13 Best Anime Like Ixion Saga DT

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Anime Like Ixion Saga DT – The anime Ixion Saga DT is a series that follows the adventures of a young man named Kon Hokaze after he got lost in a different fantasy world while playing MMORPG games.

Ixion Saga DT Similar Anime

Tittle : Ixion Saga DT
Type : TV
Genres : Action, Comedy, Fantasy
Themes : Isekai
Source : Game
Studios : Brain’s Base
Episodes : 25
Aired : Oct 8, 2012 – Apr 1, 2013

Imagine getting into an MMORPG and receiving a request that changes your life forever. One fateful day, Kon Hokaze receives a request from a mysterious female character in the game, which sparks hopes for a virtual romance.

However, his hopes are shattered when he suddenly finds himself transported to the world of Mira, a world he has only encountered through pixels and code. The transition from gamer to hero is abrupt, as Kon accidentally saves a young princess by using his swivel chair to thwart attackers.

Without knowing how he arrived at Mira or how to return to his own world, Kon unwittingly becomes a hero and is enlisted as part of the Princess’s honor guard. As they embark on a journey fraught with danger, they must evade a militant faction from the Princess’s own country, intent on capturing her before she can fulfill the matchmaking.

Here are some anime, just like Ixion Saga DT, that present adventure, comedy, and entertaining fantasy elements.


Here’s a List of Anime Like Ixion Saga DT

1. Accel World (2012)

Anime Like Ixion Saga DT

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Haruyuki Arita is an overweight and bullied high school student who seeks solace in the world of online games. His unremarkable existence takes a turn for the extraordinary when Kuroyukihime, the popular student council vice president, introduces him to Brain Burst. The program not only speeds up brain waves but also serves as an augmented reality fighting game where players compete for dominance.

Accel World and Ixion Saga DT revolve around characters entering the game world, albeit with different mechanics. While Accel World focuses on first-person RPGs and features characters who can exit the game voluntarily or be ejected after losing, Ixion Saga DT presents a scenario in which the protagonist is trapped inside the game.


2. Log Horizon (2013)

Anime Like Ixion Saga DT

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Imagine waking up in a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) with no way to get out. This is exactly the reality that thirty thousand Japanese gamers faced in Log Horizon after the decisive update of the game. Among them is Shiroe, an experienced player who embarks on a quest to understand and conquer this new world.

In Log Horizon, the main character is trapped in an MMORPG, as is the situation in Ixion Saga DT. Despite their desire to escape, they must navigate the game’s challenges and objectives, blending slapstick comedy with action in captivating ways.


3. KonoSuba (2016)

Anime Like Ixion Saga DT

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Kazuma Satou’s afterlife takes an unexpected turn when he is given a choice by the goddess Aqua: ascend to heaven or reincarnate in a fantasy world. Choosing the latter, Kazuma finds himself on a comedic yet dangerous journey to defeat the Demon King. His partner Aqua adds a humorous twist, as his powers often prove more of a hindrance than a help.

Transported to a fantasy world resembling an RPG or MMO, the protagonists of KonoSuba and Ixion Saga DT use their game knowledge to navigate quests, fight monsters, and interact with guilds and classes. Both series feature comedic elements, strong character dynamics, and a journey to return to their home world.


4. Grimgar: Ashes and Illusions (2016)

Anime similar to Ixion Saga DT

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Grimgar plunges the viewer into a world of uncertainty and survival as a group of strangers awaken with hazy memories and the duty of being soldiers. Tasked with keeping the peace by eliminating threats, they grapple with fear and instinct and forge bonds in the midst of adversity.

Like the Ixion Saga DT, Grimgar: Ashes and Illusions follows characters who are transported to another world and form parties to survive and engage in warfare. The mix of action, friendship, and struggle to adapt to a new reality reflects the themes found in Ixion Saga DT.


5. The Devil is a Part-Timer! (2013)

Anime similar to Ixion Saga DT

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Imagine a demonic demon lord, feared throughout the realms, forced to navigate the human world after a failed conquest. With the loyal general Alsiel by his side, Satan faces earthly challenges in modern-day Tokyo while plotting his return to power. The clash between the devil’s ambitions and everyday life creates a comedic yet intriguing storyline in The Devil is a Part-Timer!.

In The Devil is a Part-Timer! and  Ixion Saga DT, we watch characters from a medieval setting step into the modern world. While the main character of Ixion Saga DT is transported to a medieval world, the part-time demon reverses the scenario as the demon king finds himself navigating modern Tokyo.


6. Samurai Champloo (2004)

Anime similar to Ixion Saga DT

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Fuu Kasumi’s peaceful life takes a wild turn when she enlists the help of two samurai, Mugen and Jin, with contrasting fighting styles. Moves like Mugen breakdancing clash with traditional Jin swordsmanship, leading to dynamic, action-packed encounters. Samurai Champloo blends historical elements with modern styles, giving it a unique feel in the samurai genre.

The storytelling style in Samurai Champloo mirrors the style of Ixion Saga DT, focusing not only on the overarching goal but also on the journey itself and the comedic interactions along the way. Both series feature classic adventure plots where characters happen to cross paths and embark on a journey together, full of humor and unexpected turns.


7. BTOOOM! (2012)

Anime similar to Ixion Saga DT

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Ryouta Sakamoto’s expertise in an online game turns into a struggle for survival when he wakes up on an island, forced to participate in a real-life version of the game. With deadly stakes and mysterious enemies, BTOOOM! explores the psychological and strategic aspects of the game in a life-or-death scenario.

Avid gamers find themselves trapped in a virtual world in both BTOOOM! and Ixion Saga DT. While one anime pits protagonists against other players in a game of life or death, another focuses on a single character navigating dangerous situations. The quest to find a way out of the game forms a central theme in both series, adding suspense and intrigue to the narrative.


8. Gintama (2006)

Anime similar to Ixion Saga DT

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Edo’s transformation after the arrival of the aliens became the stage for Gintama’s fusion of historical drama, comedy, and action. The banning of swords and the rise of a dysfunctional society comically create the backdrop for Gintoki Sakata, a samurai turned casual worker, to navigate absurd situations and confrontations with a touch of irreverent humor.

Directed by the same person, Gintama shares a comedic style and irreverent humor with Ixion Saga DT. Both series love to poke fun at various aspects of pop culture, including parodies of other anime and humor in everyday scenarios. While Gintama leans more towards episodic storytelling, Ixion Saga DT maintains a cohesive plot while still bringing laughter and entertainment.


9. Senyu (2013)

Ixion Saga DT Similar Anime

A thousand years after the legendary hero Creasion sealed the Demon King Rchimedes, a mysterious rift between the realms unleashed chaos once again. To counter the threat of Rchimedes’ return, a human king summons 75 potential Creasion descendants, only to find the task of identifying the true hero’s lineage daunting.

Senyu and Ixion Saga DT features an RPG setting mixed with elements of comedy and parody. The main male protagonists in both series often play characters like fools but show unexpected reliability when the situation demands it.


10. Cuticle Detective Inaba (2013)

Ixion Saga DT Similar Anime

In a world where half-human and half-animal chimeras coexist, Hiroshi Inaba stands out as a detective with a unique talent—he can extract important information by examining or tasting hair samples. Despite her unique hair fetish, Inaba’s skills are invaluable in solving cases involving non-human clues.

In both of these animes, there is a deliberate choice not to take themselves too seriously. Regardless of the setting involving the police versus the mafia or the world rescue scenario, the emphasis is on humor, making it a slapstick Boke-Tsukkomi anime that brings laughter through witty jokes and funny situations.


11. Dog Days (2011)

Ixion Saga DT Anime like

Flonyard, where anthropomorphic creatures with animal features breed. The Republic of Biscotti faces a terrible threat from Knight Galette Leo, prompting Princess Millhiore to summon a champion from another world. Cinque Izumi, an ordinary Earth student, finds himself embroiled in a grand adventure as he defends Biscotti and learns the ways of the colorful inhabitants of Flonyard.

Transported to an alternate world, the main characters in Dog Days and Ixion Saga DT immerse viewers in a magical fantasy world full of action and swordplay. Both series feature unique creatures and protagonists who seek to return to their original world. However, the approach differs in that one anime leans more towards gaming elements, while the other focuses on fierce battles with consequences.


12. RobiHachi (2019)

Ixion Saga DT Anime like

In a world where humanity has embraced advanced technology thanks to encounters with moon-dwelling aliens, our Robby Yaji and Hacchi struggle to find their place. Robby’s penchant for misfortune has him drowning in debt from an ill-fated investment, while Hacchi longs for the joys of earthly life.

Just like Ixion Saga DT, RobiHachi takes the audience on a thrilling journey filled with humor, adventure, and unexpected twists. Both series follow characters who travel from one place to another to achieve their goals, encountering incredible characters and encountering challenges along the way.


13. Level E (2011)

Ixion Saga DT Similar Anime

Yukitaka Tsutsui’s move to Yamagata Prefecture takes an unexpected turn when he discovers an alien named Baka Ki El Dogra living in his apartment. Baka, the Crown Prince of the planet Dogra, is just one of many aliens who have integrated into Earth society.

At Level E, audiences will find a similar style of humor characterized by absurdity, wit, and occasional parody elements that resonate with fans of the Ixion Saga DT. Both series also feature retro character designs that eschew standard moe expectations, instead opting for a different visual style that enhances the comedy and storytelling aspects.


That’s the same anime as Ixion Saga DT. In an anime world full of magic and adventure, the same series as Ixion Saga DT offers fans a fun and entertaining experience.

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