15 Best Anime Like To Your Eternity

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Anime like To Your Eternity – Anime To Your Eternity (Fumetsu no Anata e) is a work that captivates the audience with a deep narrative and is full of emotions. Created by Yoshitoki Ohima, who is also known for his work A Silent Voice, this anime tells the story of a mysterious entity that can take the form of various objects or living beings.

Anime like To Your Eternity

Tittle : To Your Eternity
Type : TV
Genres : Adventure, Drama, Supernatural
Producers : NHK, Kodansha, NHK Enterprises
Demographic : Shounen
Studios : Brain’s Base
Episodes : 20
Aired : Apr 12, 2021 – Aug 30, 2021

The series begins its journey with a focus on the Orb, an entity that was originally a lifeless rock. When encountering various elements and creatures in this world, the orb can evolve into other forms, even imitating the form of a recently deceased human. Complex narrative shifts and strong characters lend emotional richness to this tale.

The uniqueness of To Your Eternity lies in the exploration of existential and human relationships. In the course of the Orb, the audience is presented with images of life, death, and failure that permeate each episode. The characters introduced face psychological and moral challenges that arouse the viewer to reflect.

In exploring the world of anime, we find that stories like To Your Eternity provide an immersive and enthralling experience for fans of adventure and fantasy. Therefore, let’s follow the following 15 best anime that look like To Your Eternity.


List of Anime Like To Your Eternity

1. Dr. Stone (2019)

Anime like To Your Eternity

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Dr. Stone is a fantastic anime that has similarities to To Your Eternity. Both shows explore the concept of rebuilding civilization and advancing society through scientific discovery.

In To Your Eternity, the main character is faced with the task of rebuilding a world that has collapsed, similar to how Senku was in Dr. Stone, who seeks to use his intelligence and knowledge to rebuild a world filled with stones. In addition, both main characters have special abilities that make them targets, adding an element of danger and excitement to the plot.


2. Mushishi (2005)

Anime like To Your Eternity

If you’re looking for an anime that captures the essence of something interesting, like To Your Eternity, you need to try Mushishi. Both shows evoke a sense of wonder and mystery as they explore the supernatural world. Just like To Your Eternity, Mushishi follows his protagonist’s journey as he faces and overcomes various supernatural struggles.

The melancholy, thoughtful atmosphere prevalent in both shows adds depth to their respective narratives. In addition, a strong connection with nature can be observed in both series as they explore unknown forces that exist beyond human understanding.


3. The Fire Hunter (2023)

Anime like To Your Eternity

Although the storylines of Fire Hunter and To Your Eternity may seem different at first glance, there are striking similarities between these two anime. Both shows feature captivating characters, immerse the audience in a unique atmosphere, and leave an overall impression that leaves a lasting impact.

The Fire Hunter introduces us to a world dominated by huge forests and their inhabitants, while To Your Eternity takes us on a journey of discovery in a world where immortality and transformation reign supreme. In addition, the characters in both series have similar traits and face incredible challenges that test their strength and determination.


4. Summer Time Rendering (2022)

Anime like To Your Eternity

While the lore and specific plot points may differ, the two anime feature themes of mystery and exploration. In Summer Time Rendering, the protagonist returns to his hometown and uncovers strange events on a remote summer island.

Similarly, To Your Eternity introduces us to a world full of mysteries and hidden secrets that the main character must uncover. In addition, both series masterfully blend elements of fantasy and reality, creating a captivating and immersive experience for viewers.


5. Girls’ Last Tour (2017)

For those of you who crave anime with the same curiosity and survival as those in To Your Eternity, Girls’ Last Tour is the right choice. Both shows revolve around young characters exploring a desolate world, searching for basic necessities like food and water.

Throughout their journey, they discover new faces and experience unique moments of happiness amidst the gloom. The themes of survival and exploration are at the heart of both series, making them very exciting and thought-provoking.

While To Your Eternity has more fantasy elements and a darker atmosphere, Girls’ Last Tour offers a stunning visual aesthetic and an atmosphere that captivates the audience. Fans of each series will surely find something to appreciate in the rest.


6. Akame Ga Kill! (2014)

Anime like To Your Eternity

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Akame Ga Kill! is an amazing anime that will captivate you from beginning to end. Just like To Your Eternity, this series takes you on an emotional rollercoaster. Both anime explore the theme of sadness in depth, making you experience a wide variety of emotions.

The main characters in both shows, Tatsumi and Fushi, have similar backgrounds. They are both orphans who find themselves in a terrible situation and are forced to leave their homes. Along their journey, they manage to find new families and form strong bonds with their friends.


7. Fairies Album (2020)

Anime like To Your Eternity

Overall, the Fairies Album shares a similar narrative structure and explores similar themes to To Your Eternity. If you enjoy the unique storytelling and supernatural elements of To Your Eternity, then Fairies Albums is a series worth checking out!

The Fairies album introduces us to Tao Yao, a spirit doctor who has the ability to heal supernatural beings. This premise echoes the supernatural elements present in To Your Eternity. Both anime explore the supernatural world and its interaction with the human world.


8. Mononoke (2007)

Anime like To Your Eternity

Mononoke presents a captivating story set in feudal Japan, where evil spirits known as mononoke haunt the land. This anime has some interesting similarities with To Your Eternity. Both shows focus on mysterious young men with supernatural powers who travel to various places to confront and eliminate evil forces.

In Mononoke, the protagonist, known as the drug dealer, banishes Mononoke using his exorcism sword. This parallels Fushi’s journey towards To Your Eternity, where Fushi also seeks to eliminate the mysterious creatures he encounters. Both characters have unique abilities and play important roles in their respective stories.


9. Dororo (2019)

Anime Similar to To Your Eternity

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Dororo and To Your Eternity share the same feelings and atmosphere, making them very comparable in their storytelling. Both anime take us to historical and supernatural settings, offering a unique blend of action and character development.

In the Warring States period of Japan, Lord Daigo Kagemitsu made a pact with the devil, which resulted in the birth of a deformed child named Hyakkimaru. This tragic beginning sets the stage for a journey of growth and discovery, like Fushi’s journey to your immortality.

Both anime emphasize the personal growth of their main characters. Hyakkimaru and Fushi discover new experiences, learn about the world around them, and develop a deeper understanding of their own emotions. The exploration of these themes resonates strongly in both series.


10. Made in Abyss (2017)

Anime Similar to To Your Eternity

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Made in Abyss takes us on a captivating journey alongside young adventurer Riko as she explores the depths of the Abyss. This anime has similarities to To Your Eternity, as both take place in a fantastic yet grounded world filled with wonder and danger.

Riko’s deep desire to venture into the Abyss goes hand in hand with Fushi’s yearning to discover the mysteries of her own world. The drive and determination of both protagonists make them interesting and attractive characters.


11. Violet Evergarden (2018)

Anime Similar to To Your Eternity

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Violet Evergarden captivates audiences with her poignant exploration of the human experience. Draw a parallel with your eternity. Both anime embody the transformative power of human relationships as the characters strive to find their place in a world marked by profound change.

The protagonist embarks on a journey to reach humanity. In the aftermath of a brutal war, Violet, a young girl molded into a formidable weapon, is entrusted to the Evergarden household to be rehabilitated. There, he traveled the path of becoming an automatic memory puppet, a profession centered on translating the deepest emotions of the individual onto paper.


12. Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End (2023)

Anime Similar to To Your Eternity

In Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End, the audience is introduced to Frieren, a fairy witch who valiantly thwarted the Demon King’s reign of terror, ushering in an era of tranquility. However, as a fairy, Frieren finds herself faced with the reality of immortality, her age far exceeding that of her peers.

This echoes the theme present in To Your Eternity, where the main character grapples with loneliness and the burden of eternity. Frieren embarks on a new odyssey, driven to understand mortality and rediscover purpose amid a changing world.


13. Somali and the Forest Spirit (2020)

Anime Similar to To Your Eternity

To Your Eternity and Somali and the Forest Spirit converge in their depiction of a captivating journey loaded with breathtaking scenery. Both anime sparkle with adventure, adorned with stunning visuals and captivating animations.

In a post-apocalyptic world, Somalia and the Forest Spirit immerses the viewer in a story in which a golem, a living forest creature, meets a lone human child. Driven by a desire to protect the young girl, the golem embarks on an incredible expedition through a dangerous landscape, hiding her Somali identity to ensure her safety.


14. Shadows House (2021)

Anime Similar to To Your Eternity

In the enigmatic enclave of Shadows House, terrifying faceless lineages envelop themselves in the illusion of nobility. In the labyrinthine halls of the mansion, there are living dolls that are used to convey the emotions of the inhabitants and constantly clean the dwelling from soot.

Shadows House echoes the essence of To Your Eternity, blending mystery and self-discovery through the eyes of servant girl Emilico, who dutifully serves her master, Kate. As they explore the depths of the Shadows House, Emilico uncovers the secrets of the mansion, reflecting the evocative truth-telling in To Your Eternity.


15. Ranking of Kings (2021)

Anime Similar to To Your Eternity

Within the realm of the rank of king lies the charming Chronicle of Bojji, a prince burdened with deafness and a perception of powerlessness. Despite the doubts cast by his subjects, Bojji has a strong dream of ascending the throne as the greatest king in the world.

In a captivating parallel to the protagonist of To Your Eternity, Bojji possesses an enigmatic hidden power that has the potential to secure his reign. As the characters emerge from their cocoons, both anime delve into the depths of the tender human soul, evoking a poignant emotional journey that is sure to excite the hearts of the audience.


So, that’s the list of the best anime, like To Your Eternity, that is worth following. As an enthralling and immersive experience, these anime have a tremendous appeal in presenting stories that are deep and full of emotion.

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