13 Best Anime Like Sound! Euphonium

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Anime Like Sound! Euphonium – In an anime world full of color and magic, Sound! Euphonium brings a mesmerizing experience through the merging of beautiful visual art and mesmerizing music.

Anime Like Sound! Euphonium

Tittle : Sound! Euphonium
Type : TV
Genres : Drama
Themes : Music, Performing Arts, School
Licensors : Ponycan USA
Studios : Kyoto Animation
Episodes : 13
Aired : Apr 8, 2015 – Jul 1, 2015

This anime series, which was first released in 2015, has caught the attention of viewers with its deep narrative and interesting character dynamics. However, what makes it really shine is the way in which it celebrates the beauty of music through its heartwarming plot and detailed portrayal of the world of school music.

Sound! Euphonium (Hibike! Euphonium) follows the journey of a brass band club at a Japanese high school. The main focus of the story is Kumiko Oumae, a schoolgirl trying to rediscover her passion for playing euphonium after an unsatisfactory experience at her junior high school’s brass band club. The story centers on friendship, rivalry, and the struggle of individuals to achieve musical excellence.

One aspect that makes Sound! Euphonium so interesting is its emphasis on realism. The careful depiction of practice, preparation for matches, and interpersonal dynamics within the club gives the audience an immersive experience of what it means to be part of a musical ensemble.

For fans who are fascinated by the harmony created by Sound! Euphonium,  there are a number of other anime that offer similar riveting experiences. Let’s explore some similar music anime, like Sound! Euphonium, which invites the audience into a passionate world of musical art.


Here’s a List of Best Anime Like Sound! Euphonium

1. Blue Orchestra (2023)

Anime Like Sound! Euphonium

Blue Orchestra takes a refreshing approach to the world of anime music by focusing on stringed instruments, unlike its counterpart, Sound! Euphonium, which revolves around brass wind instruments. The story follows Aono Hajime, a former prodigy violinist who has lost his passion for playing due to personal reasons.

However, his meeting with Akine Ritsuko, a determined novice violinist, rekindled his love of music and pushed him back into the world of violinists. With their common goal of enrolling in high school with a leading orchestra club, the pair embark on a journey filled with heart-touching moments and mesmerizing melodies.


2. Shirobako (2014)

Anime Like Sound! Euphonium

In the realm of pursuing one’s passions, Shirobako and Sound! Euphonium offer compelling narratives that dig deep into the challenges faced by individuals entering their chosen fields. Shirobako revolves around Aoi and her fellow club members as they navigate the animation industry, while Sound! Euphonium follows Kumiko’s journey in a high school brass band striving to be the best.

Both shows emphasize the importance of perseverance, friendship, and finding motivation in the face of adversity. Featuring complex character development and compelling storylines, these two anime series will captivate your heart and inspire you to pursue your own dreams.


3. Selection Project (2021)

Anime Like Sound! Euphonium

If you are fascinated by stories of resilience and unshakable dreams, then the Selection Project is a stunning addition to your watchlist. The main protagonist, Suzune Miyama, bears a striking resemblance to Sound! Euphonium, as they both embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Despite her weak heart, Suzune aspires to become an idol, much like Kumiko’s ideals in the high school brass band.

Both anime feature incredible character development from their lead girls, accompanied by intense competition that tests their mettle. In addition, the enchanting soundtracks in both series will captivate your ears and immerse you in the world of music.


4. Sound of the Sky (2010)

Anime Like Sound! Euphonium

Sound of the Sky introduces Kanata Sorami, a young soldier who learns the trumpet in a peaceful setting. Much like Sound! Euphonium, it portrays the beauty of female friendship amidst a musical backdrop.

Sound! Euphonium Focusing on bonding within a high school band, Sora no Woto weaves a mysterious tale against the Snowy Mountains, with war trumpets influencing the music. The show features stunning visuals and evokes a bittersweet melancholy.


5. K-On!! (2010)

Anime Like Sound! Euphonium

K-On!! and Sound! Euphonium is a gem in the musical anime genre, offering heartwarming stories of cute girls engaging in adorable activities while showcasing their musical talents. Set against the backdrop of Sakura High, K-On!! follows the journey of a light music club as they face challenges in their final year of high school. Similarly, Sound! Euphonium captures the essence of high school life through the trials and triumphs of a brass band.

Both series, hailed as masterpieces of Kyoto Animation, present captivating narratives that effortlessly blend music and friendship. Whether you’re a fan of catchy songs or adorable character dynamics, K-On!! and Sound! Euphonium are sure to provide an enchanting and pleasurable experience.


6. Haruchika: Haruta & Chika (2016)

Anime Like Sound! Euphonium

Haruchika: Haruta & Chika is an interesting anime that revolves around the school wind instrument club. The story follows childhood friends Haruta and Chika as they step in to save the club from its dismal state. Alongside their own training sessions, they embark on a mission to recruit new members and revive the club.

The music in Haruchika: Haruta & Chika is captivating, like Sound! Euphonium, and it adds depth and emotion to the storyline. The anime beautifully depicts the passion these students have for their instruments and the dedication they put into perfecting their craft.


7. Nodame Cantabile (2007)

Anime Like Sound! Euphonium

Nodame Cantabile is an anime that combines the worlds of an orchestra and a concert band with complicated relationships and elements of life. The protagonist, Chiaki, is a diligent and talented pianist who dreams of becoming a world-class conductor like her idol, Viera. However, her dreams are shattered by her fear of flying, a recent heartbreak, and the dismissal of her piano instructor.

Similar to Sound! Euphonium, Nodame Cantabile beautifully explores the world of music, delving into its intricacies. While Sound! Euphonium focuses more on character development and relationships, Nodame Cantabile delves deeper into the music itself. The anime showcases the passion, dedication, and talent needed to excel in the world of classical music.


8. Your lie in April (2014)

Anime Like Sound! Euphonium

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Your lie in April tells the poignant story of Kousei Arima, an extraordinary pianist whose world collapses after the sudden death of his mother. His ability to play the piano was lost, making his life monotonous and colorless. However, everything changes when he meets Kaori Miyazono, a passionate violinist with an eccentric playing style. Through his lively presence, Kousei’s life will turn out to be unforgettable.

Music takes center stage in Your Lie in April, as does Sound! Euphonium. The anime showcases the emotional power of music and offers a beautiful palette of melodies. The characters’ passion for music shone through, captivating the audience with their performances. While Your Lie in April leans toward a more dramatic tone, it still maintains a strong focus on the transformative power of music.


9. A Place Further Than the Universe (2018)

Anime Similar To Sound! Euphonium

A Place Further Than the Universe is a captivating anime that follows the journey of Mari Tamaki, a high school student who is filled with the wonders of a world beyond her reach. Despite his aspirations, fear and anxiety always held him back from pursuing his dreams. However, in her second year of high school, Mari’s determination to seize her youth grows stronger.

Sound! Euphonium and A Place Further Than the Universe may seem like typical slice-of-life shows of cute girls, but they offer so much more. They are heartwarming adult stories that transcend the boundaries of slice-of-life anime. While both shows explore musical themes, A Place Further Than the Universe dives deeper into the characters’ personal growth and self-discovery. This anime beautifully captures the essence of chasing dreams and overcoming obstacles.


10. Kono Oto Tomare!: Sounds of Life (2019)

Anime Similar To Sound! Euphonium

Kono Oto Tomare!: Sounds of Life is an anime that explores the world of traditional Japanese musical instruments, especially koto. The story revolves around Gen Kudou, a koto maker, who believes that his mischievous granddaughter Chika will never understand the depth of this traditional musical instrument. In an effort to bridge the gap and honor her late grandfather’s legacy, Chika embarks on a journey to join Tokise High School’s Koto Club.

Kono Oto Tomare!: Sounds of Life and Sound! Euphonium showcases how music clubs, especially competing ones, can provide a sense of belonging, purpose, and passion. Both anime also explore the different ways people respond to disappointment and failure. They beautifully capture the experience of being in a band, competing, and performing, resonating with anyone who has been part of a school band or is nostalgic for their band days.


11. Kids on the Slope (2012)

Anime Similar To Sound! Euphonium

The anime takes us on a journey alongside Kaoru Nishimi, an introverted classical pianist and top student, as she goes through her first year of high school in Kyushu. With history in constant motion, Kaoru has resigned herself to a quiet and uneventful year. However, everything changes when she meets the mischievous and famous Sentarou Kawabuchi.

The music on Kids on the Slope is really impressive, as is the Sound! Euphonium. His art is so incredible that it brings his instrument to life, and the soundtrack undeniably inspires his audience.


12. BanG Dream! (2017)

Anime Similar To Sound! Euphonium

BanG Dream! takes us on a nostalgic journey with Kasumi Toyama, who first heard the captivating rhythm of Star Beat during a camping trip as a child. This enchanting voice left a lasting impression on her, and she has been trying to recapture that exhilarating feeling ever since.

Similar to Sound! Euphonium, BanG Dream! It revolves around the music and displays the passion and dedication of its characters. However, there are also striking differences between them. BanG Dream! leans more towards fun, comedy, and everyday life, while Sound! Euphonium has a more serious tone as the characters fight for the coveted gold medal at the national pageant. Despite these differences, both anime offer gripping stories that music lovers will love.


13. Bocchi the Rock! (2022)

Anime Similar To Sound! Euphonium

If you like the ridiculous slice-of-life charm of Bocchi the Rock! and its incredible music, then you will be treated to Sound! Euphonium. While Bocchi the Rock brings good comedy and music, Hibike! Euphonium elevates the genre with beautifully crafted drama. It covers everything from fun and lighthearted interactions to the intricacies of character development.

Sound! Euphonium really has it all, making it a standout music anime. The characters feel very relatable and human, and their journey is both touching and personal.


Through inspiring stories and powerful characters, they invite us to celebrate the beauty of music in all its forms. In going so far, this same anime Sound! Euphonium is not only entertaining but also gives us space to reflect on the transformational power that the art of music has, giving us a new reason to continue following the strains of its tone in every step of life.

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