15 Best Anime Like ReLIFE

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Anime Like ReLIFE ReLIFE, invites the viewer to reflect on the true meaning of happiness and success in life.

Anime Like ReLIFE

Tittle : ReLIFE
Type : TV
Genres : Drama, Romance
Themes : School
Licensors : Funimation, Crunchyroll
Studios : TMS Entertainment
Episodes : 13
Aired : Jul 2, 2016 – Sep 24, 2016

The anime series published by the anime industry TMS Entertainment tells the story of Arata Kaizaki, a 27-year-old man who feels trapped in despair after failing to achieve success in his career. To give her a second chance, she is given the chance to go back to being a high school student for a year with a mysterious drug that makes her look young again. At his new school, Arata tries to improve his life while learning from his forgotten teenage experiences.

One of ReLIFE’s main attractions is its ability to touch upon universal themes. From the concepts of maturity and responsibility to the importance of friendship and human relationships,.

For ReLIFE lovers who want to discover other works that offer a similar experience, there are several anime options worth exploring. We believe the anime will promise a stunning experience with themes that are in line with those found in ReLIFE.


Here’s a List of Best Anime Like ReLIFE

1. Horimiya (2022)

Anime Like ReLIFE

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Horimiya is a fun anime that captures the essence of the popular ReLIFE. With heartwarming moments and fun characters, this is truly a romantic gem.

The way Kyouko and Izumi navigate their relationship and try to understand each other is endearing. If you enjoy ReLIFE, you will definitely appreciate the genuine connections that form in Horimiya. This is a must-watch for fans of fun and heartwarming stories!’


2. Tokyo Revengers (2021)

Anime Like ReLIFE

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After completing ReLIFE, Tokyo Revengers will be interesting as an option afterwards. Both anime share a common thread of time travel and personal growth. ReLIFE focuses on transforming the protagonist through pills; Tokyo Revengers takes a different approach by sending the main character back in time to fix his past.

The determination and optimism portrayed by the main characters in both anime make them truly inspiring to watch. If you are looking for a thrilling and emotional anime series like ReLIFE, Tokyo Revengers is the right choice!


3. Your Name (2016)

Anime Like ReLIFE

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Your Name and ReLIFE share a similar vibe that will leave you spellbound. The main characters in both anime find themselves connected in unexpected ways, and their journey to unravel the mystery behind their relationship is truly captivating.

If you love ReLIFE, you won’t be able to resist the magic and emotional depth of Your Name. These two anime complement each other beautifully, making them the right choice for fans looking for an unforgettable and heartwarming experience.


4. Hyouka (2012)

Anime Like ReLIFE

For ReLIFE fans looking for an anime with a school setting and slow character development, Hyouka should be on their list. Both series shine in their ability to create bonds between characters that grow gradually over time.

ReLIFE is set in a more adult setting, and Hyouka captures the essence of the teenage experience. The presence of romance in both animes adds extra charm. In addition, both series feature impressive fireworks episodes that will make you feel warm and nostalgic. If you long for intellectually stimulating anime and beautiful animation like ReLIFE, Hyouka is the right choice!


5. Lovely Complex (2007)

Anime Like ReLIFE

Looking for a sweet and funny rom-com with no ecchi elements that bear any resemblance to ReLIFE? Lovely Complex is the perfect anime for you! Although the setting may be different, both series explore the friendship that develops between a boy and a girl.

Lovely Complex features a comedic dynamic between Koizumi and Otani, providing endless laughter for the audience. The potential of HEA (Happily Ever After) in both anime keeps the audience engaged and supportive of the characters. If you enjoy the lighthearted and comedic aspects of ReLIFE, Lovely Complex is a fantastic option that will leave you with a big smile!


6. Angel Beats! (2010)

Anime Like ReLIFE

Angel Beats! It is a charming anime that deals with the themes of death and reincarnation. It shares the same atmosphere and storyline as ReLIFE. Just like in ReLIFE, the protagonist wakes up with no memory and finds himself surrounded by a group of individuals trapped in the supernatural world.

The mix of drama and comedy in both anime adds depth to the storyline. Next, the end of both Angel Beats! and ReLIFE has a similar atmosphere that will make the audience emotionally invested.


7. Barakamon (2014)

Anime Like ReLIFE

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Barakamon and ReLIFE is an amazing slice-of-life anime that seamlessly combines drama, comedy, and shounen elements. The two main characters, Arata and Seishuu, are in their twenties and struggling with their respective careers and personal lives. Both anime depict their journey of leaving their comfort zones and being sent to unfamiliar places to adjust to society.

Despite their cold and cruel initial appearances, Arata and the Seishuu show their kindness and concern for those around them. In addition, their interactions with children and adolescents highlight their efforts to have a positive impact on their lives.


8. Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You (2009)

Anime Like ReLIFE

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Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You and ReLIFE share common themes of high school romance and comedy. The female protagonists, Sawako and Kaizaki, both face social struggles due to their appearance and reputation.

Sawako’s resemblance to Sadako from The Ring creates fear and alienation among her friends, while Kaizaki’s decision to involve himself in a scientific experiment causes a temporary halt in his normal life.

However, both anime depict moving stories of personal growth and the strength of lasting friendships.


9. Kokoro Connect (2012)

Anime Like ReLIFE

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The Kokoro Connect anime offers a unique storyline that has some similarities to ReLIFE. Both anime have sci-fi backgrounds and appreciate the value of friendship. In Kokoro Connect, a group of high school students find themselves in a supernatural phenomenon where they unknowingly switch bodies.

This shared experience allows them to navigate the challenges of adolescence and explore each other’s identities. While the two anime differ in certain aspects, ReLIFE fans will appreciate the themes of self-discovery and the complexities of youth in Kokoro Connect.


10. Orange (2016)

Anime Like ReLIFE

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Orange delivers a thought-provoking narrative that aligns with ReLIFE’s premise. Both anime explore the idea of changing the past and the consequences that come with it. In Orange, the protagonist, Naho, receives a letter from her future self and is given the opportunity to change her future.

This goes hand in hand with the experiences of the protagonist in ReLIFE, who is offered the opportunity to relive his high school life through scientific experiments. Both anime deal with themes of regret, friendship, and the impact of one’s choices. As the story unfolds, viewers will be captivated by the characters’ familiar yet immersive experiences.


11. Toradora! (2008)

Anime Similar To ReLIFE

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Toradora! is a fun anime centered on the lives of school students, like ReLIFE. It takes us on a journey full of school-time love stories and showcases the funny and emotional aspects of teenage life.

The series has the power to take you back to your own school days, evoking a sense of nostalgia and relatedness. While the story may be different from ReLIFE, both anime explore the lives of school students, making them excellent choices for ReLIFE fans.


12. ERASED (2016)

Anime Similar To ReLIFE

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ERASED is a gripping anime that shares the same theme as ReLIFE: going back in time to erase regrets. However, ERASED takes a darker and more psychological approach, providing viewers with a thrilling and intense experience.

If you enjoy ReLIFE but crave stories with darker undertones, ERASED is definitely the anime for you. It delves into the depths of the human psyche while incorporating elements of time travel. While it may not focus so much on high school romance, ReLIFE fans who prefer quirky characters might also enjoy the ERASED anime.


13. Remake Our Life! (2021)

Anime Similar To ReLIFE

For those who love ReLIFE’s premise of reliving the past, Remake Our Life! offers a similar concept with a twist. The anime follows the journey of Kyouya Hashiba, a failed game director who gets a chance to change his life by going back to his college days.

The show explores the theme of second chances and allows Kyouya to spend his formative years with future famous creators. Although the settings may be different, ReLIFE and Remake Our Life! highlight the transformative power of revisiting one’s past. ReLIFE fans will be immersed in the story of Kyouya’s pursuit of a new and successful life.


14. Welcome to the NHK! (2006)

Anime Similar To ReLIFE

Welcome to the NHK! perhaps a darker anime compared to ReLIFE, but both shows address similar themes. Both stories revolve around the revitalization of adults who have unresolved problems.

ReLIFE takes a more scientific and humorous approach. Welcome to the NHK! offers a unique perspective on the struggles of a university dropout named Tatsuhiro Sato, who suffers from social withdrawal. Despite the difference in tone, these two anime are very romantic, cute, and fun, making Welcome to the NHK! a great choice for ReLIFE fans looking for a slightly darker and more introspective experience.


15. Recovery of an MMO Junkie (2017)

Anime Similar To ReLIFE

Recovery of an MMO Junkie shares similarities with ReLIFE, which is the journey of working adults who have failed in their work and personal lives but found redemption. The anime follows the story of Moriko Morioka, a 30-year-old NEET who breaks out of the real world and immerses herself in an online game, starting a new life as a handsome young man named Hayashi.

Anime like ReLIFE mixes comedy and heartwarming moments, showcasing the struggles and growth of its characters. While ReLIFE may have a more serious tone, fans of the transformative journey from failure to success will find both anime captivating.


That’s why anime like ReLIFE offer a unique experience in delving into life lessons and the meaning of friendship, even though the story is different. Hopefully this article helped you find an immersive and meaningful anime experience, as ReLIFE and similar works have offered. Enjoy your next anime adventure!

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