12 Best Anime Like High-Rise Invasion

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Anime Like High-Rise Invasion – In the gripping narrative of High-Rise Invasion (Tenkuu Shinpan),  Yuri Honjou’s harrowing journey unfolds amid a maze of terror and uncertainty.

Anime Like High-Rise Invasion

Tittle : High-Rise Invasion
Type : ONA
Genres : Action, Horror, Mystery, Suspense
Themes : Gore, Survival
Episodes : 12
Studios : Zero-G
Aired : Feb 25, 2021

Ever since he witnessed the brutal death of a stranger, Yuri’s world has turned into a nightmare of masked assailants and locked doors, trapping him in a terrifying high-rise landscape devoid of life.

As Yuri grapples with the horrors of her predicament, her determination to reunite with her brother becomes a beacon of hope amid the chaos. His relentless pursuit of escape propels him forward, even as evil forces conspire to thwart his every move.

The stakes couldn’t be higher as Yuri faces a cadre of ruthless assassins, each more depraved than the last, their twisted desires echoing through the secluded corridors of a high-rise prison.

With each twist and turn, the series delves deeper into the darkness lurking within the human psyche, challenging its characters to confront their deepest fears and darkest urges. Yuri’s journey becomes a crucible for survival, where every decision carries weight and every moment staggers into oblivion.

In its relentless pursuit of suspense and intrigue, High-Rise Invasion draws parallels with other anime series that explore the depths of human nature amidst dire circumstances.


Here’s a List of Best Anime Like High-Rise Invasion

1. Angels of Death (2018)

Anime Like High-Rise Invasion

Ray’s nonchalance before the abode of a serial killer sets the stage for a riveting tale of unusual desires. Her encounter with Zack, the killer, uncovers a bizarre narrative in which death becomes a sought-after commodity.

Just like in High-Rise Invasion, this anime has characters grappling with death in a non-stop action setting. The presence of angels associated with the struggle for survival resonates, echoing the primary instinct to save oneself and comrades.


2. Danganronpa: The Animation (2013)

Anime Like High-Rise Invasion

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Hope’s Peak Private Academy promises a utopian education, but Naegi and his colleagues uncover a dystopian reality lurking behind a facade. The lottery-accepted students embark on a harrowing journey where survival depends on unraveling mysteries and uncovering perpetrators amid an atmosphere of despair.

The pursuit of survival is intertwined with the theme of betrayal, revealing a narrative rich in psychological tension, making this anime similar to High-Rise Invasion.


3. Darwin’s Game (2020)

Anime Like High-Rise Invasion

Kaname Sudo’s earthly existence is interrupted by a mysterious invitation to Darwin’s Game, plunging him into a world where superpowers dictate survival. As Kaname grapples with enemies that have incredible abilities, the quest to decipher the game’s objectives becomes paramount.

Parallel to High-Rise Invasion, the protagonists navigate a dangerous landscape of life and death, using their determination against insurmountable odds. The allure of ending the game underscores both narratives, each unfolding with relentless intensity.


4. Future Diary (2011)

Anime Like High-Rise Invasion

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Yuki’s earthly existence takes a terrifying turn when her diary predicts a chaotic future dictated by a creepy game. As he competes with competitors vying for divinity, his narrative unfolds with profound intensity, punctuated by themes of ambition and cruelty.

Future Diary, like High-Rise Invasion, explores the depths of human nature amid a backdrop of increasing violence and intrigue. The pursuit of power and the divine ascension push both narratives towards a cataclysmic confrontation, leaving a trail of blood and betrayal in their wake.


5. King’s Game (2017)

Anime Similar to High-Rise Invasion

Nobuaki’s transition to a new high school takes a sinister turn when a mysterious figure known as the King starts a deadly game via text message.

This anime’s resemblance to High-Rise Invasion is that King’s Game presents a rollercoaster of surprises and intrigue, parallel to the thrill of exaggeration. King’s Game also offers a guilty pleasure reminiscent of the excessive shock value of High-Rise Invasion.


6. Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works (2014)

Anime Similar to High-Rise Invasion

Fuyuki City becomes a battleground for an ancient ritual where seven masters summon heroic spirits to compete for the wish-giving power of the Holy Grail.

Just like in High-Rise Invasion, alliances and tactical prowess determine the outcome of ruthless competition. While raw power holds sway, strategic alliances and cunning tactics have significant influence, enriching the narrative tapestry with layers of intrigue and betrayal.


7. The Promised Neverland (2019)

Anime Similar to High-Rise Invasion

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Emma, Norman, and Ray navigate a dangerous orphanage shrouded in secrecy, where survival depends on outsmarting cunning nannies and unraveling the mysteries of their limited world.

The Promised Neverland, similar to High-Rise Invasion, pushes its characters into a hostile environment designed for their destruction. High-stakes mind games and the relentless pursuit of survival tie the two narratives together, offering a riveting exploration of human resilience amid overwhelming odds.


8. Btooom! (2012)

Anime Similar to High-Rise Invasion

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Ryouta’s earthly existence turns into a battle for survival when he is thrust into the world of Btooom! a virtual game in which players fight using powerful explosives.

Similar to High-Rise Invasion, the protagonists navigate a landscape fraught with danger, driven by a desire to confront the architects of their twisted reality. Both series feature tough protagonists who possess strength and determination, facing enemies in a relentless pursuit of justice and survival.


9. High School of the Dead (2010)

Anime Similar to High-Rise Invasion

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Rei and Takashi’s world descends into chaos when their school becomes ground zero for a devastating plague, unleashing hordes of the undead onto their once peaceful campus. Amid the carnage, a handful of survivors band together, scouring the dangerous landscape in search of their loved ones.

High School of the Dead offers an in-depth exploration of friendship and survival, resonating with the gritty realism reflected in High-Rise Invasion. Both series captivated audiences with their intense narrative arcs and in-depth depictions of survival amid relentless adversity.


10. Battle Game in 5 Seconds (2021)

High-Rise Invasion similar anime

Akira Shiroyanagi’s earthly existence is turned upside down when he is thrust into a deadly battlefield by an enigmatic Mion, armed with supernatural powers. Unlike the computer-induced mind control in High-Rise Invasion, Battle Game in 5 Seconds introduces participants to a world of unique abilities and ruthless competition.

Despite the differences, both series explore themes of survival and adaptation amid deadly circumstances, immersing the viewer in a world where every encounter is a struggle for survival.


11. Sonny Boy (2021)

High-Rise Invasion similar anime

Thirty-six students find themselves adrift in a surreal dimension, where supernatural forces awaken amid ever-increasing strife and rebellion. Sonny Boy’s narrative parallels High-Rise Invasion‘s exploration of alternate dimensions and the struggle for survival against formidable odds.

As students grapple with their new abilities and the challenges of their surreal environment, parallels emerge with the relentless pursuit of escape and understanding reflected in High-Rise Invasion.


12. Uncharted Walker (2018)

High-Rise Invasion similar anime

Ning Yuan’s world is shattered when she finds herself trapped on a hostile island filled with a deadly virus and hostile tribes. Just like the protagonists of High-Rise Invasion, Ning and her colleagues navigate a deadly survival game, face dangerous enemies, and unravel the mysteries that envelop their new reality.

As survivors band together to uncover the island’s secrets and find their way to freedom, echoes of toughness and determination resonate with High Rise Invasion’s themes of survival and adaptation.


All of the High-Rise Invasion like anime on this list share thematic elements of survival and psychological suspense. Immerse the audience in a world where danger lurks around every corner and trust is a rare commodity.

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