15 Best Anime Like Blue Spring Ride

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Anime Like Blue Spring Ride – Anime of the romance genre, especially those set in a school setting, always refers to the romantic expectations of fans. One anime that managed to live up to these expectations is Blue Spring Ride (Ao Haru Ride).

Tittle : Blue Spring Ride
Type : TV
Genres : Romance
Themes : Love Polygon, School
Licensors : Sentai Filmworks
Studios : Production I.G
Episodes : 12
Aired : Jul 8, 2014 – Sep 23, 2014

In this article, we explore anime similar to Blue Spring Ride. Blue Spring Ride tells the story of Futaba Yoshioka, a high school girl who decides to change her appearance after experiencing her first bad love story in junior high.

When he returns to high school and reunites with Kou Tanaka, his first love, now named Kou Mabuchi, the story begins. Their unforgettable and indecisive meeting creates a strong attraction for the audience. The presence of complex characters as protagonists and experiencing emotional growth fascinates us, and we want to know more about their journey.

The anime presents a realistic picture of how love and circumstances can change a person and how love itself can be a trigger for unexpected growth. Blue Spring Ride is a school romance anime marvel that lovers of the genre should not miss.

If you enjoy romantic stories that are evocative and full of complex character dynamics, as in Blue Spring Ride, you will probably find the same appeal in other anime.


Here’s a List of Anime Like Blue Spring Ride

1. Anonymous Noise (2017)

Anonymous Noise is a captivating anime that explores the power of music and the complexity of love. Just like in Blue Spring Ride, the main female protagonist, Nino, is looking for something missing—in this case, two boys from her past, Momo and Yuzu.

As fate would have it, they all end up attending the same high school, and Nino’s singing becomes a force that brings them all closer together. The characters in both anime experience the ups and downs of love, and the storyline touches on the themes of youth, growth, and unbreakable bonds between friends.


2. I’ve Always Liked You (2016)

This beautiful anime delves into the trials and tribulations of confessing one’s true feelings, just like in Blue Spring Ride. In I’ve Always Liked You, Natsuki harbors feelings of unrequited love for her childhood friend, Yuu. With a heart full of emotions she can’t express, Natsuki decides to use him as a training partner to confess her love to others.

This triggers a series of events that will leave you on the edge of your seat, wondering if their friendship can evolve into something more. The intricate exploration of the complexities of friendship and love in Blue Spring Ride and I’ve Always Liked You is sure to fascinate you.


3. Toradora! (2008)

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Blue Spring Ride and Toradora! are a pair made in heaven for fans of heartwarming and fun shōjo anime. Both series are filled with a balanced mix of drama, comedy, life moments, and, of course, romance. In Blue Spring Ride, we follow the story of Futaba and Kou, whose paths cross again in high school after a heart-wrenching breakup.

Similarly, Toradora! revolves around the lives of Ryuuji and Taiga, two completely different individuals who unexpectedly find solace in each other’s complicated lives. If you crave a more captivating story of love, friendship, and self-discovery, Blue Spring Ride and Toradora! will satisfy your every whim.


4. Lovely Complex (2007)

Animes Similar To Ouran High School Host Club

Lovely Complex and Blue Spring Ride share a common thread of friendship, love, and unstoppable emotional power. Just like the Blue Spring Ride, Lovely Complex tells the story of a unique yet endearing couple, Koizumi Risa and Atsushi Otani. Their friendship begins with constant bickering over their height difference, but over time, Risa’s feelings for Otani deepen.

The unexpected and heartwarming Lovely Complex will make you laugh, cry, and fall in love with its adorable characters. While the genres may be similar, each anime presents a unique storyline that sets it apart, ensuring that you get a fresh and enchanting experience.


5. Clannad (2007)

Animes Like Violet Evergarden

Clannad and Blue Spring Ride both capture the essence of high school life while delivering thought-provoking narratives that tug at the heartstrings. In Clannad, we follow the story of Tomoya Okazaki, a disillusioned student who meets Nagisa Furukawa, a girl who faces loneliness and difficulty repeating the school year.

Both anime explore the ups and downs of friendship and the struggles faced by the characters as they navigate the complexities of youth and personal growth. With its unique art style and touching storytelling, Clannad offers a different yet equally captivating experience to the Blue Spring Ride.


6. We Were There (2006)

We Were There has a lot in common with the Blue Spring Ride. Just like in Blue Spring Ride, We Were There explores the complexities of love and relationships realistically. The sheer amount of drama in both shows reflects the ups and downs of real life, making them appealing to audiences. However, while Blue Spring Ride leans toward a more pure and innocent depiction of love, We Were There delves into the mature aspects of relationships.

Yano Motoharu, the male protagonist in We Were There, is very charismatic and popular, as is Kou Mabuchi in Blue Spring Ride. However, Yano’s contradictory personality often confuses the female lead, Nanami Takahashi. This dynamic adds depth to their relationship and reflects the complexity of real-life romance.


7. Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You (2009)

Animes Like Toradora!

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In Kimi ni Todoke, the protagonist, Sawako Kuronuma, faces challenges in making friends and is accepted due to her resemblance to Sadako from ‘the Ring’. Similarly, Futaba Yoshioka in Blue Spring Ride undergoes a transformation as she tries to fit in and navigate the complexities of high school relationships.

Both anime series mix drama and romance beautifully, tugging at the heartstrings of the audience. There are moments that will make you cry and moments that will encourage the personal growth of the characters. Blue Spring Ride and Kimi ni Todoke are must-sees for anyone who loves heartfelt stories that leave a lasting impact.


8. Wolf Girl and Black Prince (2014)

In Wolf Girl and Black Prince, Erika concocts a fake boyfriend to impress her classmates, only to find out that the person in the picture is actually a student at her school. These lies lead to unpredictable consequences and relationships that develop over time.

Similarly, Blue Spring Ride follows the story of Futaba Yoshioka, who meets a distant and somewhat anti-social boy named Kou Mabuchi. The two girls in the anime struggle to fit in and navigate the complexities of their relationship, adding depth to the storyline.


9. Orange (2016)

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Orange and Blue Spring Ride have a few things in common that make them appealing to fans of both animes. One of the most striking similarities is the similar art style and design of the characters, making them visually appealing to the audience.

Both anime focus on the main couple, who have striking similarities in terms of character dynamics. The main female characters in both shows are friendly and genuinely care about their friends, creating a sense of warmth and relatedness. On the other hand, the main male characters carry deep secrets and internal struggles, adding depth and complexity to their personalities.


10. Say “I Love You” (2012)

Say “I Love You” and Blue Spring Ride are the latest anime to cater to the Shoujo demographic. Both shows revolve around female leads, who are considered scapegoats and face challenges in love and friendship during their high school years.

The heroines in both animes are friends with girls who are ostracized by others because of how they are perceived by boys. This dynamic gives an interesting twist to the story and provides a deeper exploration of social dynamics.


11. Kamisama Kiss (2012)

Animes Similar To Inuyasha

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Kamisama Kiss is a fun anime that has a lot in common with Blue Spring Ride. The main character, Nanami, finds herself in a situation where her life changes for the better when she becomes the new goddess of the local temple. Just like Futaba on the Blue Spring Ride, Nanami experiences personal growth and discovers secrets about herself and those around her.

The romance aspect of both shows is also in the spotlight, making it the perfect choice for Blue Spring Ride fans who want a more heartwarming and intriguing story.


12. Hal (2013)

Although Hal’s storyline may differ from Blue Spring Ride, fans of the latter will find similarities in the main characters and their relationships. Like Kou and Futaba, the relationship between Hal and Kurumi is bittersweet and filled with emotional depth.

The similarities between the two partners go beyond physical appearance, as both navigate their past experiences and strive for a deeper relationship. If you enjoy the dynamic between Kou and Futaba on the Blue Spring Ride, it’s a must-see.


13. Your Lie in April (2014)

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Your lie in April shares many elements with the Blue Spring Ride, making it a great recommendation for fans of the latter. Both shows revolve around romance, comedy, and drama, with a touch of tragedy.

The main characters in both series experience personal growth as they overcome their own tragedies and develop relationships with each other. Although the Blue Spring Ride may have less drama, the emotional journey and character development in Your Lie in April will captivate fans of the Blue Spring Ride.


14. Hanasaku Iroha (2011)

Anime like Dagashi Kashi

Hanasaku Iroha may have a different storyline compared to Blue Spring Ride, but there are undeniable similarities between the two shows. The two protagonists, Futaba from Blue Spring Ride and Ohana from Hanasaku Iroha, experience significant life changes during the spring.

Futaba begins to embrace her true self, while Ohana moves to her estranged grandmother’s hot spring resort. In addition, both girls have a friend named Ko, adding another layer of relationship between the two series.


15. The World is Still Beautiful (2014)

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Although The World is Still Beautiful and Blue Spring Ride take place in different settings, there are interesting similarities between them that make them worth watching for Blue Spring Ride fans. Both shows explore the theme of opening one’s heart and delving into complex emotions.

While the Blue Spring Ride takes place in a normal school environment, The World is Still Beautiful is set in a utopian kingdom. Despite the differences, the two series offer well-developed characters, heartwarming moments, and a captivating story that appeals to those who enjoy the emotional depth of Blue Spring Ride.


Like the flowers that bloom again every spring, these kinds of anime, which are just like Blue Spring Ride, teach us that in the midst of a changed life, there is an eternity in friendship, love, and unforgettable growth.

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