8 Best Anime Like Seoul Station

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Anime Like Seoul Station – Let’s explore the darkness in the middle of zombie horror with Seoul Station.

Anime Like Seoul Station

Tittle : Seoul Station
Type : Movie
Genres : Horror, Suspense
Studios : Studio Dadashow
Episodes : 1
Aired : Aug 18, 2016

Seoul Station or Seoul-yeok, is an animated film depicting the horrific story of a zombie outbreak that hit the South Korean capital, Seoul. Directed by Yeon Sang-ho and released in 2016, the film provides a thrilling viewing experience with a dark and suspenseful atmosphere.

The storyline of Seoul Station begins when a group of people are trapped in an infected subway station. As the night progresses, they realize that something terrible is happening around them: people who have been infected by this mysterious virus are turning into zombies hungry for human flesh. Quickly, the city of Seoul becomes a battlefield between the surviving humans and the bloodthirsty zombies.

Behind the thrilling action and stunning images, Seoul Station also presents deeper themes. The film delves into the dark side of man, showing how society can turn out to be selfish and cruel in extreme situations.

Through his characters, we see how difficult decisions have to be made in an attempt to survive, often with tragic consequences.

Here are nine of the best anime choices that you should enjoy if you like zombie and Seoul Station themes.


8 Best Anime Like Seoul Station

1. Gyo: Tokyo Fish Attack  (2012)

Anime Like Seoul Station

In Gyo:Tokyo Fish Attack, the country is besieged by monstrous fish equipped with sharp metal legs, plunging the country into chaos and destruction. Kaori’s desperate search for her missing boyfriend unfolds amid the carnage as Tokyo turns into an urban battleground. Facing a machine-driven squid and a four-legged killer shark, Kaori faces an evil beyond imagination.

Similar to Seoul Station, in which characters wrestle with their humanity amid a zombie outbreak, Gyo:Tokyo Fish Attack delves into the depths of survival instincts and the sacrifices made to survive. Kaori’s journey parallels the suffering of the characters in Seoul Station, echoing the theme of clinging to hope in the face of despair.


2. Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead (2023)

Anime Like Seoul Station

Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead offers a refreshing look at the zombie apocalypse, in which Akira, tired of earthly life, finds deliverance amid the chaos of the undead. As he explores the ruins of his city, dodging hordes of zombies, Akira finds newfound purpose and freedom.

Through Akira’s journey, Zom 100 encapsulates the desperation and determination reminiscent of Seoul Station, which depicts the struggle for survival in a world engulfed in darkness. Both narratives explore the toughness of the human psyche in the midst of disaster, with characters seeking to outlast the horrors that surround them.


3. Ajin: Demi-Human (2016)

Anime Similar to Seoul Station

In Ajin: Demi-Human, the appearance of an immortal being known as Ajin sparks fear and chaos throughout society, reminiscent of the apocalyptic atmosphere at Seoul Station. Due to their indestructible nature, Ajin became a threat to humanity, which led to their arrest and immediate persecution.

The anime explores existential themes and the depth of human nature when faced with the unknown. Through its striking animation style and exploration of moral ambiguity, Ajin resonates with the grim tone of Seoul Station. Both narratives confront the fragility of human existence amid overwhelming adversity, highlighting the complexity of survival and sacrifice.


4. High School of the Dead (2010)

Anime Similar to Seoul Station

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In a sudden turn of events, Japan falls into chaos as the dead rise from their graves. Takashi Kimuro faces the painful task of taking down his infected best friend and joining the fight against the walking dead. Together with Rei Miyamoto, the girlfriend of his fallen colleague, they escape their dangerous school only to find society already on the brink of collapse.

This anime has a theme similar to Seoul Station in terms of survival in the midst of a zombie outbreak. Although the setting is different, which is Japan, it has a lot of similar action and tension.


5. Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress (2016)

Anime Similar to Seoul Station

In the midst of the Industrial Revolution, humanity faces a terrible threat when monstrous creatures, triggered by a mysterious virus, ravage the land. Known as kabane, these creatures feed on human flesh, with their only vulnerability being their armored hearts. Their bite victims face a fate worse than death, joining the legions of undead horrors.

The anime also has elements of a spreading plague and the threat of zombies, although the setting is more fantasy with a touch of steampunk. However, the characters must fight to survive in the midst of the threat.


6. Tokyo Ghoul (2016)

Anime Similar to Seoul Station

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Tokyo revolves under the shadow of an evil invasion: ghosts, flesh-eating entities disguised as humans, infiltrate the city. Ken Kaneki, a quiet college student, finds himself thrust into chaos when he meets Rize Kamishiro, an alluring woman with a dark secret, destroying his isolated world.

Although not related to zombies, Tokyo Ghoul has a dark atmosphere, is full of similar threats in the context of monsters, and drastically changed city life.


7. Parasyte: The Maxim (2014)

Anime Similar to Seoul Station

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Earth is under siege as parasitic aliens infiltrate humanity, seizing the bodies of their hosts to satisfy their insatiable hunger. With complete control over their victims, these aliens adapted and evolved, preying on unsuspecting targets in a relentless search for food.

It tells the story of a young man whose body is invaded by alien parasites that take over the human body. This anime is just like Seoul Station, which has elements of horror and intense fighting.


8. Deadman Wonderland (2011)

Anime Similar to Seoul Station

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A teenager accused of murder is sentenced to a deadly prison amusement park. Ganta Igarashi’s ordinary school day takes a terrifying turn when his class is massacred during a field trip to Deadman Wonderland, a prison amusement park.

Framed for the atrocity and sentenced to death, Ganta finds himself imprisoned in the facility he was supposed to visit, navigating a world full of danger and deception. Just like Seoul Station, this anime features brutal fights and attempts to survive.


Those are 8 best anime that are just like Seoul Station. These anime can provide a viewing experience similar to Seoul Station in terms of dark atmosphere, suspense, and horror elements.

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