17 Best Anime Like Kotaro Lives Alone

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Anime Like Kotaro Lives Alone – When watching Kotaro Lives Alone, we will be confronted and see how children cope with loss and find support in their temporary families.

Anime Like Kotaro Lives Alone

Tittle : Kotaro Lives Alone
Type : ONA
Genres : Slice of Life
Themes : Childcare
Demographic : Seinen
Episodes : 10
Aired : Mar 10, 2022

Kotaro Lives Alone (Kotarou wa Hitorigurashi) at a glance. After meeting four-year-old Kotarou Satou, manga writer Shin Karino is immediately intrigued by the boy’s strange behavior. Kotarou, who lives alone in his apartment without adult supervision, surprises Karino with a gift of tissues and speaks in a formal manner that belies his age.

Despite his unusual circumstances, Kotarou radiates independence and the determination to rely on himself. In a heartwarming gesture of kindness, Karino begins to watch over Kotarou, following him to the local bathhouse to ensure his safety.

Through this act of compassion, Karino finds a kindred spirit in the boy, who has learned to navigate the world in his own way. As Karino and the other residents of the apartment complex bond with Kotarou, they witness his toughness and charm firsthand.

If you enjoyed watching Kotaro Lives Alone and are looking for a heartwarming similar anime to watch, look no further. Here is a list of anime that have some common themes with Kotaro Lives Alone.


List of 17 the Best Anime Like Kotaro Lives Alone

1. Ranking of Kings (2021)

Anime Like Kotaro Lives Alone

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In the kingdom, Prince Bojji faces ridicule for being deaf and dumb, earning him the title of useless prince. Despite his apparent weakness, Bojji’s encounter with a shadowy creature makes him realize that there are people who see beyond his disability and accept him for who he is.

Anime shares similar themes to Kotaro Lives Alone about characters overcoming trauma and striving to improve. While the setting may be different (medieval compared to modern times), the emotional depth and exploration of the characters also have an impact.


2. Buddy Daddies (2023)

Anime Like Kotaro Lives Alone

Four-year-old Miri travels alone to Tokyo on Christmas Eve in search of her father. Unknowingly stumbling into a plan to kill a mob boss, he finds himself in a precarious situation. The bright light of the city led him to a man with a delicious cake, unaware of the danger around him.

In Buddy Daddies and Kotaro Lives Alone,  the focus is on an unrelated individual caring for a child. Buddy Daddies perhaps pitched more cheerfully; both series tug at the heartstrings in their own unique ways.


3. The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior

Anime Like Kotaro Lives Alone

High school student Kazunari Usa moves into a boarding house to live on her own, only to find her roommate’s eccentricities unsettling. Despite her initial doubts, meeting the cool and beautiful Ritsu Kawai convinces her to give life a chance in the new house.

Although the characters in the Kawai Complex are younger, the sense of community and support among the residents is reminiscent of the themes explored in Kotaro Lives Alone. While the former leans more towards romance, both series highlight the importance of connection and relationships.


4. Higehiro: I Shaved, Then I Brought a High School Girl Home (2021)

Anime Like Kotaro Lives Alone

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Rejected by his boss, office worker Yoshida meets a high school girl on the street one night. Knowing that he is running away, she takes him in and rejects his attempts to pay with her body. Instead, she gave him a place to live and encouraged him to help with the housework.

Despite its controversial title, the anime Higehiro explores themes of domestic life and domestic violence similar to Kotaro Lives Alone. Both series tackle difficult subjects with a sense of realism that is both touching and thought-provoking.


5. The Way of the House Husband (2021)

Anime similar to Kotaro Lives Alone

After defeating a rival gang, legendary yakuza member Tatsu takes on the role of a housewife for his working wife. Unbeknownst to many, the fearsome Tatsu has swapped his criminal lifestyle for a more domestic one, showing off his skills in household chores like cooking and cleaning.

Although The Way of the House Husband may be more of a live-action adaptation, the film still captures the unique essence of the main characters going about their daily lives. Like Kotaro Lives Alone,  both anime feature lovable protagonists who endear themselves to those around them despite their unusual quirks.


6. Life Lessons with Uramichi Oniisan (2021)

Anime similar to Kotaro Lives Alone

Life Lessons with Uramichi Oniisan follows 31-year-old Uramichi as he joins two adult men and a passionate singing woman in a children’s program. Despite leading the children in the exercises and answering their questions, Uramichi finds himself struggling with the pain in his own life.

Like Kotaro Lives Alone, Life Lessons with Uramichi Oniisan investigates the complexities of life and relationships between adults and children. The series is not a typical children’s anime, as it explores deep themes of loss, independence, and growth.


7. Poco’s Udon World (2016)

Anime similar to Kotaro Lives Alone

30-year-old web designer Souta Tawara decided to take a break from his work in Tokyo to return to his hometown. She now has to deal with her family’s affairs, including the closure of her late father’s udon restaurant and the empty family home where she and her sister grew up.

In Poco’s Udon World,  adults learn valuable lessons from children, demonstrating the transformative power of youthful innocence. Adults in the series strive to bring joy and brightness to the lives of children, reflecting the tender moments found in Kotaro Lives Alone.


8. School Babysitters (2018)

Anime similar to Kotaro Lives Alone

After Ryuichi and Kotaro’s parents die in a tragic plane crash, the brothers are taken in by the head of Morinomiya Academy, who lost his own son in the same incident. Her good-natured attitude comes at a price when she opens an on-site daycare for the staff’s children but lacks the necessary staff to run it.

Kotaro Lives Alone and School Babysitters revolve around the theme of loss and how children cope. The protagonist lives life after experiencing the loss of a family, showing resilience, love, and the importance of a supportive community.


9. The Yakuza’s Guide to Babysitting (2022)

Anime similar to Kotaro Lives Alone

Kirishima Tooru, the right-hand man of the Sakuragi crime family, is known for his violent nature. However, when his boss assigns him the unusual task of babysitting his daughter, Tooru’s world is turned upside down. This heartwarming (or chilling) story follows the unlikely bond between a yakuza guard and a little girl.

The anime series offers a unique blend of character growth and engaging storytelling, much like Kotaro Lives Alone. The theme of adults performing alien parenting roles resonates throughout the story, creating a narrative rich in heartwarming moments and interesting plot developments.


10. Barakamon (2014)

Kotaro Lives Alone Anime similar

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Calligrapher Sei Seishuu Handa faces consequences after punching a judge who criticized his work. As a result, his father sends him to live on a desert island to reflect on his behavior. Away from the comforts of the city, Seishuu must adapt to his new rural surroundings and eccentric but well-meaning locals.

Barakamon offers a different view of the relationship between adults and children, focusing on the heartwarming interaction between a young boy and the tenant of a rented unit. Despite the differences in genres, the protective relationship between the characters reflects the themes of love and support that are present in anime such as Kotaro Lives Alone.


11. Gugure! Kokkuri-san (2014)

Kotaro Lives Alone Anime similar

An elementary school student named Kohina Ichimatsu lives alone. One day, she summons a fox spirit named Kokkuri-san through a seance game of the same name. Originally intended to possess her, Kokkuri-san decides to take on the role of managing the household like her mother.

Gugure! Kokkuri-san, this seriaanime that may initially seem different from Kotaro Lives Alone, shares the common theme of abandoned children facing reality by pretending to be something else.


12. Spy x Family (2022)

Kotaro Lives Alone Anime similar

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Spy x Family is another anime that has similarities to Kotaro Lives Alone. In a world where corrupt politicians and warmongering forces threaten peace between neighboring Ostania and Westalis, a notorious spy known as Twilight undertakes a dangerous mission to prevent war and protect children from its horrors.

Both of these anime show a focus on parenting, with a child who shows wisdom beyond his or her age forming a warm relationship with an unfilial adult. The heartwarming portrayal of family love in Spy x Family is similar to Kotaro’s story in Kotaro Lives Alone.


13. Sweetness & Lightning (2016)

Kotaro Lives Alone Anime similar

After losing his wife, Kouhei Inuzuka struggles to care for his young daughter, Tsumugi. Due to his lack of culinary skills and time due to his job as a teacher, Kouhei relies on food at convenience stores. However, a chance encounter with his student, Kotori Iida, leads to the discovery of his family’s restaurant, where they bond over homemade food.

Sweetness & Lightning offers heartwarming stories centered on children and human relationships, such as Kotaro Lives Alone. Although both anime touch on the same topic, each offers a unique and interesting story that viewers will definitely love.


14. Beelzebub (2011)

Kotaro Lives Alone Anime similar

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Oga Tatsumi is a high school student who unknowingly becomes the devil’s nanny. Oga finds himself trapped in an unusual agreement. When she accidentally discovers a powerful demon baby named Beelzebub IV, Oga is chosen as her nanny. Her new task is to protect and care for this demon baby, who has incredible powers, while trying to live her usual school life.

Beelzebub features a fantasy and school setting, but at its core is a relationship between a high school brat and a baby. The dynamic between the two characters is both moving and comedic, similar to the relationship between Kotarou and the kid in Kotaro Lives Alone. Both shows explore themes of unconventional family units and the bonds that can form between unlikely individuals.


15. Stars Align (2019)

Kotaro Lives Alone Anime like

Facing disbandment due to poor skills and lack of results, the Soft Boys Tennis Club is in desperate need of new members. Toma Shinjou tries to recruit talented players but fails until he meets Maki Katsuragi, a transfer student with impressive reflexes.

Stars Align is an anime series that may not seem similar to Kotaro Lives Alone at first glance, but as the story progresses, viewers will notice the similarity of themes. Both anime touch on family issues, abuse, and the complexity of family relationships.


16. Bunny Drop (2011)

Kotaro Lives Alone Anime like

Another anime like Kotaro Lives Alone that might interest you is Bunny Drop,  which deals with the theme of a single man who suddenly finds himself in charge of taking care of a child. This results in major adjustments in life and changes in priorities, as Kotaro experienced in Kotaro Lives Alone.

In the anime series Bunny Drop, Daikichi Kawachi is a 30-year-old bachelor who feels lost in life. When his grandfather dies, Daikichi finds a young girl named Rin in the family home. It turns out that Rin is actually her grandfather’s illegitimate child, much to Daikichi’s surprise, but she is determined to accept and care for her.


17. Kakushigoto (2020)

Kotaro Lives Alone Anime like

Kakushigoto follows the story of Kakushigoto, a manga artist known for his risqué content. When her daughter Hime was born, she decided to hide her profession from him in order to protect her innocence. Kakushi worries that Home will be disappointed if he discovers the true nature of his work, leading to a comical situation as he tries to hide his secret.

For those of you looking for a mix of family dynamics and humor, Kakushigoto is a great choice. The anime delves into the family theme in a healthy, funny, and slightly bittersweet way, offering a unique perspective on the subject. The charming characters and emotional depth of Kakushigoto make it a great recommendation for fans of Kotaro’s heartwarming story.


That’s 17 of the of the best anime, like Kotaro Lives Alone. At its core, each of these anime offers a unique view of family dynamics, parenting, and human relationships, providing a heartfelt and engaging viewing experience.

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