each harboring unique and bizarre twists, paralleling the ascent of Tower of God through North American-sized tower levels. Both series captivate with expansive narratives, inviting the viewer into richly crafted realms where discovery and power are intertwined.


14. Deadman Wonderland (2011)

Tower of God like Anime

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Deadman Wonderland mirrors Tower of God‘s brilliance in utilizing its mysterious setting—an amusement park-prison hybrid where inmates face brutal challenges to survive. Both narratives investigate protagonists who solve mysteries and navigate dangerous battles.

Avoiding conventional approaches to background exposition, both series keep the viewer on their toes, revealing the subtleties over time and intensifying the tension.


15. Made in Abyss (2022)

Tower of God like Anime

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Recipient of the Anime of the Year Crunchyroll Anime Awards 2018, Made in Abyss aligns with Tower of God in its thematic exploration of mystery and action adventure. Riko’s descent into the abyss mirrors Bam’s ascent to the top of Tower, both driven by a quest to find their lost connection.

A mesmerizing convergence of mystery and action, coupled with a shared soundtrack composer, weaves a tapestry of similarities between these two captivating series.


16. AOTU World (2017)

Tower of God Anime Like

In the AOTU World, the Divine Order governs every aspect of existence, creating parallels with the challenges set in Tower of God. The protagonists, embodying shounen optimism and the power of friendship, engage in a game of life or death to fulfill their desires.

The thematic resonance extends to the contestants’ youth, emphasizing the struggle against predetermined destinies, making both series explore mortal defiance.


17. Oban Star-Racers (2007)

Tower of God Anime Like

In Oban Star-Racers, Eva embarks on a dangerous journey driven by a desire to reunite with her father and fulfill his deepest desires.

The allure of Oban Star-Racers parallels the ascent of Tower of God to the top of Tower, where dreams are granted by higher powers. Both narratives interweave themes of ambition and determination, drawing the protagonist into a world where danger and opportunity collide.


18. Lookism (2022)

Tower of God Anime Like

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Lookism delves into the harsh realities of high school life, where Park Hyung-suk grapples with violence and insecurity. Mirroring Tower of God adaptation of the Korean Webtoon, both series resonated with audiences through their association with famous K-pop groups and distinctive OSTs.

Their unique art style, coupled with captivating musical compositions, imbues each performance with a distinct identity, captivating audiences with their compelling narrative and visual aesthetics.


In exploring animes similar to Tower of God, we find a narrative flow that dilutes conventional boundaries. Like an unexpected beat in a symphony, these stories reveal stories of ambition, self-discovery, and the struggle to realize dreams amid the complexity of a mysterious world.

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