19 Best Anime Like Darker than Black

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Anime Like Darker than Black – Created by the visionary mind of Tensai Okamura, Darker than Black is a gripping science fiction anime series that delves into the secret world of contractors and their dangerous existence.

Anime Like Darker than Black

Tittle : Darker than Black
Type : TV
Genres : Action, Mystery, Sci-Fi
Themes : Super Power
Licensors : Funimation
Studios : Bones
Episodes : 25
Aired : Apr 6, 2007 – Sep 28, 2007

A decade has passed since the appearance of the gates of heaven in South America and the gates of hell in enigmatic Japan, covering the once calm night sky.

These gates defy the laws of physics, enveloping the world in mystery. Next to them appear contractors, individuals who sacrifice their humanity in exchange for extraordinary powers.

In the bustling Japanese town surrounding Hell’s Gate, Section 4 Chief Misaki Kirihara finds herself entangled in an intricate web of intrigue. At the heart of it all is Hey, a well-known contractor known as the Black Reaper.

Hei and his group operate in the shadows, carrying out missions for the enigmatic Syndicate while uncovering a sinister conspiracy that threatens the balance of power among the contractors.

The following are 19 anime if you love Darker than Black and are looking for similar anime as a way of continuing your viewing experience.


List of Anime Like Darker than Black

1. Witch Hunter Robin (2002)

Darker than Black Anime similar

In the clandestine world of STN, magicians who use the craft face surveillance and arrest. At the center of this intrigue stands Robin, a young recruit grappling with his own abilities. As the STN battles a tidal wave of evil wizards and their increasing abuse of power, questions arise about the true nature of their mission.

Both Witch Hunter Robin and Darker than Black have thematic similarities that make them appealing to fans of dark, gritty anime. Both series depict real-world settings where individuals with special powers exist, leading to clashes between different factions and normal citizens caught in the crossfire.


2. Death Note (2006)

Anime Like Darker than Black

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Death Note is a world where a simple notebook holds the power of life and death. Light Yagami’s descent to use this deadly tool raises profound questions about justice, morality, and the consequences of toying with God.

Dark cities, constant danger, and anti-hero protagonists characterize the anime Darker than Black and Death Note. The protagonists in the series navigate a dangerous environment where death lurks at every turn, often pitting them against law enforcement and other powerful entities.


3. Ergo Proxy (2006)

Darker than Black Anime similar

In a dystopian future, humanity resides in controlled domed cities, guided by AI rulers. In the midst of this mechanical existence, Re-MMayer embarks on a journey of self-discovery, questioning the very nature of humanity and consciousness.

Set in an alternate dystopian future, making Ergo Proxy and Darker than Black are two similar anime that explore the complexities of humanity’s struggle for survival. The city’s vaults (ergo proxies) and walls (Darker than Black) serve as a barrier against external threats, highlighting the fragile balance between order and chaos


4. Cowboy Bebop (1998)

Anime Like Darker than Black

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As the Bebop crew traverses the galaxy in pursuit of rewards and redemption, Spike Spiegel and Jet Black lead a motley crew, including the enigmatic Faye Valentine, the quirky hacker Ed, and the devoted Ein.

The Film Noir narrative style is a common thread between Darker than Black and Cowboy Bebop, infusing both series with a sense of mystery and intrigue. While Cowboy Bebop follows episodic storytelling, Darker than Black focuses on mini-arcs, but both delves into adult themes and offers adult-oriented action.


5. Black Lagoon (2006)

Anime similar to Darker than Black

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Rokuro Okajima’s mundane life takes a drastic turn when he becomes entangled with pirates during a routine business trip. Betrayed by her employer, she embraces her new life among mercenaries in the dangerous waters of the South China Sea.

Both Darker than Black and Black Lagoon feature the main characters, Hey and Rock, who navigate a morally ambiguous world filled with violence. Despite the chaos around them, Hei and Rock retain a sense of morality and struggle with their role in society.


6. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (2009)

Anime similar to Darker than Black

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Alchemy is a world where the law of equal exchange reigns. Follow the journey of brothers Edward and Alphonse Elric, who seek redemption after a forbidden experiment results in tragic consequences.

The concept of equivalent exchange in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood resonates with Darker than Black‘s system of contractors who pay the price for using their powers. Both series explore the limitations and consequences of using abilities, highlighting themes of sacrifice and balance. This adds a layer of complexity to the motivation of the characters and the development of the plot.


7. Samurai Champloo (2004)

Anime similar to Darker than Black

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Samurai Champloo, the ancient samurai tradition, blends with the style of modern times. Mugen’s unorthodox fighting style clashes with Jin’s traditional approach, creating a dynamic duo in search of hip-hop beats and visual flair.

Although set in different eras, Samurai Champloo and Darker than Black are two anime that share a non-linear storytelling approach, with mini-plots contributing to the overarching narrative. Both series are fast-paced and action-packed, featuring characters with a strong sense of humor.


8. Future Diary (2011)

Anime similar to Darker than Black

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Yuki’s earthly life is destroyed by a mysterious diary, Future Diary, that predicts her future. As she grapples with newfound powers and deadly games orchestrated by the enigmatic Deus Ex Machina, Yuki must navigate a dangerous path of survival and deceit.

The visual style and thematic elements of death horror are common among Darker than Black and Future Diary. Both series delve into complex histories, display extraordinary powers, and add an element of suspense and intrigue to both narratives.


9. 91 Days (2016)

Anime similar to Darker than Black

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The city of Lawless is where the mafia reigns supreme. Avilio receives a letter that fuels his thirst for revenge against the Vanetti family, who orchestrated his family’s death. Through infiltration and manipulation, he seeks revenge, exposing a web of deception and violence where every act of retaliation results in more bloodshed.

Although Darker than Black is supernatural and 91 Days is not, both anime explore dark themes with depth and intensity. The difference lies in the supernatural elements of Darker than Black, while 91 Days delves into the darkness of human nature and the consequences of revenge.


10. Attack on Titan (2013)

Darker than Black anime Like

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Humanity teeters on the brink of extinction as the Titans, gigantic creatures with insatiable human appetites, threaten their very existence. Within the city’s fortified walls, military recruits like Eren Yeager fight against this colossal enemy.

Darker than Black and Attack on Titan are two anime that feature cool main characters, intricate plots, and breathtaking combat. While Darker than Black is set in modern times with weapons and cars and Attack on Titan is set in the past with swords and canons.


11. PSYCHO-PASS (2012)

Darker than Black Anime similar

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A future governed by the Sibyl System, dictating every aspect of life from career choices to criminal predictions based on mental state. Akane Tsunemori, an inspector, grapples with a moral dilemma as she hunts down latent criminals before they commit heinous acts.

Darker than Black and PSYCHO-PASS share similarities in their dystopian setting, where the protagonists grapple with conflicting emotions about society. Both series address themes of control, surveillance, and the blurred line between justice and morality.


12. Deadman Wonderland (2011)

Darker than Black anime Like

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Ganta Igarashi’s life turns into chaos after being accused of mass murder and sent to Deadman Wonderland, a twisted prison and amusement park. Forced into a deadly game where inmates struggle to survive, Ganta searches for the truth behind the ‘Red Man’ and his own innocence.

Deadman Wonderland and Darker than Black (Season 1) share parallels in their plot structure and themes of gaining power at a cost. Whether it’s giving up something to wield power in Darker than Black or using blood as a limited supply in Deadman Wonderland, both series explore the sacrifices and consequences of using extraordinary abilities. The action-packed and gorey nature of both series adds to their appeal.


13. Guilty Crown (2011)

Darker than Black anime Like

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Set in a near future plagued by the Apocolypse Virus, Guilty Crown follows Shuu Ouma, a high school student who is thrust into the chaos of Japan’s military government under GHQ. In the midst of a struggle for survival and control, Shuu discovers new powers and extraordinary abilities.

Guilty Crown and Darker than Black both explore incredible science fiction themes revolving around humans with superhero-like powers. The protagonists in both series embark on a mission to save the world from a formidable enemy.


14. Charlotte (2015)

Darker than Black anime Like

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Some individuals have special abilities. Yuu Otosaka is one of them, using his powers secretly until a fateful encounter with Nao Tomori changes his path.

Charlotte and Darker than Black investigate superpowers with a twist, combining thematic elements related to space and stars. Both series take a serious and dramatic approach to storytelling, uncovering mysteries, and exploring the consequences of using extraordinary abilities.


15. Elfen Lied (2004)

Darker than Black anime Like

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Kouta and Yuka’s lives take a drastic turn when they encounter Nyu, a seemingly innocent girl with a dark secret. Elfen Lied delves into the dichotomy of innocence and violence as Nyu’s true nature as a deadly experiment is revealed.

Elfen Lied and Darker than Black share a gritty aspect and focus on the bloody elements, delving into the darker side of human nature and the complexities of power. The sense of mystery surrounding the significance of the main characters in the plot adds depth and intrigue to both series.


16. Black Butler (2008)

Darker than Black Anime similar

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Set in Victorian England and the enigmatic world of the Fantomhive Estate, Ciel Phantomhive and his consummate butler Sebastian explore a world of aristocracy, secrets, and supernatural affairs. Black Butler combines elegance with mystery, as Sebastian’s unwavering loyalty masks a hidden agenda and an intricate web of alliances and betrayals within the Phantomhive household.

Although not very similar, Black Butler (Kuro Shitsuji) resonates with Darker than Black in terms of the main character’s resemblance. Sebastian from Black Butler shares qualities with Hei from Darker than Black, adding a layer of mystery and intrigue to the narrative and plot of each character.


17. Tokyo Ghoul (2014)

Darker than Black anime similar

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Set in modern-day Tokyo, Tokyo Ghoul introduces us to a world where society fears mysterious creatures known as ghosts. These creatures resemble humans but crave human flesh. Ken Kaneki, an ordinary young man, experiences a transformative experience, becoming a human-ghost hybrid. Caught between two worlds, Ken must navigate the violent conflict of the warring Ghoul factions.

Tokyo Ghoul shares the same vibe as Darker than Black, especially in its depiction of human or human characters with supernatural abilities engaging in fierce combat.


18. Monster (2004)

Darker than Black anime similar

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Monster take us to post-Cold War Germany. Dr. Kenzo Tenma, a brilliant surgeon, faces a moral dilemma. When forced to choose between saving an orphan boy or the mayor of Dü,.

Monster and Darker than Black approach their narratives differently; both anime contain elements of darkness and mystery. Monster delves into more realistic depictions of monsters, juxtaposed with the surreal and urban setting of Darker than Black.


19. Parasyte: The Maxim (2014)

Darker than Black anime similar

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Parasyte: The Maxim introduces us to a secret invasion by alien parasites targeting the human body. Shinji, an ordinary high school student, forms an uneasy alliance with a parasite that stops at his arm. This partnership leads to a unique dynamic where Shinji gains strange powers while navigating the dangers posed by other enemy parasites.

Parasyte: The Maxim and Darker than Black share similarities in their exploration of science fiction and mystery themes. Both series feature artificial creatures (DTBS) and Androids (Parasytes) carrying out missions, leading to thought-provoking plots and engaging dialogue.


So, that’s an anime like Darker than Black. Have a nice day.


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